Mexico · 17 Days · 63 Moments · February 2017

Dacey's adventure in Mexico

19 February 2017

...yeah that's supposed to be a street not a lake

17 February 2017

Much needed food and drinks
A book to look into getting
I just want to take some leaf babies home with me....😥
The chapel located on the grounds
Different stone work through the paths
Green things grow everywhere here
The SWIMMING HOLE... my god it was chilly
The Jaguar trail headed towards the swimming hole
So many plants I don't know what to take pictures of first!
The restaurant and its view
We were trying to make our way to the bathrooms but I kept getting destructed by the pretty flowers
Welcome to the botanical gardens of Puerto Vallarta
Made of many many broken tiles
Car full of blonde women 20 minutes out of town...

16 February 2017

First time I have been in Mexico and it's RAINING! You can now smell the smells of the jungle and not just the garbage and sunscreen 😛
The view from my bed 😛
Refreshing lemonadas from Lucys after market day 😎

15 February 2017

Stopped at the San Poncho beach on the way back. I loved the atmosphere here and it wasn't as busy as Sayulita
Day trip to Sayulita with Lynn and momma

14 February 2017

I just couldn't stop taking selfies and photos of him 😛
My new friend I made on the beach...he is just so cute and cuddly! 😘😘😘

13 February 2017

New sheets that say HERE I AM!
Yes that is a chi seed sprouting in our sink drain...HAHAHA

11 February 2017

My friend George found on the side of the road down town... he looks so sad I just want to take him home 😥

10 February 2017

Some Spanish friends we met on the beach. They were so taken with out ceremony we offered for them to release the last lantern ❤
Auntie Lynette and Cora-Lee releasing a heart shaped lantern into the night
Angela and I releasing our lantern at the full moon party
Mom and Cora-Lee releasing a lantern for the full moon
Full moon at the hotel
The Acan were auntie Lynette and uncle Dave stay
It's a thing of beauty!
The end pools that were absolutely stunning. I would have loved to meditate to the sound of the mini waterfalls
The last of the petroglyphs
A vine of grenedias!! Sweet passion fruit yum yum
Some pretty little things on our walk
Walking to the Alta vista ruins/petroglyphs
Mexican pylons

9 February 2017

Plant life in our courtyard

8 February 2017

Today we went for a boat ride out to Coral Island. It was awesome I saw so many cool bright colourful fishies! Snorkelling was the highlight of the day, woohoo!!

7 February 2017

Lovely ladies all dressed to match
My friends the turtles who live at the Acan
Beautiful flowers on a lovely sunny day 😎
A little friend came to say hello at lunch time...hanging off the side of our building
Cloths hanging on just about every place available hahaha. This is what real Mexico looks like

6 February 2017

Hanging sunshine for the babies room? We will see if my sissy likes it.

5 February 2017

Petting some horsies downtown

3 February 2017

A little gecko that seems to have taken up residence in auntie Lynettes room
Tea for two! Our lovely morning tea with sunshine shining brightly making our cozy room feel very peaceful
Our room amply dubbed the Sunshine Sweet and the views surrounding.