Hungary, Slovenia · 3 Days · 5 Moments · July 2017

Csongor's tour through Slovenia

5 July 2017

Wednesday Today we were a bit tired so we chosed to take a little bit mire relaxing program. We visited the Krozjak waterfall which was a bit slippy but it was still enjoyable. This is one of the waterfall which flows into the River Soca . River Soca is like a flowing stream if emerald . It cant be really written how is it look like it just astonishing. If you have the chance you must visit this river. Also this is the place where some of the scenes of the film called Narnia were shot. Lastly we visited the cenotaph of the fallen italian soldiers of Isonzo. This was built by the command of Mussolini and this is the place where 7104 soldiers' remains rest. There were three hungarian wreast at the tomb which was interesting for me first because we were the enemies of the italians in the WW1 but then i realized it just a nice honoring of our foes of the past So it was a pretty good day πŸ˜€. πŸ‘Š

4 July 2017

Tuesday We decided to go hiking . We have chisen the Sija peak which is 1890 metres high . The scebery was astonishing but the while trip was very tiring . There is not to much to talk about it it was good but a bit too cloudy . Ohh and we also came across a ton of adorable sheep and goat 😁. πŸ‘Š

3 July 2017

Monday So before we arrived to our hotel we stopped at the city called Kamnik, located in the valley of river Bristrica. In the middleage it was a trading outpost and you can still feel this medival feeling when you crossing the little roads of the town. The city has two castle : the one named Mali grad (little castle) and the other named Stari grad (old castle). Sadly we weren't able to visit this two places from the inside due to restoration workings. We took a walk in the old town which is totally recommended and we visited a temple named : Angel salutation (something like thatπŸ˜…), where Slovenia biggest organ is being held. So when the restoration works ends you should definetly check this place out on your way to Lake Bled.πŸ˜€ πŸ‘Š
Monday So our first stop during the way to our hotel was at Sempeter. We visited the Roman Necropolis which is located in the heart of this lively city. There are multiple tombstone : four big and many little ones and also a statue of a half-headed griffinπŸ˜€. The cashier was nice and helpful and she also gave us a tourist guide which explanes the signs on the tombstones and tell us about the history of the whole necropolis . So if this place is in your way you should definetly check this out πŸ˜ƒ! πŸ‘Š
So first of all welcome to my first journi ! πŸ˜€ Let's clear few things first: I am 15 years old boy from Hungary,Budapest. I have been learning english for 8 years now and I thought it would be a great occasion to practice my english skills, and sorry for my future grammar mistakesπŸ˜…. I have been in Slovenia a year ago and I absuletly loved it. The wildlife of that country is totally charming and me and my parents were amazed by it. Last year I have visited lake Bled and the Julian Alps and also the capital city, Ljubjana. Ofcourse it was amazing πŸ˜€. Now we are going to visit the Julian Alps again and spend few days nearby Lake Bled. So let's get this journy started ! 😁 πŸ‘Š