Argentina, Chile · 11 Days · 17 Moments · October 2016

Cristina's adventure in Chile

31 October 2016

Premium business seat in LATAM flight to Eastern Island
Premium business seat for the flight to Eastern Island! Waw! This is nice 🙂

25 October 2016

Chilian red wine : Carmenera !
Punta Arenas is a bigger city than the last ones we visited and it seams very interesting despite the wind which is blowing heavily due to Pacific currents We experienced a nice restaurant in the evening we spent there , Sarito's Bar where we ate fish . I had a nice mackerel and octopus but also King crab is very good .

24 October 2016

Octopus and wine from Punta Arenas
Monday 24th after 10 days in Argentina and a bit of Chile we are going now for the rest of the time in Chile and we will be for one night in Punta Arenas and then going to Santiago. New exciting days will come !
Perito Moreno was extraordinary , weather was perfect blue sky and sun , the boat trip nearby the glacier was amazing as the boat was quite close to it and afterwards due to the big pieces that were melting and sinking in the water the other boat trips could not go so close . The sounds when the ice is braking and sinking in the water is something that can not be described in words: it is pure raw force of nature ! The white of the glacier was incredible due to the sun light appearing to be blue 🙂

23 October 2016

Perito Moreno glacier pics
There are two glaciers that can be visited from El Calafate : Perito Moreno and El Chalten

22 October 2016

This trip to Patagonia is giving me what i was expecting : extraordinary places and views which are exactly like i have imagined them , nice new people to socialize with , weather is great! I am happy and i thank God for everything i have and that i am healthy to continue my amazing life! I miss my son from this trip :((
Trip to Torres del Paine national park was like a dream ! Early morning the small bus came to pick up us from the "famous" hostel Nicky adventure 2 from Puerto Natales In 1 hour we have reached the entrance of the park and then we started to go to different view points . There are numerous amasing places in the park but the most amazing one was Lago Azul where the Torres del Paine are mirroring in the water if there is no wind . And it was such a condition !

21 October 2016

Pics from Torres del Paine and Lago Grey glaciar
Lago Azul in Tiero del Paine natural park

20 October 2016

Endless patagonian pampas .... Only sky and dust and wind wind wind The sky is beautiful and it is making you think on life and what s next in it ...
Today we have left Ushuaia and we are heading to Chile with first stop being Puerto Natales. We are now at the border between Argentina and Chile and beside of the fact that we were not allowed to bring any food with us and we have had to eat all of it before the custom, now we are waiting for the custom guys to come and control us but they are on strike and they work only 1 hour per day. So we wait for them to come in the next 2 hours 😢
Chile custom office