Peru · 1 Days · 5 Moments · May 2017

Dale's journi to Peru

9 May 2017

Was a long adventure getting here but we made it. Taking a time out to sample the local beer.
He kept a close eye on us as we ate lunch.
One of the MANY dogs that run free around Cusco. This one was friendly but most prefer to keep their distance.
We've been here (Lima airport) since about 0330 and you would think it it was 1500. All the fast food places are opening up and the place is bustling. It's crazy. There is a group of teenage boys sitting across from me having a great time at 0424! In the US, their eyes would be barely open. Heather has taken off but M and I still have at least an hour before boarding. We will meet up again in Cuscos. Already been about 9 hours on a plane. Last leg is a little less than an hour.
Thomas wanted to know about chocolate over here. While I won't buy it in the airport, they definitely have their own brand here. Haven't tried it. Then again, it's only 0430 🤤