Iceland · 3 Days · 23 Moments · August 2017

Daisy's Three Days in Reykjavik, Iceland

23 August 2017

3 AM was awful to wake up at, but seeing Iceland greet the morning was a great way to end my trip!

22 August 2017

Árbær Open Air Museum was another welcome break. The atmosphere was great, the lamb soup at the café was perfect, and the sites presented were interesting. In some ways, it reminded me of walking the grounds at Mount Vernon.
Viđey Island was great! Nice hikes and walks, beautiful scenery, historical sites. Glad I had water, Sprite, and cashews for the two hours I was there. If I wasn't on a time crunch and my legs didn't hurt so badly, I would have stayed even longer.

21 August 2017

Saw a funny English-language theater performance about the Icelandic sagas. Some parts not quite for kids, though kids were in attendance.
Bought a handcrafted coffee mug for more than I probably should have spent, but it was the best option I could find, really. I liked some other mugs with fun sayings and such, but I can order those online. I couldn't get this mug anywhere else.
The Settlement Exhibition closed before I could finish viewing everything, but I liked what I did get to see.
Saw Landakotskirkja (Landakot's church) by chance. I had forgotten that it was on my list. I love unexpected reminders like these. Absolutely beautiful and peaceful church.
Saga Museum was interesting. You listen to information on a headset while you view each display.
Grabbed a good burger, fry, and shake for dinner at a little place called Hamborgara Búllan. Still couldn't eat all the food, though.
Walked around until the next documentary showing at the Volcano House. It was worth the wait!
The Reykjavik Museum of Photography, situated above a library, was tiiiiny. The photos were good, but I was in and out in 10 minutes, gift shop included.
Saw the National Museum first. It was good but smaller than I thought.
After buying a 48-hour Reykjavik city card, I strolled by Tjörnin Lake on my way to my first museum.
Stopped at Café Loki for breakfast. Ordered smoked lamb on homemade flatbread with butter. Also had coffee, my first in over a week. Both were good, but my stomach wasn't fully back from traveling.

20 August 2017

Stopped at the Handknitters Association of Iceland shop on the way to Hallgrimskirkja. Didn't find anything I wanted, though. Got Thai food afterward.
Name that house!
Rooming with guys? Not the best smell.
Finally found the beach. It wasn't crowded, but even so, beaches aren't my thing for more than an hour. Nice strolling areas nearby, though.
Saw Reykjavik from the viewing level of Perlan. Then went to the photo gallery, walked through a man-made ice cave, and learned about glaciers.
Before my adventure even began, I found a beautiful cemetery near my lodging.
Arrived at 6:30 and now on my way into the capital.