Canada, France · 14 Days · 39 Moments · July 2017

Cullen's journi to France

18 July 2017

we were all so tired. i was practically sleeping while standing up in line. i got a ham and cheddar and a mocha and mckenna and i shared a donut. on the flight home i sat by josh again. i was supposed to sit by him all 3 flights but mckenna and erin switched for the second one:). we didn't talk much so it was good. also i forgot to mention that flying into vancouver was very smoky. when we got into kelowna i was so excited. saw nate and mom standing there and gave em both big hugs. there was a lot à of parents there. was a super incredible experience and a great trip. was better than i thought it'd be and can't wait to go back!!:)) thanks mom and dad❤
Now back in canada!!:) driving home today. didn't write yesterday because i was super tired but here's a little bit of what happened. we went to the airport around 11. our flight flew out at around 2 i think but not sure. in the airport i got like 7 or 8 packs of anis de flavigny. on the flight to montreal i sat by josh and Karissa. it wasn't bad sitting by josh but karissa was very annoying. she kept waking me up and talking constantly and making annoying comments so i just put my earphones in most of the time and slept. on that flight we got pasta, a little salad, a piece of bread like a mini baguette and a cookie. wasn't good but wasn't bad. that flight didn't feel super long. then we had an hour layover in montreal and i got a venti peach green tea from starbucks. on that plane i sat by mckenna and erin. we started by listening to music together and then we all tried to sleep. we tried so many different positions. finally we landed in vancouver. we were all so tired.

17 July 2017

and watched the eiffel tower twinkle for 5 mins. that was also super pretty. super frustrated though because i was told we were gonna go under the eiffel tower after we watched that but we didn't and i feel like i've missed out on a lotta things here. after watching it twinkle we walked to the metro and caught it back to our hotel. tia had really bad hiccups and it was super funny. cannot wait to come back in the future. super crazy experience and can't wait to see more of france. also excited to come home though. last night in france:(( goodnight
in the world which i thought was pretty cool but nathan also told me that information so who knows if it's right. we continued walking down and met mme mcdonald's exchange student that she had a while ago. really nice guy. he came for dinner w us and it was soo good. best meal for last. we had eggplant w tomato sauce and parmesan and some other stuff for an appy and then chicken and mashed potatoes for our meal and then ice cream w graham crumbs for dessert. it was a fancier restaurant w white table clothes and fancy table settings but it was nice:) after dinner we walked down to the seine right beside the Eiffel tower. ITS WAY BIGGER THAN I THOUGHT. so pretty though. experience was crazy good and i'm definitely coming back especially because we didn't get much time here. anyways, we took a bunch of pictures and stuff while waiting for our river cruise to start. that was super cool too. we went by the notre dame, louvre, and a bunch of other things. after we got off, crossed the bridge

16 July 2017

Longggg bus ride to paris. left vannes at 9 and got to paris at around 345. i slept a lot of the way and listened to most of jack johnsons albums except for the curious george one. when we got to paris i was soooo excited. we had to hurry up and get ready so we could go out and only had about 15 mins. we took the metro to the arc de triomphe. when we got there we figured out that groups couldn't go up on sundays and sunday's only so we never got to see paris from up top unfortunately. super upset about that but oh well. it was still super cool. then we walked down the champs elisee which is a super long street. we got some souvenirs on it and saw some really big stores. i wish we had way more time because it was amazing. the abercrombie and fitch was huggeee. also some really cool car dealerships and nike looked sweet too. took some pictures of some cars to show nate when i get home because he's going through a "car stage". idk if they're cool or not but apparently we saw 2/30 lambos
right after that we walked back to the bus and drove back to vannes. when we got back we just hung out in our rooms and then went to dinner and had sautéed pork and potatoes. i wasn't super hungry but it was pretty good. after dinner we all hungout together going from room to room. mckenna and i were dancin a bit and yea. then at 10 we all had togo to our own rooms and erin and i packed because we leave vannes tomorrow!!:((( crazy!! i'm pretty excited to come home but also sad to leave. dreading the plane ride. it's gonna suck but oh well. got to go to bed. goodnight

