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Cuisine From Around the World In Edmonton

28 January 2017

Today, Sue & I went for Vietnamese at T & D Noodle House, which is a couple of blocks from home. I had BĂșn Bo Hue (Beef brisket, pork meatballs, & pork sausage in spicy soup with rice noodles). We had some vegetarian spring rolls to share. Sue had a rice vermicelli bowl with tofu & stir fried veggies. We've decided to try a few different Vietnamese restaurants in Edmonton, to compare how they handle the same dish!

8 December 2015

More delicious Mexican cuisine from Huma! The 1st dish is the Bautizo plate. It has a variety of stewed meat dishes; it cones with tortillas of course! The 2nd is tacos but I have forgotten the variety! I'll find later! The 3rd dish is another variety plate. Again I have forgotten!

12 October 2015

This is Canadian Cuisine...kind of. These are dried Evans cherries. They are a variety of sour cherry, local to the Edmonton, Alberta, Canada area. These were dried by soaking in vinegar for 1 week. They were then buried in white sugar for 1 week. The sugar/cherries were then heated to liquify the sugar; after simmering & bringing to a boil, they are strained, seperated & allowed to cool & dry. They are delicious! They are tart but not sour; they have sweetness without being cloying! I will use them to make a European speciality: Pound Cake! I found this recipe on the site:

4 October 2015

Today, Mexico! The restaurant is Huma Mexican Comfort, in south Edmonton. The first dish is Pozole & its accompaniments. This is a flavourful soup with a broth made from many spices, chiles, & pork. The add-ons are fried tortilla, radishes, onions, Mexican oregano, lettuce, lime, & chile flakes (sometime chipotle flakes). 2nd photo shows Tacos! The lighter coloured ones are called Suadero (a braised beef recipe from Mexico City), the darker are al Pastor (these are literally Arab tacos: the meat, usually pork, is cooked on a vertical Shwarma grill with pineapple, etc just like Shwarma; on ordering, it is shaved off, & briefly heated on a flat-top) 3rd photo shows Tacos Abrogado (mixed grill tacos with beef, ham, bacon, chees, & vegies) 4th photo is more tacos. These are Tacos Suadero & Carnitas (braised pork). The flavours are truly Mexican!

6 September 2015

Another meal at Kathir: First we have Mutton Biryani with raita (stewed goat baked in spiced rice with onions & cucumber in yoghurt). A delicious & very spicy meal! Second is vegie curry with vada & idly (vegies stewed in spices with rice buns & fried savory donuts). The idly are made with a lightly fermented rice & lentil batter. The vada are made with bean flours and are tasty surprise! Third is Channa Masala & Paratha (chick peas stewed in spices with flaky fried bread). Always very good! And the bread is heavenly!

3 August 2015

South India cuisine at Kathir Food Experience 1st is idiyappam with channa masala (rice noodles with chickpeas in spicy gravy) 2nd is mutton kothu roti (flatbread chopped with goat meat, eggs, & veggies and spicy gravy & yoghurt) 3rd & 4th are meat thali (assorted meal with goat in gravy, 3 veggie gravies, bean flour cracker, flatbread, rice. In the 4th pic, there is a glimpse of a bowl under the papadam. This is SAMBHAR! It is served with almost every meal in South India. It is a kind of a soup/gravy & is often fabulous!