Thailand · 20 Days · 28 Moments · November 2017

1 December 2017

Last night in Thailand! Saw the BEST traffic lights and went to an amazing night market for dinner, great way to end an awesome holiday 😊
Last day on Railay and boat to Krabi!
Wildlife at Railay-a cave with bats and monkeys!! 🐒

29 November 2017

Lots of boats to get to Railay Beach! We took a big ferry, and then climbed onto a long boat and then waded to shore with our bags. A much easier place to travel with backpacks than wheelie bags!
Ko Phi Phi-the rain and clouds arrived with us, but still beautiful! We did some wandering and some diving (and the requisite meat-on-a-stick and cocktails with interesting decorations, like chilli or bacon!). And cats! So many cats...

26 November 2017

More scenes from Ko Lipe, including the 'hut' we are staying in and the boat we went diving from today!

24 November 2017

Arrived on Koh Lipe :)

23 November 2017

Day at a farm and Thai cooking school! We first visited a market, and then had a tour of the farm. Then made 2 kinds of soup (Tom yum and Tom sap), papaya salad, spring rolls, 2 kinds of stir fry (pad see ew and hot basil) and 2 kinds of curry (kao soi and green curry). Also made mango sticky rice and fried bananas for dessert. So much food, and so tasty!! A great way to spend thanksgiving 😋

21 November 2017

(More) food adventures! Including the meat-on-a-stick Paul has been eyeing since we arrived 😜
More from Chiang Mai

20 November 2017

A hike up and a bike down Doi Sethep! Was a fun day!!

19 November 2017

Some shiny temples, and interesting desserts! The kit kat wasn't good, but the other dessert was amazing! Sweetened coconut milk (with vanilla) poured over different fruits and topped with ice (cause it's hot). We had dinner with Clare's friend from UEA and after an amazing fish dinner, he took us to the best dessert place in town!

18 November 2017

New friend day!!! 🐘 These are elephants rescued from tourist places where they give rides, dance, paint and perform. The training to get them to do this is brutal, and the smallest one (4 years old) is still uncomfortable around people, but her caretakers hope that she'll recover in a year. We got to feed them, go on a little wander in the forest, and then give them a mud bath... and then rinse them off in the river! (Those pics are on Paul's camera...).

17 November 2017

Chiang Mai, eating and making friends

16 November 2017

Sleeper train from Bangkok to Chiangmai!
Petrol station for motorbikes!
Ayutthaya - and the first elephants :)
Amazing temples and ruins in Ayutthaya, capital of Ayutthaya kingdom until late 1700s. We explored on bikes, super fun. Many of the Buddha statues are missing heads (and hands) because they were the most valuable parts for treasure hunters.

15 November 2017

Thai-style BBQ! We headed out of Bangkok on a long slow commuter (i.e. 42 miles in 2 hours) train to Ayutthaya-the old capital of Thailand and capital of the (very old and long gone) Ayutthaya kingdom. Our hotel recommended a local BBQ place, Paul was very pleased-you get to cook your own meat (are provided the pork fat to grease the heated plate of course), while Clare loved her tofu and coconut curry 😋
The Reclining Buddha- they built the building around the statue! The temple complex has influences from all over the world -including Chinese statues inspired by Marco Polo (the Western-style hats!). The spires are funeral stupas for older Siam (Thai) kings.

14 November 2017

View from the top, Centra tower - Central World, Siam, including a reunion with Clare's friend from UEA!
Cross town traffic
Fresh from the train track 🚆

13 November 2017

After a day of temples and history, finished with a tuktuk to Chinatown and some interesting and tasty dinner.
After Wat Arun, we headed across the river to the Grand Palace, including Temple of the Emerald Buddha and historical royal palace. After that, we headed to the Royal Cremation, where the recent (and revered) King was cremated. An entire complex celebrating his life and achievements was built in the past year since his death ( he was cremated 2 weeks ago after a year of official mourning), not dissimilar to the temples we saw from hundreds of years ago. There was an exhibit of his life at the crematory, and many Thais were dressed in their finest clothes, and there were numerous people wiping tears from their eyes at the end of the exhibit.
Wat Arun, the Temple of Dawn. Amazing, and after a short trip down the river.

12 November 2017

Ended up having some drinks at rooftop pool in hotel, and then wandering to tasty noodle place for dinner.... and mission accomplished! Stayed awake until 8pm 😝
Wandering around, trying to stay a awake!