Cuba · 6 Days · 19 Moments · March 2016

11 March 2016

The difference between classes the hierarchy. I'm Cuba to make money you don't go to school... That is the lad thing you do. To make money here s blaster manipulation. It is hustling on another level. Hunger cntols and the lower class has the money. Studied and educated professionals turn into hostel attendees and waiters because they make more money in a day than a high paid Doctor makes in a month. It is a deliberate attempt to keep people hungry and ignorant
Yaima orozco Alían Garrido Raul machen a Leonardo García Rolando Berrio Diego Gutiérrez Trovuntivitis - mal respeto

10 March 2016

Driving through the country side at night, only one street light per every mile. The houses resemble a backlit canopy with holes punched in it. No UFOs
There is no illusion for a better life. "What's the point of going to school when you can't do anything with a degree here. Para que? That's why everyone just finds the easiest way here to get through it all.
Same lunch Man 1: "How the hell do we know that this water is even any good . What guarantee is there that this is exactly what they say it is??" Man #2 "That is why they call it ciego"
Lunch - History is painted by the colors of the painter. - "even as bad as things are, everyone here supports the revolution. We know it could be better but... It could've been worse without the revolution." My uncle and I talking to his friends about capitalism. - concept of teaching people to fish not just to give them fish - The countries destruction being the result of a controlled economy (socialism/communism). National conformity of the situation. Complete indoctrination. Government gives them just barely enough to satisfy Maslow's first need. Here's a question: How do you control a population? Answer: Give them just enough to survive but so that they spend every waking moment of their life figuring out how to eat their next meal.
Sagua La Grande - There is an intellectual and a social divide amongst the people. It isn't to the point of revolt but more a reduced sense to live. You see a common theme here in Cuba, families with members that are well in their 90s and their younger kids/siblings who stress "what is the point of living that old. They (the elderly) grew up in different times where they had reasons to live, but this... What's the point" -lady I met in Sagua with here 95 year old mother

9 March 2016

Thoughts so far - I'm just blown away with how much wealth is/was in the island. Every single building in VH with marble staircases and etched stone facades. Massive sugar factories, warehouses.. All left to rot. - I've never met a culture or been in a place were 95% of everyone I spoke with was overly friendly and helpful. - Only downside of the people here is that the phrase "Time is Money" holds not even a drop of water. There is no concept of time here... I guess that is good or bad depending on how you look at it. Definitely bad when you spend 7+ at an airport. - La VH is like a European city pero con sabor
Wednesday Visited my grandmas oldest sister in a small little town called petro betamcourt and met a lot of my extended family Old sugar producing town, decimated. Horse drawn carriages main mode of transportation
How Castro's revolution is celebrated Continuation of the revolution against Spain Che, Fidel, Cienfuegos
Crime and Poverty in Cuba
Wednesday - Road trip from Havana --> Matanzas --> Sagua Asking for directions, everyone so nice and helpful. Rare to see someone rude Ocho Vias, massive highway with barely any cars. Secret reason is that it is Fidel's infrastructure to mobilize army and heavy equiments in leu of an invasion. Airports would be destroyed first, roads large enough for landing. Barely anyone on the highway, countless of banana groves, rows of avocado trees orange trees euyucaliptos mangos sugar cane
Tuesday - Colon Cemetery - Revolution Museum - Visited my mom's family Talks about capitalism: - 51/49 split Cuban deal - time is money??

8 March 2016

Restaurants: La Bonita - Miramar $$$ - House that was renovated into a modern restaurant - Ceviche was amazing Vista Mar - Miramar $$ - house on the beach with seating right off the beach - Best octopus I have ever had El Carboncito - Miramar $$ - amazing Paladar, like all the others a beautiful renovated house - The salmon flat bread was soooo good.
Driving Down El Malecón Monday was such a beautiful day. The excitement I had, to see La Vieja Havana for the first time, I would describe as indescribable haha. The buildings along El Malecon are either restored or falling apart, yet both possessed so much beauty.

7 March 2016

Home for the next couple of days
La Vieja Havana - Architecture - European Streets - Sketchy Cigar deals - Hole in the wall Restaurant - cerveceria artisan - long talks with my uncle and his revolutionary past Next time - cigar rum bar across la aduana Che gevara photo... Next to train fero caril

6 March 2016

So since we've landed: - 1 hour waiting for our plane to dock - 2 hours waiting for our luggage - another 3 hours waiting for a car. Not to mention upon initially receiving said car it barely had any gas so the state owned rental company sent someone to grab gas... The gas station is 45 minutes away. - and to top it all off we lost the home we had rented so... Yea lol still at the airport. On the bright side the weather is perfect, the airport parking lot is a circa 1950s car show and lucky I have a suitcase full of patience complimented by a bottle of Havana Club.
The Time has finally come. 54 years since my mother was exiled from Cuba after Castro's revolution, she is finally going back. Blessed and honor doesn't even come close to describe what I feel right now as I join her on this adventure. Love you mama ;) Cellophane Wraps, 2 hours to check in, tipsy mom on a plane, Me: "Is the flight still leaving at 12:15" Cuban Flight Desk: "Yea.. More or less"