15 July 2017

some other boys from our group were being really rowdy and annoying and some random man told them to shut up and guess what? that's exactly what i was thinking because they were being obnoxious so thank you grumpy middle aged man. we continued tanning for a while after that. then we went swimming and everyone had dunked except me so simon, niko, nathan and mckenna picked me up and threw me in the water but i almost beat em w my great skills from wrestling w mom n dad:)) then we had chicken wars which was really fun but i didn't win once. if u didn't know what chicken wars is it's when u go on someone's shoulders or someone goes on ur shoulders and u try to push the other team over in the water. it's sooo fun but in the ocean it's super salty but oh welll. then we got cold and went back and played some frisbee. then went and got some ice cream and i am inloveee w sorbet!! it's the best thing and doesn't have milk which is the best part. i had lemon and raspberry. lemons the best!
woke up at 9 and had breakfast and then met in the lobby at 10 to get on the to go see the menhirs of carnac. we had a tour and she explained lots of stuff bout them. they're standing rocks that have been around for a long time but they don't really know how long. it's kinda like stone henge but way bigger. everyone hated it but i thought it was pretty cool. then we hopped on the bus again and went to la trinité de mer. not exactly sure but i'm pretty sure it's just a part of carnac. it's super cute and pretty there. just a little beach town basically. when we got there we went to a little pizzeria. mckenna and i ordered peach iced tea (which they have EVERYWHERE) and they gave us some sorta cider. we drank it anyways:) we also got a couple pizzas to share and crème brûlée. then we went down to the beach. a lot of us were tanning together and we did 17 mins on front and 17 mins on back. everytime we flipped we had to do it at the same time and turn the same way.
it was the same parade as last night but it was cool because we got to see it up close. after that we went and walked around and found a vendor selling a bunch of candies so we got some and they are scrumptious. right then we had to meet at the gate to go for dinner. we got to the gate about 10 mins early and there was a weird camel thing and a cello played that was really good. i have him some €. for dinner we had pollock which was really good. best dinner yet i think. the dessert sucked. it had prunes and wasn't good but oh well. after dinner we went for a walk and then to our hotel. back at our hotel we did acro for a while in the back in the grass and then we took meigan's henna out and started doing some henna. tia did a carrot on my arm and some other people got different designs. nathan even got something around his nipple for the beach tomorrow but don't worry because it comes off in like 3 days. after that, came back to room, showered and now i'm ready for bed. goodnight y'all

14 July 2017

i got up at 830 because we had to go do laundry but i didn't know what time so i woke up earlier even though it was a sleep in day. so i got up and sat around for another 2 hrs and found out that it was closed. then i went to mckenna room and they were eating food so i made erin go to the grocery store w me to get food and she was good w it. when we walked back into our hotel after the grocery store, we passed the mmes going to wash their clothes. they told us they opened the door the wrong way when they went and looked this am. i had already washed my clothes in the sink though so it didn't even matter but it was really annoying because i have wet clothes now. oh well. we had to meet at the cathedral at 330 to go walk through the art museum and the archeology museum. was really boring but i liked the archeology one way better. we had free time until dinner so tia, erin, mckenna, myles and i went to a chocolate café thing. i got a brownie. we sat on the second floor and watched parade.
right after dinner we went to go find a good spot for watching the parade and fireworks. i was pretty impressed w the parade. there was acrobats and jugglers and bands and people in big dresses and costumes and even horses. we were sitting on the hill foreverrr though and my bum was getting super sore. also kept sliding down into other people slowly. the fireworks were superrrr good too. there was music and announcers saying a bunch of stuff in french. i have no idea what was being said but it's ok. when we were walking back erin and i ran because we had lots of energy but now erin's sleeping and i'm slowly falling asleep so goodnight
Erin and i skipped breakfast this am and got ready to leave hotel at 10 to go downtown. erin, mckenna and i were together and went down a bunch of streets and into a bunch of stores but i am having trouble finding things. still on the hunt for a few people but i can't find anything!! oh well, hoping i will soon. we ate at an american diner and i got a burger. was actually pretty good but idk why we ate there in france but oh well. at 1:50 we met at this place to start our tour sort of around vannes. it was reallyyy boring but we went in a cool church. after the tour a bunch of us went back to our hotel. mme martin said it was only a 15 min walk but it ended up taking an hour because we got lost. found our way back and nathan and corbin came and played uno for a bit and then i took a nap before dinner. dinner was at 8 and we ate duck. was actually pretty good and tasted like turkey.. for dessert we had tiramisu but it wasn't good...

