Romania · 1 Days · 8 Moments · March 2018

Daisy's Day Trip into Romania

3 March 2018

Toured the inside of the Roman Catholic Basilica, also known as the Assumption Cathedral of Oradea.
A mug of honeybush caramel tea was just what I needed to warm up.
A guide took us on a walk to see some different architectural styles. Some were just wonderful!
Saw some beautiful buildings while walking to the Ady Endre museum. It was small, but I liked seeing his writing desk and trying to read a book that was in Japanese.
Oradea Fortress looks beautiful in the snow! It was fun to see children sledding down the hills in front of it, too.
Visited a memorial house dedicated to Arany János.
Enjoyed some coffee.
Stopped by a museum to the Hungarian poet/writer/journalist Arany János, but unfortunately the exhibition was temporarily closed.