Europe, Asia, Africa · 15 Days · 25 Moments · March 2018

CY& NY visit South Africa

7 April 2018

Back in Edinburgh
Okay. So after sitting on the train for a good 15 minutes, message came through that the train had been cancelled. Nooo! Jumped off the train to head across to a new platform and new train. Did NOt observe train etiquette and pushed past people to get our bags on the lugagge rack and to get seats. Third time in Glasgow and each time it has fallen lower in my books.
Flight from Durban to Dubai was bearable. It was not as traumatic as last years departure, but still pretty sad. Flight time to Dubai was just over 7 hours. Both managed some sleep but was not restful. Landed in Dubai, local time 5:30am and waited for Dubai to Glasgow flight. I went looking for water and ended buying pompous Norwegian tap water in a sexy bottle. Only in Dubai. Boarded our plane at half 7 and NY promptly fell asleep. Poor guy was shattered. I managed some sleep but again not a great deal. Landed in Glasgow at 12:20pm. Passport control took some time but went smoothly enough that we managed to collect our luggage as well as be the first passengers on the airport shuttle bus back into the city. Managed to arrive at Queen Street station so I could run to the bathroom (30p). Boarded the 2pm train so should be back in Edinburgh by 2:45pm. So our estimation of being back in our flat at 4pm is pretty good. All in all 24 hours of travel time from Durban to Edinburgh.

6 April 2018

Last morning of the trip. Awoke early to pack and get last minute laundry done. A good breakfast with mum and Dad and then headed to La Lucia library where dad did a presentation to minds alive group about 2017 eclipse. Really well done and well received by all. Aunty M, Granny and Uncle Drewan came along to support. Afterwards headed back for tea and cake. More packing and chats. Then headed to pharmacy to pick cream for me and then to get pies from woolies. Home for lunch. After lunch headed over to Gran to say goodbye as well as said goodbye to Bennetts. Will try to see aunty m in a few weeks when she heads over to see Tegan and family. Showered and last minute packing.. heard to airport at 3:50pm. It has been an amazing two weeks. It does feel good to be heading back to a familiar place and to our flat. It feels good to know how we far we have come and exciting for the next chapter. Thanks to all friends and family members for making this trip so special.

5 April 2018

Pg2. Braai dinner of wors, ribs and prawns. Sat out by the pool and watched the thunderstorm rolling in. Good conversation and discussion amongst us especially when dad gave us tips on investing. After dinner, I presented my Cambridge presentation and Dad practised his Minds Alive Eclipse presentation. It was a good way to spend the evening. Last cup of tea and an easter egg. Off to bed with a smile.
Said goodbye to Morag and Cam as they headed off to Thendele for two nights. Sad to say goodbye but definitely easier than last years goodbye. After they set off, we headed out with mum to do some shopping as well as pick up my fnb card. Mum took us to Mackeurtan Avenue to buy beaded key rings for gifts. Almost bought the guy out of his stock! Headed to La Lucia mall to pick up bank card as well as bought new linen from Woolworths. Thanks to Mum for buying them for us. Headed back to Davallan Avenue to pick up dad and headed to the new but temporary ski boat club for lunch. The building which we ate lunch in before we left as well as the underwater club have all been demolished to make way for been development. Mini Dubai high rises. Yuck. Lunch at the club was delicious and good fun overlooking the harbour entrance. Then back home for afternoon admin and chilling out. A quick visit to Gran to spend time with her. Then a quick shop for supper at spar. Home for braai of work, ribs cont
Early morning run through streets. Hot and sticky but felt so good..20 minute run

4 April 2018

Another early start. Tea and rusks on balcony. beach for last swim. High tide and a rough rip tide, but still so in the ocean. Headed back to chalet and no water so had to use 5l bottles to pour reservoir(?) water over us. Good fun but not clean. I managed to swallow some so did not feel good. A good breakfast of French toast and egg & bacon then packed up and headed out. Dad tried very hard to find ellies.for me..not my lucky day. Stopped at several water holes and saw some rhinos, buffalo and warthogs. First pic is of Catalina Bay. Really.lovely. so beautiful. Drive home.was long and stressful. My icky feeling went away after lunch at wimpy. Home by 3. A great treat and a lovely few days.

3 April 2018

Braai done by NY and CM. Delicious dinner. Included mielies and salad too. Was so good. After supper, a wee dram of Glenfarclas with mum. Watched the moon come up over the ocean so headed down to the beach to watch it from the beach. Got to see the full moon before it disappeared behind cloud. Back home and into.bed Another fabulous day.
Awoke to Dad and Nick in my bedroom armed with towels and plastic bag. Turns out, there was a dead bat in our room.. had flown in the previous night and been whacked by our fan. Tea and rusks on the balcony overlooking the forest. Down to the beach for a swim- stunning conditions and we to have a good long swim in the warm Indian ocean. After a delicious breakfast, we headed back to the beach for more swimming and snorkeling. Such such fun!!! NY and CY went for a swim further down the beach. CG and JG swam and paddled in the small lagoon created by low tide. Absolutely stunning day. The fierce sun forced us back to the cabin for lunch and a snooze. In the afternoon, CG and CY headed to the beach and shop on a walk. Shop A/C was not working (?)so very hot. Lots of day visitors and they were being tricked by the vervets. In the evening, all except CG went for another swim. Too rough conditions so paddled instead.. back to no24 for awesome braai of fillet steak and potatoes.

