Europe, Asia, South America · 12 Days · 17 Moments · October 2016

Cristina's trip to Argentina

25 October 2016

Argentina is interesting country with a diversity of places and very big differences between rich and poor. The best description for Argentina is that is the place where we ate the best beef ( chorizo,lomo) and the lamb . I would describe Argentina as being a very good destination for gourmand people. Wines are also very good with a diversity of Malbec and Cabernet Sauvignon and for sure Chardonnay for the white wine. There is nothing so extraordinary in terms of architecture or history , argentinians being very diverse and quite a new population (500 years history) We have felt like in the '90s in Romania with a lot of old cars , garbage , construction , old street fashion etc

20 October 2016

Last thing we did was to go to the pinguins on a private island which they chose as being their natural habitat. After the visit at pinguins we came back in Ushuaia and we eat roasted patagonian lamb with a NOC Malbec wine .
Another beautiful thing to do in Ushuaia is to go with the train at the end of the world . This is an old train with steam which is going through the national park and the views are really nice.
Vize din Fin del Mundo
Beagle channel is very nice and i am very impressed by the colours of the sky and the forms that the clouds are having here. Light is also amazing ...

19 October 2016

Ushuaia este la 55 grade latitudine sudica , la fel ca north ireland sau moscova care sunt la 55 grade latitudine nordica ... curious right? Nevertheless Ushuaia is the most southern city in the world , lower than New Zealand or Australia or South Africa.
Monday evening we chose a good restaurant in Palerno SoHo , Don Julio and we drink 2 bottles of good wine and a great beef steak.
In BA we spent 3 days during which we have been visiting the city and enjoying food amd wine. BA is very different from one zone to another but the predominant image is the one with a lot of homeless people , garbage on the streets, thiefs and the street fashion that exist in Romania at least 15 years ago!! On the other hand everywhere the beef is great , their wines too

18 October 2016

Diverse pics from Ushuaia , Fin del Mundo

16 October 2016

Diverse from BA

15 October 2016

This morning it was pouring like hell still we went out with another 3 persons from the group and we started the morning by walking in Floreta area where are shops and restaurants. We stopped for 1 bottle of Malbec and then we continue to walk and finally we find the restaurant Las Churrasquitas . Beef was very good and same was the wine !
Yesterday evening we have been out for some food and we end up eating chorizo which actually is beef although i thought is kind of sausages, and drinking one bottle of Patagonia beer at 740ml?!
Galeria Pacific mall, parade at Obelisc, palacio del congresso

14 October 2016

First view of Buenos Aires from the plane

14 October 2016

After 13 hours of flight we have landed in Sao Paolo for 1 hour and then we ll head to Buenos Aires finaly The flight with Turkish was good yet not exeptionally like i have expected A bit old the furniture in the plane and it give you the feeling that is dirty Food was very good but as all the others they do not have fruits bites and wonder why....
First plane Airbus 319 , nice and smooth... Nevertheless, kids were crying and pushing from the back...luckily it was just 1,5 hours of flightšŸ˜¬ If i will be lucky in the next plane will be better than here
E 3 si un pic dimineata si am plecat spre aeroport ...incepe vacanta ! Primul segment de drum Buc-Istanbul iar apoi o minunatie de drum de 17 ore de la Istanbul la Buenos Aires! Din fericire cu Turkish airlines care arvtrebui sa fie best in class! I can t hardly wait to meet South AmericašŸ˜‰