United Kingdom · 1 Days · 16 Moments · August 2017

Jackson Hole❤️

1 September 2017

Deep-powder Snowfields❤️❄️
Relaxation at the Four Seasons hotel is a major part of what they do.
The arches placed on the 4 corners of the town square, are formed by thousands of intertwined elk antlers, all shed by the protected herd living just outside town.
The shows at the Playhouse are hilarious.
Jackson Hole got its name from the fur trappers who used to entre the valley by descending from the steep-slopes mountains that surrounded it, thus giving the impression that they were entering a hole. One of the mountains is the iconic Grand Teton, a craggy slab that dominates the town and its surroundings. The "Jackson" comes from one of the beaver trappers, David Edward Jackson, who used to hint for the valuable skins here in the early 19th century - he was also one of the pioneers of the Oregon Trail. We watched the Old Faithful Geyser erupt with steamy hot water several times an hour.
As soon as we could we got straight to the slopes. We started on Après Vous Mountain but then we went on Rendezvous Mountain, which was surprisingly hard. On the second day, we went on a snowmobiling tour of Yellowstone National Park, where we saw buffalo, swans and wolves. Day 3 we did a guided Heli-ski trip. On the 6th day we went snowcat skiing on untracked powder which isn't accessible from chairlift or hiking.
The barbecue was Max's favourite as well as the sushi house. My fave was the thick slabs of beef that were served at Bubbas BBQ🤤😍
Me and my boyfriend, were in a cute little cafe, and a waiter was bringing us some coffee and he slipped and the hot liquids went down a poor old mans back🤦‍♀️😱😫
Dog sleds or horse drawn carriages Snowmobiles Shuttle buses🚗🚗
Visit the National Museum of Wildlife Art for stunning paintings, sculptures and photographs.
Shop for Native American jewellery, crafted by local tribal members using turquoise and lapis-coloured oyster shells.
Honky Tonks and Diners are a must😍 Lean to Two Step at the Million Dollar Cowboy Bar Catch a show at the Playhouse
Stay at the Four Seasons Luxury Hotel with ski in/out access; from £180; www.fourseasons.com
Join the locals on Sunday evenings at The Stagecoach, for a "honky tonk".