12 July 2017

got to hotel, got settled in and went to grocery store right away. erin and i bought a lotta junk food:)))). then we went to dinner at hotel and had crappy lasagna that tasted like it came outa the microwave and chocolate mousse for dessert. then when we finished erin and i went to corbin and nathan's room and played uno w selena too. was fun but i always lose. that was pretty much it and now erin's showering and i'm chilling in bed w a towel on my head:)) goodnight
woke up at 830 this morning and went for breakfast at 9 w my sore hip. we hopped on the bus at 10 for a two hour drive to josselin. josselin is a pretty city w a beautiful castle. there's a big church right in the middle of it w some pretty cool stained glass too. we had free time in josselin for a few hrs so me, mckenna, erin, tia and mandi went for lunch at a "bistro". i had some good lasagna. then we went up the tower of the church which had a spiral staircase all the way up w 137 stairs. some people got dizzy but i didn't. then we went in the church and saw all the stained glass. then we had to meet back to go on a castle tour. it was really cool and old but i was soo bored because we couldn't sit down and my hip was bugging me and tired. now we're heading to vannes and going straight to our hotel. i'm excited to go chill out because my feet hurt and i'm tired
it was a fancier restaurant tonight and we had chicken w fries and ice cream for dessert. i didn't eat my ice cream cause i was really full. on the way back i was limping a lot and simon tried to piggy back me and carry me but it was hard cause my dress.. when we got back to hotel we played uno and i lost twice. then we went up to tia's room to try to pop my hip back in. was not successful and it's still super sore. i hope when i wake up tomorrow it's way better. goodnight
Today was a long tiring day. started it off by waking up at 830 and walking to the boat to go to dinant for the market at 9. the market was huge but i only bought a few things including a fidget spinner for 2€. then we got back around 2 and met our french friends at the beach for about 3. this time there was a girl that was born in cananda and she was soo nice and had really good english. our boys showed up later and they all played a game of "football" and kicked the europeans asses. they started to rage and get super competitive and it was reallyyy funny. some fights might've almost gone down. eventually the boys left so we did too and went and got some ice cream then back to our hotel to get ready for dinner. tia and i ran to the store undiz in our dresses which was about a ten minute run from our hotel to get some boxers. so comfy. then we ran back to the restaurant to make it there in time. on the way back i popped my hip out and now i can barely walk and it really sore.

11 July 2017

They were flipping around and jumping so high. the restaurant was in top of the wall so we were watching them from up top. one of them did a flip and i yelled down at them "woahhhhh". then we all went down and started taking to them. they spoke decent english but not super good. then corbin and i started jumping on it and stuff. we would run and then jump onto it and fly 5 feet in the air. was super cool. then i got more comfortable and decided to do front flips. i was successful, corbin was not. he kept falling on his back and stuff and it reminded me a lot of nate trying to flip (sorry nate). also i did a backflip off the top and it was really fun. we got their snapchats and are meeting them at the same place again tomorrow at around 230. can't wait to flip some more. tomorrow we're going to a big market and apparently it's supposed to be pretty good. i'm excited. anyways goodnight

10 July 2017

Today we woke up early to go on an hour hike to a forte. it was so pretty but people were really annoying because they were being loud and not enjoying it but oh well. the forte was cool but not super. Then we got back and went to the beach to play soccer. was super fun but i let a lotta goals in and simon, erin and tia were flipping out. simon and nathan saw some hot girls and went to talk to them but they spoke really fast in french so they left. later one of the girls was like stalking us and finally got the balls to talk to them again. then we all started talking and they were actually really nice. we had dinner at 8 so and it was gettin close so we had to go and we were almost late but we made it. we went to a creperie and ate chicken nuggets. kidding.. we ate crepes w ham, cheese, tomatoes and mushrooms and then crepes w chocolate for dessert. it was alright. after we had free time and saw people jumping on one of those half yoga balls. it was sooo cool!!! (next post)
mckenna and corbin came back from being in the city part and i was feeling better so i made them come w me. there's been a carousel in every place we've been so figured it was a good time to ride it so mckenna and i did. this little girl came in the same thing as us because it was a spinny thing and we weren't able to spin it v fast and i was really mad but she was cute but also annoying because she didn't talk. we went to a some shops looking for gifts to being back but wasn't superrr successful. eventually they finally made me come back and we just kinda lounged around out in the back of our hotel in the courtyard thing until dinner. we went to a creperie and had chicken and fries w a nutella crepe for dessert. i slopped my chicken stuff all over my blue shirt and everyone was calling me a slob but ye know it's the truth! After dinner we went back outside to the court yard and sat around until we had to be in our rooms by 10. now, once again i'm laying in bed writing this. goodnight

