Czech Republic · 4 Days · 18 Moments · March 2018

Daisy's Weekend in the Czech Republic

26 March 2018

A painfully long drive home was made a bit more tolerable by a Sunday afternoon visit to the town square of České Budějovice. Enjoyed the sites and a cup of coffee.

24 March 2018

At Manufaktura, I bough my coffee mug.
Trdelnik and Easter markets make up for not seeing the clock, though. Or they somewhat do, anyway.
Sadly, the astronomical clock was being renovated. I was so eager to see that!
The Black Tower was my second favorite structure in Prague. Beautiful!
The "Seven Foot Sigmund Freud" statue appeared unexpectedly. I'm not sure if our guide mentioned it, as he wasn't speaking English, but surely he must have. I'm glad I read about it beforehand or I'd have been startled
Charles Bridge is long but has many nice statues, and lots of artwork and crafts are sold there
Stopped for a late lunch. Onion soup plus a roast pork meal were great on a chilly day.
We ended our tour of the complex by visiting Golden Lane. It was interesting, and afterward I saw an example of gibbeting. Wow! The view of the city was also very nice.
After that was the equally small but pretty Basilica of St. George.
Next was the Old Royal Palace, which was quite small.
After walking by many nice buildings, we came to the Prague Castle complex. Our first spot on the tour of this area is now my favorite building in Prague: St. Vitus' Cathedral.
I wish I could have gotten a closer look at the Loreto Prague church. It's pretty.
Saw Černínsky Palace. Apparently it was "the largest horse stable" the king had ever seen.
We met with our local tour guide at the Strahov Monastery.
After withdrawing Czech crowns from an ATM, I saw a small, pretty church at the corner of the street. A nice way to begin my morning.

23 March 2018

Arrived at the hotel. So glad to be off the bus!
A long drive to Prague was broken up by a lovely stop at Lednice State Chateau. I could spend DAYS walking its grounds!