Philippines, Thailand · 3 Days · 7 Moments · April 2017

Songkran in Khao san!

13 April 2017

Since my friends are very fond of Thai series, we stopped somewhere Phra Sumen road when they saw this Thai style pink milk. They told me that this is the favorite of their idol (I'm not sure the name of the actor). Ahhmm.. yes, I didn't get one for me. Not really a fan of strawberries. But I tasted it and I think it's okay. Hahahah..
Our first stop! GRAND PALACE! We thought it's near our place as what the maps says but no it's not! Hahahaha.. We walked like 30 mins just to get there. I liked the architecture of their temples. Though I'm still not sure if some of these are made in real golds. Note: -bring a your passport or just a copy of your passport. The guards are checking this if you're a foreigner. -even leggings is not allowed in the Palace. Good thing they sell sarong for only B50. -too hot. Apply sunscreen. Wear something comfortable but make sure to follow their not to wear thingy. Bring umbrella.

12 April 2017

This is my first authentic Thai food. Pad Kaprow (Kao Ka Prao), not really sure which one is the correct spelling. This was cooked by the store in front of my new hotel, Sabye Bangkok Hotel. So I originally asked for Pad Thai but when she's cooking the Kao Ka prao, I cough because of the chili she added. When she served it to the person near me, I asked to change my order to Kao Ka Prao. Good thing one of the Customer knows how to speak in English and he explained that I want to change my order to the cook. She (the cook) asked me if I want spicy, I said jus a little bit, but man! This one is really spicy but it tastes really good.
My first temple, Wat Saket or the Golden Mountain! First time I saw how people of Thailand worship their gods.
So I got here like 1am (PH time). I got scammed by the taxi, I know it's sad, but it's okay, I just learn from that one! Scammed: I paid B910 for the taxi from Suvarnabhumi airport to Golden Mountain Hotel. (Based on grab it should be B400+ only) Moving on! I so love my hostel! This place is so instagtamable. It should be a backpacker but as you can see I'm alone. I wasn't able to sleep when I got here because I'm kinda scared! (It's ghost thing) and that's one of the reason why I booked to a shared room hostel. And you know the rest of the story! By the way, I woke up like 6:30 am. Hahaha.. I'm excited and scared. 😁😁😖😖

11 April 2017

So I got in! Yey! I thought immigration is not easy but I guess as long as you have a true intention then there's nothing to worry about! OMG! This is it! Just waiting for boarding! Questions encountered: -where are you going? -where do you work? (Show your company id) -where will you stay in bangkok? -until when? -where's your boarding pass?
Still waiting for the check in counter to be opened! My gosh! I didn't know that I need to check in first before I go to immigration! People are saying to be here 4 hrs before your flight. They didn't mention about the check in time. Epic!