Europe · 37 Days · 18 Moments · November 2018

Cruise to Gibraltar, Spain & Portugal

18 December 2018

Lisbon today. Windy and a bit rainy. Scruffy city but still plenty to see.

17 December 2018

Took a chilly guided tour around Cadiz this morning. Somehow, the guide managed to turn 3000 years of history into a dull diatribe of facts and figures. Where were the human stories that bring history alive?

16 December 2018

A blowy day at sea!

15 December 2018

Awesome sunset as we left Valencia.
Valencia today. A beautiful and interesting city. Did a walking tour and explored the old part of the city. It'd make a great place for a city break for a few days. Will have to come back.

14 December 2018

A rather overcast Ibiza...

13 December 2018

Took a trip a few miles inland to Murcia.
Arrived in a rainy Cartagena this morning...

12 December 2018

Touring The Rock of Gibraltar.
Landed on The Rock!
Cruising between continents. Europe on the left, Africa on the right. Pretty cool! Also pretty cool, was seeing a pod of dolphins and some pilot whales on our way through the Straits of Gibraltar.

10 December 2018

Suited and booted!
Crossing The Bay of Biscay, flat calm thankfully! Helen got to the semi-finals of the shuffleboard competition!

9 December 2018

Leaving Southampton.
We're on board!
Packed and waiting for our friend Sue to pick us up and take us to the port.

8 December 2018

Just finished packing. Jeez, with 4 posh black tie evenings and 8 smart evenings, and then sight seeing during the day with pool and spa time thrown in, I've packed my entire wardrobe!

12 November 2018

We'll set sail from Southampton on December 9th.