Sweden · 15 Days · 9 Moments · September 2016

Cristina's adventure in Stockholm !

26 September 2016

Saturday 17th of Sept in Stockholm started with a nice show of guard change at the Royal Palace It continued with some nice photo session as the sun was up and the weather was perfect ! Accompany with some cider or beer or capuccino Unfortunately Teo was suffering as he could not find any Nestea or Icetea 😁 Good food , nice terrases, a lot of steps and finally the evening came and we turned to the hotel
Turkish restaurant from Friday night was very good and the chef was bringing us a lot of nice stuff to eat , anyway we were their last clients Suddenly the lady that recommend the restaurant came in and she started to tell us stories ...and we couldn t stop her 🙂

19 September 2016

Ericsson globe , coffee time, conf call time

18 September 2016

Vasa museum, Tivoli Luna park , again good food , some money waste on nothing , overall enjoyable day on Saturday 18th Sept

17 September 2016

Sunny Saturday in Stockholm!
Friday evening we have started our experience to Stockholm! We flight with Wizzair and it was incredible full plane with people of all kind ...a lot of gypsies... We have landed in Skavnska airport at 100km distance of Stockholm. The airport was so small and appeared to be quite old with a lot of old fashioned doors , cabins and so on We chose to take the Flygbuss from the airport to Stockholm cityterminal and it took us 90 min to get there. From there we took uber and it came a Mercedes E class last model so for Teo was really enjoyable It was already 11pm so we were afraid that we will not find a place to eat . We started to go around the hotel and the neighbourhood is very nice. Finally we entered in a restaurant but they said the kitchen is closed 😢 But...it was a nice lady inside which explained us to go just a bit further and we will find a traditional turkish restaurant still open at that hour. We were not very trusty but having nothing to loose (anyway it was late) we went

16 September 2016

Full moon in our first evening in Stockholm 16th of Sept 2016!
Skanska Airport - old style , at 100km distance from Stockholm

12 September 2016

Bucharest Street Food festival! 11/09 , nice event , good vibe, good food , plenty of choices for beers and surprisingly prosecco! People of all kind , different opinions ( it s too hot, it s too crowdy , we can not use cash or cards ,etc) like usual ....