Europe · 60 Days · 33 Moments · July 2016

Cullen's do Europe!!

3 September 2016

We have been in London for the last two weeks staying with relatives from some thread. First we went out to Dorking for some English camping and Kombi outing. Their campsite is essentially a grass field at a farm but was relaxing. Most of the night consisted of holding umbrella over the fire to keep it alight. From there we went to Ealing and the autumn leaves have started changing and dropping. Squirrels everywhere!! Went to brick lane for curry, St James Park, Buckingham, Green Park, Palace, Big Ben, Westminister, Regent Park, Trafalgar Square and Camden Markets.

31 August 2016

Moulin Rouge! Amazzzzing!! Caught the late show only without dinner which seats you closer and more affordable. Recommend having dinner prior elsewhere, helps with the champagne absorption.

30 August 2016

Fancy dinner anyone? We elected to not have dinner at Moulin Rouge and just to see the show without food tomorrow night and indulge in a more affordable, more authentic and better quality fine dining which took us to the 1901 restaurant La Train Bleu. Best cut of steak in France we've had. Rate this well over the Hotel Daneli in Venice.

29 August 2016

We arrived into Paris and are staying at the Citadines Hotel in the 15th arr. I'm so glad with our searching for this apartment style room with a finally decent bed and the view of the Eiffel Tower!

28 August 2016

We arrived into Bordeaux, not gonna lie, it was scary. We were hung over and I think staying on the skirt of the town as the streets were covered with glass and ladies of the night. We ventured in to town many times but found it to have many homeless and intoxicated people and the food average. We did stroll in to the Sunday markets at the cathedral which felt safer then most areas. Many wineries we looked at venturing were closed on the Monday, then we bounced on to Paris and will save ourself for the Champagne region

25 August 2016

San Sebastián 💕 They had an unusual heat wave of 37 which was nice and warm. This town is the most bars per metre😮 Lots of food, wine, tapas, sangria in the heart of the Basque region. Clean city, gentle beach. Make sure you go up to the castle and statue of Jesus, it's worth the view. We met another young Aus couple and the drinks got the better of us

24 August 2016

We flew in to Barcelona and stayed at the Silken Diagonal Hotel which was a great hotel and had the best breakfast buffet. It is opposite the Agbar Torre (giant dildo building) and a 15 minute fairly direct walk to Gaudis San Familia. We had paella, tapas and sangria along La Rambla whilst the sun went down over the marina.

23 August 2016

On our last night in Greece we stayed back in Santorini before flying out to Spain. This time the opposite side of the island, Kamari at Poseidon Hotel. No sunset on this side but a sunrise. Still plenty of light and a flat black beach services from the hotel or can swim in the pool. Roughly $184 a night for sea view in high season, nice rooms and balcony. One mosquito ensured we were sleep deprived before the flight but still a nice hotel

22 August 2016

Regaki Boat Tours around the island. Best tour of the trip! €50 includes lunch and all you can drink on a full day island tour to swim, snorkel, see caves and enjoy Greece

20 August 2016

We caught the ferry to Paros and chatted to two Canadians the whole way over who were much like us! We stayed at Hotel Argo on the beach we was a good value beach shack/apartment. We had a balcony, pool, bar, pool tables and they services the umbrellas on the beach. Paros is much more accessible for beaches being more flat we can walk straight to them. We had dinner across the road on the beach

18 August 2016

Hotel Galini includes your choice breakfast. The jams and breads are made here and we always had the omelette with bacon, fresh squeezed juice and coffee. We are doing a lot of stairs and inclines on rugged hot ground everywhere so a hearty breakfast we are finding we need to keep us going. Little finch joined us most morning

17 August 2016

We flew from Venice into Santorini staying at Galini Hotel in Thirastephona which is next door to Thira but less people. We went for dinner 30m from our hotel at Remis where the waiter upgraded our table to a better view. We were talking to him and trying to greet and thank in Greek compared to our neighbouring American female table barking orders with no manners. It was beautiful! We had tzakiki, Greek salad and a giant squid. The food is all so fresh and made/caught here. We catched the 10pm fireworks too

