Canada · 6 Days · 9 Moments · August 2017

Dale's Golf Extravaganza in Nova Scotia 2017

31 August 2017

Last entry for this trip. I slept okay on the couch last night. We awoke to a light rain, the first rain of the trip. We went for a simple breakfast and then drove to the airport. 9 of our group were on the same Air Canada flight from Sydney to Toronto. The wind was strong and the flight a little bumpy. We made it back to Toronto safe and sound. Hit the road home around 3:15 for the 2-1/4 hour drive home in heavy traffic. It was a fantastic trip but, as always... It's good to be home!

30 August 2017

We were back golfing at Cabot Cliffs today. No pictures. The weather was warm with a gentle breeze. It was a little hazy, but still very pleasant. Golf partners were Murray Child and Gerry Minor. Murray has invited me to join his foursome for the Vegas Golf trip in November. Finally it appears I will soon be able to lock down my travel plans. After the round, people started heading their separate ways. I crashed on the couch at Nando, Elizabeth, Chris and Kelly's place. We all fly out on the same plane tomorrow.

29 August 2017

Today... Cabot Cliffs. Spec-tac-u-lar!!! Beautiful day, stunning scenery, great company. I golfed with Gerry and Grayce Minor and we had a great time. Couples was tough, but fabulous.

28 August 2017

Monday afternoon we golfed Cabot Links. Rich Morel, Dave Tim lock and Dennis Yanke were in my foursome. We each took a caddy. Mine was named Red. He's like the horse on a trail ride that always to be at the head of the pack. He was a great guy and it was enjoyable, but I think I'll play the rest of my rounds without a caddy. The course was in great shape and incredibly beautiful, as was the weather. We ate supper at the Panorama Restaurant overlooking the 18th green and watched the sunset. The lobster risotto was excellent!
Monday morning we drove the Cabot Trail to Inverness (the long way). I took many stops along the way to enjoy the spectacular scenery.

27 August 2017

It was a glorious day for golf. I was paired with Andy Vivian and Suzanne Whitney. The course was challenging but reasonable. There were some beautiful views and I had a very enjoyable day. After the round we checked into the Keltic Lodge and I took some photos from behind my room.
The Middle Head hiking trail is right at Keltic Lodge and Highlands Links Golf course where we golfed today. I arrived early so I hiked the trail before our round of golf. It was a beautiful day and I enjoyed some pretty impressive views.
It was 2am local before I got to my room at the hotel and 2:30 until I turned in. A little later than hoped. In the morning, I got my first glimpses of the glory that is Cape Breton, driving from Sydney to Ingonish.

26 August 2017

Well my trip started with a minor glitch. It is 9:05pm and we still haven't pushed back from the gate at Pearson. Scheduled departure time was 8:25. Our plane was late arriving and as far as I know that's the only issue. Fingers crossed! Okay. We left about an hour late and just touched down in Sydney, 1am local time. No matter, I will survive.