Peru · 103 Days · 191 Moments · September 2016

Dacey's voyage in Peru

15 December 2016

Don Lucho's farm

12 December 2016

Some animals on our way in
Hiking to Kapitari Retreat

11 December 2016

Exploring Iquitos and the giant Lilly pads... finishing off with a bright pink camu camu drink :)

10 December 2016

Sunset at Lima airport

9 December 2016

Condor temple Cleaning of the earth Messenger Connect with the upper forces Keeper of the dead (pic 3) - where they placed bones Transport to another dimension
On our way out of the city
Room of mirrors
Down and around the other side of the pyramid
Top of the pyramid Pyramid rock (pic 3) represents the centre of the cosmos and the centre of the four most important mountains Men come to the rock to hug it
Temple of the three windows, from two different angles
Represents the Peruvian cross and points at the four important mountains
An angel in the shadows Man of the mountain
The ring at top and sides of door is main entrance
Temple of the earth is open to the east - welcoming the sun Sticking out stones held pots with holy elements Steps represent connection to Mother Earth
So much work went into building this place
Exploring the city
Peruvian cross given to me by Miguel and coca leaves used as an offering to the mountain
View of Machu Picchu from the top
Working our way to the top
Arriving at Machu Picchu

8 December 2016

Coke bottle Christmas tree
We have arrived
Train ride from Pisac to town near Machu Picchu
Bath of the witches
The river running through the site and the ruins at the bottom Renew your energies in the springs
The eye of the lama Can be used as a sun dial
Working our way around and down the mountain Can feel the vibration through the stones - use the niches Sound as the beginning of creation
Temple of the father gods Gods came from the south when the darkness was ruling to open the minds of the people Missing the seventh block
The two spirits of the mountains
Views of the sacred valley Sacred valley is a reflection of the Milky Way
More ruins, working our way up Sticking out rocks could represent constellations
Ollantaytambo ruins House of the gods Astrological centre This place represents the lama - architecturally The civilization is connected to the people's at Lake Titicaca

7 December 2016

The hotels keep getting better and better!

6 December 2016

This is the view I woke up to this morning ❀️❀️

5 December 2016

Pictures at the top! What a wonderful view
Exploring the many rooms
Pisac ruins The last picture is of tombs in the mountain
Drive up to Pisac ruins... taking pictures in a moving car is hard
Natural dyes and textiles along with some natural grains
More animals
I held the macaw in the last photo
Animal sanctuary
The hotel I have been staying at the last few days.

4 December 2016

My dinner last night
Group photos
The secret garden pathway
Stray dogs want to come home with us
The view of Cuzco from the top of the right side
Mom you think our aloe is huge, think again!
Cave we walked through 30 second pitch black Said to be walking through the mother womb
More of the stone work at these ruins
Stairs representing traveling to the underworld with the spirit of the snake Design on shirt shows the three shamanic levels underworld, present, and above
The rocks are all limestone
More ruins Three walls represent the three levels of spirit Walls follow the sun east
Saqsaywaman ruins - the name of the grandfather who is very old and has a long white beard This site represents the path of the light Under the ground is ruled by snake - the darkness psychological state Ground level is puma and felines representing power Condor is higher level - puma with wings is assention into another state Snake can move through all systems

3 December 2016

Baby lamas and tradition style cloths and some mountains
The end of the tour today
And some more Venus room - representing the . The shelfs all held beautiful stones. Open window allowed the calculation of the coming of the sun connecting with the niches Corner of the sun temple - most powerful spot. The object that sat in the spot may have been hidden in the jungle before the Spanish came
More Qorikancha ruins Different ways the rock was used for water Channels and walls
Qorikancha ruins - the sun temple Room one has the spirit of the rainbow Room two - chamber of lightning and Symbol of the snake Connects light to darkness connecting the heavens and the earth Gold - spiritual purposes not for currency
It's officially the Christmas season
More chocolate museum Yes those are chocolate condoms and there is a tester...
Chocolate museum
Touring Cuzco
Ninth inca king responsible for the greatest expansion of the empire. He is pointing north
The view out our bathroom window

2 December 2016

Officially made it to Cuzco
Nobody wanted to sit by me 😁😁
Family breakfast 2.0 Chocolate chip pancakes

25 November 2016

We follow where there is no trail.
Praying mantis with prey
Green vine snake

23 November 2016

Family breakfast!!

17 November 2016

Adventure without a trail
Creeking through a stream
Plants and things

14 November 2016

Mammal transect...didn't see any mammals tho

13 November 2016

Midnight walk through the forest on a full ish moon

10 November 2016

Little birds nest
Early morning walk after imbibing in the rum...
Misty morning walk

9 November 2016

Chewchawasi cream, jargon satcha cream, picaro cream
Picaro plant - antifungal and anti inflammatory
Chewchawasi cream
Preparing the jergon satcha cream
Harvesting jargon satcha to make a medicinal cream. Used as an anti inflammatory and arthritis. Most common property is the use for snake bites - it looks like the deer de lance snake

3 November 2016

Dung beetle

28 October 2016

Very dangerous caterpillar. Each hair has venom that will make you itch your skin raw...and then continue itching
Little cups get filled with sugary substance to attract ants. In return the ants protect the plant against herbivores
Ali and mark with the red tail boa
Red tail boa - very beautiful snake
Honey inside that piece of log

27 October 2016

Wholly possum playing dead

23 October 2016

Capuchins on monkey island
Ali is kind of adorable :p
And more canopy walk and zip line
Canopy walk and zip line
Canopy walk and zip line!

