South Korea · 7 Days · 16 Moments · August 2015

Daisy's Adventures on Jeju Island, S. Korea

11 August 2015

Returning to the U.S.
Bought some souvenirs while waiting to catch a bus to the airport later today.

10 August 2015

1 of the 3 waterfalls at Cheonjeyeon Falls. Walked from Jusangjeollidae, all uphill. Quite a hike to most or all of the waterfalls, so be prepared! Large, ornate bridge you can cross if heights don't bother you.
Jusangjeollidae. The cliffs are amazing, and there's a nice promenade you can walk after. It's a must-see, in my opinion.
Almost couldn't find Cheonjiyeon Falls but glad I did. The waterfall itself is nice, but I preferred the paths and other pieces of nature, like this part of the river.

9 August 2015

I'm liking this day on, day off thing. Not to mention this cafe.

8 August 2015

Got jjajjangmyeon at a small place near the beach. My first time having it. Delicious!
A trip to Samyang Blacksand Beach.

7 August 2015

Another cafe, another day of rest. I'm not cut out for constant going.

6 August 2015

Starlight World Park and Planetarium.
Wiped out from the hiking. Spending some time out with coffee and my laptop. Love this cafe!

5 August 2015

Strolled around and hiked at Halla Arboretum. Worth it, but next time I'll go more prepared to hike.
Nexon Computer Museum. Went for a friend and also to splurge on their keyboard-shaped waffle meal. Got lost but eventually made it.

4 August 2015

Checked into the hostel. Can't wait for food!
Browsed the outdoor market and surrounding area while waiting to check into the hostel.