16 August 2016

We went on a gondola ride which was €100 for two people, around half an hour and he was quite informative. Looked very pretty all alight, we waited until just after sun down as it was cooler and a full moon. Realising we are staying right next to the Hotel Daneli we booked dinner there after
Hotel Daneli Dinner, Was very pretty but I don't think the food quite matches the view, it is a big shoe to fill! Hit and miss with the waiters but found that all throughout Italy to be honest. Very cool to see, perhaps have a drink if not wanting to have the cost of dinner however the terrace for dinner does overlook the bay and you can see the cathedral well lit, it was a full moon and electrical storm so pretty to see.
More little bits of Venice and their shops. Murano glass everywhere, more complimentary snacks with bar drinks
To be honest we were a little sad leaving Switzerland, we had such a great time and made a lot of new relationships through Brendan's comp and we can't wait to go back. Venice we arrived to Venice and actually witnessed a horrible thing with the water taxi leaving the airport at our stop- they do pack your luggage in and they are on a tight schedule of dropping patrons off however an older lady asked the men working on the water taxi to get her luggage and they had packed soo many on top she couldn't lift them off and he simply said no times up, you can get off next stop. The lady couldn't get her luggage and then was trying to get off the boat as he ripped the boarding away and she fell on the deck hurting herself and he continued to drive on to the next stop still. Terrible sight. This is Aliguna Water Taxis.. May be worth using a private boat which is faster, open air and not packed like sardines in the heat

15 August 2016

We stayed at Hotel Savoia & Jolanda in Venice right opposite the San Marco stop. It was really nice traditional Venetian style. We liked the breakfast above the terrace (not out the front) It was quieter and less bumping, more food for us ha. We went for a four course meal at Da MAMA which was good except the steak was mooing and cold, the rest was yummy! Whole lot with a bottle of prosseco was €75.

13 August 2016

We travelled from Lauterbrunnen to Biel, staying at the Best Western Continental which I would recommend the area as it was lovely and not as tourist populated. We were staying here for Brendan's near by drift comp. Most amazing local steak speciality restaurant PASQUARTS run by husband and wife time gave us the most amazing food of our life kept warm over candle flame the whole time. It was 33 when we visited which I think was warmer then expected. Not many places were a custom to 'aircon'

11 August 2016

Switzerland was pretty amazing! We went to the top of the peak for me to see snow for the first time. A poorly timed Asian tourist was caught in our snow ball cross fire.

9 August 2016

We arrived in Switzerland! We stopped via Lake Como on the border to stretch our legs and continue our drive in to Lautterbrunnen Switzerland. Popular tourist spot in this small town, it's at the bottom of the valleys and translates I think to waterfall which many can be surrounding the town

8 August 2016

Our post hike near death dinner to recover. Would recommend our hotel - Hotel Marina. They include complimentary breakfast and lunch, coffee plus beach bag and towels. Breakfast is held in the garden on the roof with omelettes, delicious granola, coffee, sweets and pastries. Lunch is fresh baked bread, choice of pasta with pesto or bolognese and wine. Tomorrow we leave for Switzerland!
So we decided to walk to the next town... 4 mins by train. 1hour and 40 on foot up a cliff and down again!!! It nearly killed us

7 August 2016

We arrived in Monterosso in Cinque Terre and have a day planned of sun and sea for tomorrow!
Amazing cafe in Florence provided us with much needed traveller crisis food (bacon and eggs on Sunday) brilliant coffee and meals. By far the favourite meal so far! Detti Artingale near the museum highly rate it

6 August 2016

We jumped into the hire car again and set off to Florence. I prefer Florence to Rome for its cleaner city streets, shops, less buskers, nice views. We went up to Michalengelo Viewing Piazza which gives a near 360 view of the city and is a beautiful drive pass amazing houses to there. Up here Brendan and I spent some time in a Ferrari driving the hills at sunset which was like a dream for him! Ferraris... Very sexy.

5 August 2016

We went to the island of Caprii and it was by far my favourite. We hired a scooter around the island and it all felt like a dream. We went to the blue grotto cave which I would tell anyone that if they are going to the island it is an absolute must, so surreal!

3 August 2016

We arrived to the Amalfi and stayed in Praiano, a quieter town. Amazing views all round
We got the hire car and were timid about the other side of the road! Brendan got the hang of it easy and off down to Amalfi we went!

2 August 2016

Our view from the hotel and room. Breakfast also overlooks the fountain

1 August 2016

We are staying at Hotel Fontana in Rome! I love the fountain and wanted to stay overlooking it however it is very busy all hours with tourists

31 July 2016

First leg Perth to Abudahbi on Emirates! Good service and food, bit warm on the plane and absolutely exhausted by the time we stopped over
First day of our honeymoon!!

6 July 2016