United Kingdom · 73 Days · 22 Moments · January 2018

Marti @ Harper Adams

26 March 2018

Meanwhile I've flown home and am back in the Netherlands! Bye bye UK

17 March 2018

Yesterday we spend the day in the snow but also in Cambridge as it was plantharper's last trip of the semester. Had a blast even though it was freezing outside. I'm in love with all the old buildings and museums in this wonderfull city!

9 March 2018

Last week Elle and I visted Shrewsburry (hometown of Darwin). Mahfuza decorated us with henna and I decorated Ricki with henna. And we finally made a clear shot of Pansi the little praying mantis

4 March 2018

Cooking tutorial from Mahfuza! #Bangladeshfood

3 March 2018

Great moments!

26 February 2018

Just a regular start of the week with yoga on Monday. To get to yoga Elle and I like to cycle together, on one bike, a mountain bike 😎 Elle got some new praying mantis beside Bird who has a wonky eye. And Tuesday morning was all about animals. Starting with milking at 4 am and piglets and sows at 11 am ! 🐄🐷

24 February 2018

Yesterday we finally had our trip to peak district first we drove to Buxton and visted pooles carvern caves and did a short walk on grin low to visit a small tower on top. After that we drove to castleton and visited perveril castle and walked around the village. During our walks we saw some breathtaking views and gorgeous old buildings! What a day, marvellous! Once home I cooked some way too spicey food with Elle and we decided to watch Mamma Mia the movie together with Mahfuza 😊

23 February 2018

This Friday was such a beautiful day! Elle and I had a walk in a little forest close by and we had so much fun! After that I made "appelflappen" with Mahfuza and Dyoni and pancakes and lunch for our trip to peak district on Saturday. Later on that day we had dinner made by Alistair he cooked Israeli food and made some delicious falafel! Then Dyoni and i continued our evening and went to the lamb inn to have a drink with a former HAS teacher who is moving to New Zealand in March. What a good times!

21 February 2018

I am developing as a yoga instructor here! I've been teaching both Ricki and Elle and yesterday they both did some headstands! I feel proud of them 😊 and enjoy it very much even though I did 2.5 hours of hatha yoga and Pilates just a few hours before! After that we went to florine her bday party and after to the su with a big group. This morning I deserved some nice breakfast!

18 February 2018

Liverpool moments last sunday with Mahfuza, Dyoni and Laura

17 February 2018

Yesterday afternoon Mahfuza and I were both cooking a dish. She made some typical Bangladesh food and I my first lasagne. As it was way too much food for myself I invited Mahfuza and Dyoni for dinner. So we had a lot of food for the three of us and the weirdest combination but it was really nice and we had a lot of fun together and planned a trip for Mahfuza to visit the Netherlands soon! On a Thursday this week it was the international dinner. Where I wore my big sis her balldress. I got many compliments and loved the dress myself as well. It was a nice evening with all the internationals and Elle. At the moment Elle is home and she asked me to take care of Bird, her little insect haha 😍

12 February 2018

Outdoor wintering isn't always as effective as it seems. Especially when the cows break loose and are able to run and graze on the whole field. Elle and I enjoyed watching it tho!

11 February 2018

Lovely weekend with my man as he came to visit me. We cooked together, walked on the farm and around Newport and Edgmond, did yoga with Elle, Sam and Ricki and ate Indian food! So much joy and love ❤

8 February 2018

Yesterday I got to see a small piece of Birmingham as I had to go to the city jobcentre for a national insurance number. Which suprisngly was not necessary after all. Oh well sightseeing in a city it was then. It's a nice city with many old buildings! Today I had some lab practicles with Loredane, an other international student but from France.

3 February 2018

This afternoon I volunteered for a milking session at the university's dairy Farm. They have about 365 dairy cows. And I milked in a 40x inside carousel parlour. It was a nice new experience and had lovely collegeaus. I'll see on Monday what I can arrange for paid work!

28 January 2018

Between my lectures, tutorials and homestudies I really enjoy my time with new friends. Last week Akib invited Mahfuza, Dyoni and me for an homemade Indian diner. It was delicious and nice to eat with my hands again, I really missed that 😊 And yesterday Elle, Sam, Ricki and I made some homemade-lets-see-how-it-goes calzone pizzas and aperitif! We made and absolute mess of the kitchen but we had a blast doing it! Also my next internship at the Rabobank in the Netherlands is being sorted out. After I had a lovely and interesting Skype meeting with my supervisor. See ya! 😚

27 January 2018

After Cardiff I spend some time with Elle my housemate and later with Ricki and Sam while we continued our Lord of the rings risk game which we started the day before yesterday and still isn't finished! Such a blast. Guess the guys were just really comfortable without wearing their t-shirt 😂
Yesterday we drove 3 hours to Cardiff in the south of Wales. I spend the day with amazing people: Mahfuza from Bangladesh, Dyoni from the Netherlands and Akib from Northern India! I had so much fun and enjoyed every bit from our walks in the rain to the bay to making pictures of every moment and of getting fascinated by the wonderfull nature! Thank you all ❤

25 January 2018

So life in the UK is much more like Dutch living compared to India! Im getting involved in some sportclasses to get rit of the extra kg's i gained in India. My modules are really interesting and the English language I'm absolutely loving! I follow the next modules here: - Farm Animal Health - Animal disease Sciene - Grass Forage and Environmental Science - Animal Production Science - Farm Business Management and Policy This morning we went into the field to look at some forage rape with heifers grazing on it. It was a lovely day and I finally get to know my classmates a bit more as they can be really polite and politically correct but not directly showing any interest in a conversation. The other international student are really kind, lovely and funny and so are my housemates! I'm having a good time xo

14 January 2018

I took my "new" bicycle around the area to Adeney and Tibberton and back via campus where I had a little look on the dairy farm on campus! Tomorrow i hope to get more information about everything on the university and about my course agriculture with animal science!

13 January 2018

Today I decided to go for a walk to Newport, which is a 4 km walk. The weather was windy but no rain. I saw some lovely cottages and found a dairy farm close by. In the city centre I walked in a bike shop and managed to get myself a second handed mountain bike which I can return in 10 weeks and sell for half the price to the shop owner. It's nice to have some way of transport when you are in the middle of nowhere :P After my little trip I helped Elle cleaning the kitchen as it was a terrible mess. Afterwards I helped Mehfuza bake her first cake and it tasted delicious!!

12 January 2018

Yesterday I arrived at my destination in Edgmond, Harper Adams University! After my flight I had to take a train to Telford, than bus 5 to Stafford and get out in Newport. Here I had to get on bus 519 to H.A.U.C. While waiting for my bus I did some grocery shopping at Waitrose to make sure I'd be having lunch! When I arrived at the main reception with my big suitcase Denise helped me kindly as they were short staffed because the new term hadn't start yet. So after a few phone calls I had to find Nora at admission for my enrolment. Afterwards I met Kai at the student service desk who gave me the key to my room, flattroad 3, room 3! When I got to the accommodation I met one of my five roommates, a very sweet and lovely girl named Aileen. She helped get around a bit and after I unpacked and chilled down for a sec. At the end of noon I met Elle, an amazing sweet young woman from the UK with really nice friends. In the evening we drunk a beer and played some games together!