Austria · 3 Days · 23 Moments · August 2018

Daisy's Day in Vienna, Austria

4 August 2018

Bye, Vienna.
A plethora of food to choose from. What did I get for lunch? Did you guess "Asian food"? You betcha! Can't pass up on some sushi! Wish I could have ordered most of their menu, though. Sadness.
Visited Belvedere Palace, its art museums, and its gardens. Saw some famous paintings, like Klimt's "The Kiss", and saw some other nice pieces. Pretty place, but in my opinion, it doesn't hold a candle to Schönbrunn Palace. Some beautiful ceiling and wall art, though, and worth it for that alone.

3 August 2018

A delicious and very thin crust pizza for a late dinner. Even with no toppings, it was large enough that I barely finished it.
Prater (a Ferris wheel with pretty carriages) wasn't as tall as I was expecting it to be. Nor was I anticipating it being in an amusement park or being 10 euros to ride. It offered a nice view of the city, but now I want to go to an amusement park!
The Minorite Church was lovely from the outside and had some interesting plaques and stones on the wall lining an outdoor hallway. I'd go back to check it out further if I return to Vienna.
Asian food for luuuunch! It was so difficult to choose from the international foods offered at the stands, but I've missed Asian food something awful, so I couldn't turn down the chance.
Back to City Hall for the tour. It was nice, though I certainly prefer looking at the building from the outside. Got some good photos of the architecture there, and even though I don't LOVE the building, I love those parts of it.
Schönbrunn Palace, it's grounds, and the Gloriette became my favorite location in Vienna. I could have stayed there all day. There's even a zoo, though I couldn't justify 20 euros for it. I wish I could have done the maze garden!

2 August 2018

Fish and potatoes for dinner.
Viewed the Votive Church from the outside and wished I had ignored my aching feet to see if I could go inside. Definitely one of the most beautiful buildings in Vienna!
I could smell the roses the instant I set foot into Volksgarten, and I thought of Alice in Wonderland, though it was nothing as fanciful.
Visited the outside of the Hofburg, which had a small display of the original palace out front.
St. Peter's Church was tucked away but beautiful and worth the stop.
St. Stephen's Cathedral became another favorite location of mine in Vienna.
Saw the outside of St. Charles' Church.
The Hunterwasser House was one of my favorite stops!
Hot dog for lunch
I almost visited the natural history museum but wanted to save my money instead.
What I could see of Parliament past the construction was nice.
Saw City Hall but can't tour it until tomorrow.
Stayed in the hotel half of the hostel-hotel combo. The place was a bit of a maze, and no A/C was killer in the August heat and humidity, but staff was helpful, and it was nice to have breakfast both mornings. Very closr to the main train station and to a tram line, which was convenient, and Belvedere Palace was an easy 15-minute walk away, too.
Arrived in Vienna after about a 2- or 2.5-hour train ride. Vienna Central Station is so easy to figure out!