2 April 2018

After a quick breakfast and last minute packing, Greener, Young and Malcolm entourage set off in big people.mover to Cape Vidal. Stopped in St Lucia- a good 10 years since I have been there. Popped into Sandy Place to see no20. Then down to the waters edge ( the mouth),walkeda short distance down the boardwalk. Still very pretty even though there are.many.more hawkers. Lunch at ski boat club- very hot but a lovely venue for lunch. A quick shop at Chris's Spar- still.the same Spar! Then onto Vidal. Took a slow drive through the game park and saw rhino, kudu and buffalo. Lots of vervet monkeys which were great to watch. Made it to.the camp about 3:30; chalet 24. NY and I went for a walk to the beach and saw lots of monkeys - vervet and samango. Back to chalet for evening drinks. Dinner of hamburgers done by mum. Water was a funny looking yellow. Quite tired so in bed by half 8. A very very good day.

1 April 2018

Easter Sunday and April Fool's Day. Awoke reasonably early to have tea with Mum and Dad on the balcony. Then had Canadian pancakes, bacon and maple syrup that Uncle Andy gave to mum (the pancakes) Cam and Morag awoke a little later. Then prepared for easter lunch. Had a few drinks and snacks before the family of Gran, Bennetts, Guy and dogs arrived. An amazing lunch of Paschal lamb, roast potatoes, green veggies and a dessert of Pavlova. Lots of Easter eggs! Then the ' children' went to Jack Salmon in Glenore Centre. Drinks and sushi and lots of chatting. Return to 7 Dav for packing.

31 March 2018

After a late meal with the parents we fell fast asleep. Awoke quite early to have a hot cross buns and coffee with mum and dad on the balcony. Then headed to Umhlanga with Aunty M and Uncle Drewan for Park Run. Felt so good to be running in heat and humidity. Completed it in 32 minutes. Waited for aunty m and uncle finish. Then headed home to shower and then headed to Comics for breakfast with mum and dad and the Bennetts. Afterwards headed back to Dav Ave and chatted to Granny for a few hours. Then headed back to 7 Dav Ave for lunch.Morag arrived back from the Taylor's and Thea. Quick catch up and then they left. Morag went to fetch Cam. When got home finally had lunch. Had an afternoon nap- so tired. Nick watched Liverpool. Evening was drinks and chatting. A lovely dinner of roast gammon and veggies and chocolate lava cakes from mum. So good. A long chat on the balcony with 6 of us. Then to bed. What a great day!

30 March 2018

Awoke refreshed and happy. Helped sort out awning for Alex as it had trapped water from the rain! Good soaking rain. Fed Josie her breakfast and NY arrived at the house. ( Had spent the evening at Allan's house having a boys night with Tim, AJ and Clay) had tea and toast with Nick and Josie. Alex packed for Struisbaai. Matthew K arrived at 10. Had a quick catch up with NY. We caught an Uber and Kempthornes set off for their holiday. Back at Allan's we packed and sorted our luggage. Tim got home and we chatted for sometime. Young's fetched us at 1pm. Back to their place for lunch and tea. Headed to airport reasonably early as worried about traffic and Good Friday rush. Made it in 20 minutes. Checked in without a problem. Headed to Wimpy for coffee and milkshakes. Said goodbyes to the Young's. Sad moment. Made our way to gate A11. Flight delayed by half an hour. When plane did arrive very quick turn around. Took off and had a lovely view over the city. Until we see you again Cape Town.

29 March 2018

Headed to Sea Point early to get in a run. So great to be running in Sea Point again. Thoroughly enjoyed it. Made our way to Carries flat opposite Green Point pools. All had coffee and a chat. NY left to take the rental car back. CY& CM chatted and then headed to Manna for brunch. A delicious meal and great time for a catch up. Then heades back to Sea Point for a drive. PnP Centre is now the Artem. Dreadfully redone. So sad. Then headed to Alex Kempthorne new house in Mowbray. Beautifully done! Went to fetch Josie with Alex and then headed back to her place. We entertained Josie while Alex did some work. We then set out drinks and snacks. Braai was decided against due to the rain! Yay for CPT! Hagans arrived later and M Kempthorne arrived soon after. A great evening of chatting and snacking. Hagans, Carrie and Matthew left soon after 9pm. JK did not want to sleep so we stayed up waiting for her to go down. Eventually at 10:30pm did she fall asleep in Alex's bed.

