India · 88 Days · 3 Moments · July 2017

Wonder of India

5 October 2017

Navratri festival Garba, girls in colours, endless music I was treated as a VIP at Karnavati club. Everyone was getting crazy as time went late. Dancing garba seems bring them high. People seem they are proud of dancing. Atmo was very new for me at all. The last day of Navratri, I became one of members of the society. They heartily welcomed me to join the group of dance. Then I just felt that I was one of them.

18 July 2017

Cadila Dholka Campus, Gujarat, Indai I was excited when I knew a species pf chameleon inhabits in India and common in this place, Gujarat. On a day-and-day exploration, I finally found it. I know it looks pretty like lizard but this is the chameleon of India. With only half satisfaction, it is still ongoing to probe new wonder of Indian nature.

9 July 2017

Udaipur, Rajastan, India A long journey from Ahmedabad, taken 300km for 4.5 hrs, was good enough to recognize how and what India is about. It's just a good place. Ancient and modern construction, gorgeous food, exotic atmo. Only problem was endless queue of bikes and their klaxon. Yes, that's what we should get used to in India wherever. Excuse my laziness but I couldn't get through of it.