9 July 2017

when thy got bored of tanning (i never do) we decided to walk into town again and get some lunch. we found a pizzeria and place that looked realllyyyy good but i'm not feeling very good so i walked back. now i'm laying down and hopefully gonna head back out soon
Today we woke up at 8 and went and had breakfast at 9. we went and walked around this morning, going through shops, looking at things, and just walking around enjoying. we were on a mission to find the statue of jacques cartier because our teachers said if we do and take a selfie w him, we will get a prize. then we went back to the beach. earlier tia bought a soccer ball so we drew some lines in the sand and played soccer. we got tired so we went down to the water. was cold so we decided to go to the pool which is super cool cause when it's high tide it fills it up w fresh water and then the tide goes down and the water stays in it. anyways, on the way to the pool we saw a big crab that this lady was picking up. mckenna started talking to her in english and she had no idea what she was saying so we just kinda walked away. we got to the pool and went and jumped off the "high dive" right away. was sooo salty. then we got out because we were cold and tanned more.
for dinner i had bolognes spaghetti w chocolate cake thing for dessert. wasn't very good. then we got back to our hotel after walking around the wall and had free time so we went to the beach for about 45 mins. it was incredible! we just ran around, had some races, did a lot of acro and played some wave tag. the beach is down from the street so people were watching us do acro and stuff from up top. some people were even videoing us. was weird and felt like a starrrr. can't wait for tomorrow at the beach cause we get a full free day
when we got to st malo we went to our hotel, got settled in and went and had some dinner. it wasn't very good i don't think. i had spaghetti and a not very good dessert. after that we went for a really cool walk around the wall which was a wall built around the older part of the city a really long time ago. we saw more cute boys and that was nice. mckenna and i have been taking a lotta pictures together and we got some more. also there was a path that went off the actual wall part and mckenna and i wanted to go up there so we did and mme russell told us to come down and we told her we were just gonna have a peek so she let us. then mme martin followed and we continued on the path. mckenna said that mme russell told us not to go up there and martin flipped out and started running back because she didn't wanna get in trouble from mme russell. it was soooo funny. then we continued and ignored everyone underneath us and found where it came together again. also, THERES NATURAL PALM TREES

8 July 2017

when we got to mont st michel i was so excited. it was so cool and looked so majestic and enchanted. unfortunately i was disappointed because we walked up the main street so many times and walked up so many stairs so many times and now my feet hurt and i'm not happy. i was in a group w tia and erin and we wandered around the "city" for a long time and then found some shade. it was super hot and i was sweaty and sort of miserable but it's ok because tia and erin both felt the same way. we weren't even able to go to the top because we had to be w someone
lol funny story... sorta.. so i'm sitting on the bus chewin ma gum and all of a sudden i feel something really hard a crunchy in my gum. i pull it out and it's a big piece of tooth. so erin's sitting here tryna stick wax in my mouth for like 15 mins because i couldn't do it and we finally got it in but the bus driver kept looking in the mirror at us and oh jeez it was weird
Mandi and i started our day at 750 with our alarm going off. could've slept way longer but we had to pack, eat breakfast and get on the bus @9. i had the same breakfast as yesterday:)). sitting on the bus w mckenna excited to go to mont st michel!:))
when we got back, we went to the monoprix which is a big grocery store. got a huge thing of iced tea (1.5 L) and a thing of pringles and 5 packages of m&ms because they came together for 2€. when i got back to hotel, i went take a bag of and i opened 3 packages and they all fell so i ate em all. for dinner we had ribs and potatoes and apple pie. yuck. at dinner there was some nice looking boys about our age and simon, nathan and colin saw i was lookin a lil but and nathan called him over but thank god he spoke french because that was horrible. after dinner we walked around for a long time and got back to our hotel at around 10. now i'm goin bed

