Slovakia · 2 Days · 30 Moments · December 2017

Daisy's Day in Bratislava, Slovakia

10 December 2017

This coffee shop had the most amazing artwork of various parts of Bratislava decorating its walls!

9 December 2017

The food was fine but on the fancier side, and I spent more than I should have.
I didn't notice it the first two times across the small bridge by St. Michael's Gate, but there were dozens of locks attached to it by couples.
More Christmas markets - this time with purchases!
I enjoyed some hot cocoa while my friends enjoyed some hot chocolate. Yes, there IS a difference.
Passed by St. John's Church
The Blue Church was gorgeous!
More Christmas market browsing!
Circled around and saw the Kostol Notre Dame, or some such named building. I'm not sure because my friend didn't know what it was, it isn't labelled on my map, and the internet gives different names for it. At any rate, it was lovely to look at.
After admiring a trolley decorated as a gingerbread cookie, we crossed the street and looked at the Slovak Philharmonic.
Saw the outside of the Slovak National Theater.
First proper look around the Christmas markets. Scouting out what to buy.
Bratislava has some interesting sculptures, like Čumil, statue of a man at work, resting his chin on his arms as he pokes his head out of a manhole.
The perfect fresh mint and ginger tea and a delicious pomodoro penne.
Walked by the Clarissine church and nunnery.
St. Martin's Cathedral (Dóm sv. Martina) is beautiful, and the buildings around it feature drawings in place of windows.
Saw what is apparently the oldest apothecary in Europe. It was beautiful.
The Holocaust memorial sculpture was interesting.
Saw the outside of the famous building that houses the Museum of Clocks - House of the Good Shephard.
Bratislava Castle (Bratislavský hrad) was one of my favorite part of the city.
Saw the UFO Bridge while walking to Bratislava Castle.
Žigmundova brána (Sigmund's Gate)
The old city wall was neat to see.
A lovely Catholic church, Capuchin Church (Kostol sv. Štefana).
Beautiful architecture at the Trinitarian Church (Kostol sv. Jána z. Mathy)
Saw the Presidential Palace.
Enjoyed a nice latte and a praline baked good for breakfast.

8 December 2017

Started a nighttime walk of the Old City and Christmas markets with St. Michael's Gate. Lots of locks attaches to the bridge railing before it.
Arrived at the hostel, which was warm and cozy.
Arrived in Bratislava via a train from Budapest.