Hungary · 2 Days · 9 Moments · July 2018

Daisy's Cave Fun in Aggtelek, Hungary

25 July 2018

I did it!! Admittedly, I missed a few stop-offs, but otherwise I did it! I hiked all the way from Aggtelek to Jósvafő!
Starting a 3-hour hike. My feet already hurt, and my knee isn't my friend, either. Am I crazy?!
Babgulyas at Aggtelek was delicious!
World's (formerly) largest book was neat, the Gutenburg museum was great, the building and location were beautiful, and the couple (I assume) that run it were friendly and helpful. Great hour and a half!

24 July 2018

The ice cream was good. I may get some more tomorrow.
A cup of coffee is very welcome after today.
Caught the bus this time and went to another entrance to Baradla Cave. The mountain face I was greeted with was astounding, and the inside of the cave didn't disappoint, either!
Well... after missing the bus and walking for about twenty or thirty minutes, I was picked up by National Park workers and taken to the cave entrance. The woman turned out to be my tour guide! The cave was lovely, and 10 AM was a good time to go.

23 July 2018

Arrived in Jósvafő. It's beautiful, and so is the guesthouse I'm staying at.