7 July 2017

amazing beaches!! went to juno and gold beach where the canadian and british landed. had the best time. i went in the water too far and my shorts got completely wet and it looks like i peed. was well worth it. we also watched a 360 movie that was pretty cool. can't wait for more days at the beach
today we mandi and i woke up at 840 and went to breakfast for 9. they have the best breakfasts here! like way better than in Canada. they had baguettes and cereal and coffee and juice and fruit salad and it was all really good. i had a baguette sandwich w some chicken and cheese and butter. was really good. after that, wee went up to our room to get ready for the day. i'm wearing black tank w jean shorts and some nikes. we went to the d-day museum. was really cool and sad but learned a lot and saw a lot. went through the museum w tia and erin and after that we watched and 20 min movie. ate a mediterranean baguette and some lemon sorbet and some iced tea. didn't really like the sandwich but iced tea was so good. then we went to the bunker where the germans lived. now i'm on my way to the canadian cemetery from the d-day and then to juno beach where the canadians landed from the battle of normandy.
meigan's so savage. there was a girl in the gift shop of the d-day memorial museum and they were talking in a dumb girl voice and one of them said "i'm so starving. where's the food" and meigan days w her sorbet in her hand standing right beside her "i'm so hungry" and took a big night of her sorbet. there was literally a cafeteria right up from her. after that i went and stood by her and they were talking bout her an makin fun. was really funny lol

6 July 2017

Castle was really cool today! was called the Castle of Caen and super cool. mckenna,erin, tia and i were wanting someone to take a picture and everyone was making a big commotion about who was gonna ask him to take the picture "en français" and no one wanted to and was being really stubborn so i grew some balls and asked him. as soon as i got to "eat-ce que tu" he said "ah no, i speak english" which meant he heard our huge commotion and everything. was very funny but he took some great pictures. we finished at the castle early so we had free time so me and a few girl roamed around and found an ice cream shop. i had superrrr good rocher and cookie ice cream. then we went back to our hotel for a few mins and then dinner. we went to boeuf & cow for dinner and had some chicken!! how was very good and was a cute place. chocolate cake do dessert was the perfect way to finish it off. after dinner i lead everyone home because it turns out i have a good sense of direction and now off to bed:)
right now, mandi and i are settled in our hotel room and takin a rest. 20 mins in over 24hrs doesn't do u too good... off to a castle that i don't know the name of next!! also playing some angry birds on the tv!
ate a large baguette on the plane w ham and cheese and it was sooo good
Now in paris!!! went through customs and then to the bathroom and they were super cool. then we went to go catch our bus to the train station. there was a lotta cool graffiti on the walls on the sides of the roads but it was super long to begin with so meanwhile tia and i invented things like pepper perfume and street drugs pharmacy. though a good slogan for the perfume was "add a lil' spice to your life". we laughed bout that for awhile because we thought it was funny and i also think we're over tired. on the way to the station, finally saw the Eiffel tower that i wanted to see sooo bad on the flight in. i was sitting on the wrong side:( but the other people got to see it on the other side. we got to the actual streets of paris and they are gorgeous. definitely better than i expected. also very crazy driving! our bus driver almost it like a million people. we also had a pretty cool bus. anyways, we got to the station and went to find some food and then hopped on. now on the train:))
On the flight to paris!! i was super excited in montreal and now i'm all tired and worn out. still have another full day in france and i think i'm probably gonna have a hissy fit cause i'll be so sleep deprived. i've only slept about 15-30 mins this flight and i even took a melatonin. i'm on the window seat and nathan is beside me in the aisle. he's slept so much. i've had to keep getting up because i'm bored or my legs hurt or whatever. mckenna and nathan switched spots and we watched 27 dresses i think it was called. we watched the sun rise and got a time lapse video of it. super pretty!!!:))))

5 July 2017

flying into montreal at approximately 5:43. weird going from what would be 2 in castlegar to 5 here. guess it'll be really weird when we get to france
got off the plane in vancouver and had to run to our montreal flight because our we landed after our boarding time. was a rush but we got to our gate and the flight was delayed and i was out of breath and sweaty and my legs hurt from running up stairs so thank you whoever delayed the stupid flight. we got on our montreal flight about a half hour after waiting. on our montreal flight i sat between two guys. one old cranky guy and one really nice big guy. about half way through our flight the cranky guy switched spots with corbin because corbin was across the aisle. i sat in the middle of the middle. the nice guy let us play mario kart on his nintendo switch which was really cool. played that for a while and then his thing was dying so he pulled out another board like game called TAC. super cool game, should get it. all it is is a bunch tiles that are squares and can stand up and you have to try to make a road across the 5x5 game board. right now i'm sittin by corbin flying into montreal
waiting for flight to vancouver from kelowna because our flight got canceled to calgary. Now we're stuck here waitin another hour and i am very bored. Simon has his bag of pizza and is feeding everyone. silly guy. on flight to vancouver, i sat beside jadeen ashton (chaperone) right infront of mckenna on the window. Jadeen and i had some good conversations and some laughs.