22 October 2016

So cute together...
Some of the community on Maria and Marianna's last day! So sad to see them leaving 😭

19 October 2016

Our last day at Boca Parimanu together πŸ˜₯πŸ˜₯
More river sunrise
River sunrise

17 October 2016

Super loop is going to be the death of me...
Walking the super loop trail
5am sunrise

16 October 2016

Sunday walks in the forest
Walking up cellphone hill... 9am and its 30 degrees...

15 October 2016

The full moon makes us a little crazy...
Tree boa
Solitary black hawk
10km walk to Walters house. Took 3.5 hours
Pretty plants on our walk
Wild chocolate tree

14 October 2016

Pygmy gecko living under my bed

13 October 2016

Cooking the ayahuasca

12 October 2016

Ayahuasca vine collecting Flower shape formed in tissues
Carrizo de monte - used to make sangunga, instrument to bring peace during ayahuasca ceremony
Chacroona- mixed with ayahuasca vine. Is said to activate the visions
Pineapple snake and Manuel

11 October 2016

A energetic tree Alberto took us to meditate around

10 October 2016

Patikinia - very powerful plant commonly used by shamans. Can be used for spider bites but not on open wounds
Poison dart frog

8 October 2016

Nasty spiders
Walters creek

6 October 2016

The house I help build

1 October 2016

Yuck yuck yuck

28 September 2016

Another sunset on the river

24 September 2016

Someone does not know how to pour beer...

23 September 2016

More rain a coming
Some colourful leaves :)

19 September 2016

Well today we had our first rain storm while I've been here... We made it back just in time before the heavens opened up πŸ‘πŸ»
Storm is a coming
Mandeveea vine... Contains fresh water From the gods (cross)
A stream that might be used for hydroelectricity in the future
A little frog that was on our Camera trap

18 September 2016

Making our way up the river...

16 September 2016

And some more
Some more butterflies
Pictures from the butterfly farm

12 September 2016

Alcanfor - used for muscle pain
Ongosatcha - anti fungal
Saw my first snake today! Coral snake Also saw an eagle Also saw a green frog snake

11 September 2016

What it looks like before its finished cooking
Harvesting atadijo bark to hold Bihao leaves while cooking
Harvesting Bihao plant for traditional Juanes dinner

10 September 2016

My adventure up river today consisted of getting up at 5:30am, large caterpillar poop, cat vomit and some monkeys..... Also saw three red howler Monkeys on our way back down river
Smelling s lovely flower
Fruit growing right out of tree, pollinated by bats
Saddle back tamarins We saw 6 foraging
Leaf mimic butterfly And another type of butterfly
Baby rubber tree
Timber extraction Will get roughly 30 planks from that half section Lots of safety gear :p
Brazil nut in shell
Natural bath tub

9 September 2016

Fact of the day : to get the saltono fish in the fishermans boat they must sink the boat, put the fish in, then bail the boat out!
Testing the finished product
Tea after it was cooked
Chris fooling around while waiting for our tea to cook
The beginning perpetration of a UTI treatment for Thomas
Hymenia - has a slight chocolate texture and tastes sweet
Washing and chopping of our ingredients Wasai and sano sano
Social spider web All spiders are related
Lecha lecha tree sap (Milk, milk) Tastes bitter
Wasaia tree roots Also used in treatment for UTI
100 year old fig tree and vine
Harvesting a giant tree fern ( sano sano ) Spikes cut off Used in a treatment for UTI

8 September 2016

View of the community from a hill
Large buttresses
Juan Carlos' meteorite :p
A common fishing hole
Boys will be boys My two instructors and guide Oje (oh hey) tree also know as a fig tree

7 September 2016

Hanna made our flowers on the lunch table Brazil nut shell Pineapple head Flowers
A monkey being territorial at view point Gray headed saki
The view point at boca pariamanu
Map of the community land -boca pariamanu Community shaman Alberto by his Eco tourism plan

5 September 2016

During the wet season you can see snakes and anaconda and camens swimming in the roots
Cats claw vine - can prevent cancer
Pashaco tree
A nice huge beetle wanted to say hello
Arrived safely in Puerto Maldonado and was picked up at the airport and taken to the fauna forever house. Will be headed to the jungle for a week starting tomorrow

4 September 2016

Flying from Lima to Puerto Maldonado
Officially in Lima Peru! Met a friend on my last flight, she helped make sure I had all my things together and headed in the right direction 😁 Now waiting for my last flight in a couple of hours.
Well I made it to my gate at LAX on time without getting to lost πŸ˜›and don't have to worry about picking up my luggage as it should go all the way through.... Fingers crossed it doesn't get lost πŸ‘πŸ»