Croatia · 1 Days · 2 Moments · August 2016

Puja Shah

Croatia #SummerOfShah

27 August 2016

Plitvice Lakes Today we drove from the capital city of Croatia - Zagreb and found ourselves road trippin down to the most visited site in Croatia: Plitvice Lakes. We decided to splurge on a convertible for Croatia driving, as the beauty is in the gorgeous drives through the valleys and shores. I think we truly got more of a tan in this few hour drive with the top down - than all year back home! We arrived at our quaint country guesthouse and were greeted by the owner, a kind woman who only speaks German - we found an adorable room with a terrace - then quickly were on our way to discover these magical waterfalls. Plitvice Lakes is a mixture of the clearest lakes you will ever mind, like a sheen of glass, with magnificent waterfalls. Our day was full of hiking, pictures of course, a boat ride, and lastly an interesting caramel ice cream. We then wandered over to the market where we bought bread, cheese, and vegetables for tomorrow's lunch picnic!
Zagreb- Croatia Day #1 We arrived in Croatia after a 6 hour train from Vienna, although it was nearly midnight we decided it was time to explore this capital city. Walking through a dark center square and a few alley ways brought us to cobblestone streets bursting with bars, cafes and enthusiastic Europeans on a Friday night. We toasted the local beer and took in the energy. The next morning was road trip time from Zagreb through the country side we go! Now all that is needed is a great car to make the ride worthwhile!