28 March 2018

Woke up early after a comfy sleep in Franschoek. Did spend most of the night rearranging sleeping arrangements as Mac kept readjusting his position. After a breakfast of tea and toasted hot cross buns, Nick and I headed off to town to buy a wedding gift for Ceri and Andrew. Headed back to M flat and had a quick chat about things. Then headed off- stopped off at Big Dog cafe for coffee and cake. Then headed to Bridgehouse to see the school.and say goodbye to Cam. School is pretty dry. Took outside the theatre as a reminder of the wedding pics. Headed to the airport to drop Morag off. Then headed back to Plumstead. Grabbed some lunch on the way and had a quick bite back at Stella Road. Then headed off to Kempthornes. Had a delightful afternoon having tea with Ley and Vicky. Then headed to Blaauberg for dinner with Ceri, Andrew and Michelle. Massive thunderstorm blew in while having dinner and we could watch the lightning from our table. Good to get some rain. Then home.

27 March 2018

Woke up reasonably early and had tea with Tim and Dan. Headed off to Vergenoed Wine Estate in time for the 10:30 duck parade. Cape Town traffic once again tricked us but we did arrive at Vergenoed in good time. Had a coffee and muffin for breakfast. Watched the duck parade- absolutely delightful! One of the best things I have ever seen. Then headed off to Franschoek. Arrived at Morags flat around midday. Great to see her again. Had some time to catch up and then sorted a few things out in the garage. Morag and Nick had a nap while I sat in the garden reading. Forgot how good it is to sit in the garden and read. After Morag and Nick woke.up we had tea and cake ( pic 2) and chatted until Cam got home. Cam then headed out to hockey while we headed to Tuk Tuk for supper. A nice meal of nachos and quesidillas and burger for Nick. Headed back to the flat and had tea. Also watched some Moderm Family. Still a feeling of it being surreal that we are in SA.

26 March 2018

Evening of drinks and good fun at Forries, Newlands.
Day 2 in Cape Town. Today was an admin day. Had breakfast with Dan and Tim- bacon & eggs with hot cross buns. Afterwards Nick and I headed off to Blue Route for banking. Capitec was done in 10 minutes. Standard Bank a little tricky. While Nick was in SB I went to Dischem to get some strappi g for his finger ( injured it while playing football on Sunday). Then headed to FNB in Constantia. What should have been 15 minutes ended up being a 45 minute wait and a 15 minute consultation. Very frustrating. We then popped into the new pick n pay to grab some food. Got some sushi. Delicious. Headed to the Young's and had lunch and tea with them. Headed back to the Allan's house and went for a dog walk with Tim and Dan to Lympleigh Park. The caught an Uber to Forries.

25 March 2018

Breakfast with the Young's then headed into town to fetch the rental car. A slight issue not having a passport but Nick managed to sort it out. Headed to Cape Quarter Spar to get some groceries. Shocked at the price food..... Headed to the Green Point Park to meet up with The Youngs. Found a nice spot by the play area and set up. Tim and Dan joined us then followed by Carrie. Alex and Josie arrived soon after and then Clay and Anel arrived. Unfortunately Basil & Dawn, Michelle & Ceri, Siobhan could not.come. still had a great picnic. After a lovely afternoon of chatting and catching up, we headed to Mitchell's (everyone except the Young's and Kempthornes) and we had a few drinks and something to eat. A lovely day. Headed back to Tim's place for a drink and carry the evening on. Pics include the boys and the boys playing with Josie.
Picnic at Green Point Park.

24 March 2018

After a long 9 hour flight from Dubai to Cape Town -we landed in SA in a cloudy and cool Cape Town International. Made it through passport control and baggage reclaim without a hitch. When freshening up in the bathroom noticed all the taps were off- first 'reminder' to us of the the drought. Kathy and Keith were waiting for us. Great to see them. Drove back to their new home at Evergreen. Very nice space and they have made it to a lovely home. Popped to the Spur for a return meal. Burger and Castle for Nick. Chicken and a creme soda for me. So good! Return to Everggreen to fetch luggage. Headed to Allan's house in Stella Road, Plumstead. Tim and Dan were waiting for us. Had a night cap with them and a catch up. By 10:30pm I was exhausted and headed to bed. Fell asleep so quickly. A good but long day. So good to be back to Cape Town.
Landed in Dubai after 7hr flight. Did spend the last hour circling Dubai as there were so many flights to land. Flight full of Commonwealth Team Scotland athletes. Spent most of the flight walking up and down the aisles and loudly discussing their thoughts. I would have been in awe of them and their athletic abilities had it not been for bad news from GWC about job interview plus supperrr tired from the term. Anyway- in Dubai Int. 23degrees outside- pleased to say my body has embraced the heat! Feels good. Off to Gate C15 to depart for Cape Town at 10:45

23 March 2018

CY finished school. NY did not go into work-just did last minute packing. CY returned from school. Finished packing and had a shower. NY called Uber and set of to Waverly train station half past 2. Arrived in time to get 3pm.train to Glasgow Queen Street. A pleasant train ride. Waited for several minutes for airport bus. Bus ride was awful through town and very jerky on the way to the airport. I do not do well with stop/ start driving. After 35 minutes arrived at Glasgow International. Noted our check in for our flight is at 5:20pm so had a coffee from Starbucks. Yuck. Decided to start a journi for this in Starbucks is classic sounds of wailing cowboys about their losing their baby and asking them to come back to me.. really unpleasant. Pic is of Nick and Cait in train to Glasgow.