Germany · 2 Days · 4 Moments · September 2016

Cristina's first business trip to Frankfurt!

14 September 2016

Morning View from my room

13 September 2016

Funny thing in the airplane 🙂, near me there is an asiatic couple , both of them are reading on their samsung phone and if you are looking on what they read it looks like an IT programming code . All their characters (signs) are in white on a black screen so vice versa vs us. They came with a lot of bags , God knows what they have inside . I suspect that may have diff things from the hotel 😉as the bags are from radisson.
People are such interesting and diverse creature ! Everytime when i am flying thus passing through an airport , i discover a full enciclopedy of characters , figures, vocabularies, languages.... If i would be a student at Psychology then the best place to observe human characters is here in the airport. You can see people ghat are relaxed , a lot of them are stressed or having emotions...
Morning have started with a bkfst as usual when i travel in the morning, at Brioche Doree. Coffee is good seasoned with a butter croissant. Yeah yeah i know that it s not the healthiest bkfst but it is one of my favourites!