Spain · 7 Days · 8 Moments · May 2018

Crevillent, Costa Blanca, Spain

7 June 2018

Today we said farewell to our cute little cabin! We’ve had some great times but definitely time to move on! Onwards to Barcelona!

6 June 2018

Today we started off at the playground and then straight to the pool when it opened!

5 June 2018

Today we had an amazing day exploring the Castle of Santa Barbara! The castle is amazing and the panoramic views floored us, absolutely beautiful! We started down at the car park and wandered up to the first level - there are many levels/fortresses etc. We took the elevator up in the castle to the next level and then explored the rest by foot. We had a nice lunch at the restaurant which has an amazing view - it was spitting but it stopped and came out really nice. Lucas was fascinated by the arrow holes and dan explained to him how it all worked. In the afternoon when we got back we went swimming and Lucas and Indi got to play with their new friend Summer (who they both adore - a 10 year old girl from the UK who’s so good with them). For dinner we were back to the same old restaurant haha!!

4 June 2018

Today was the hottest day we’ve had - it hit about 34 degrees! We were at the pool nice and early. It’s awesome to see how well Lucas’s swimming is coming along and Indi is gaining a lot more water confidence. We stayed in the pool until about 1pm and then went to the town just down the road - we found a huge Chinese shop we’d been told about and got some water guns, stickers and things for the kids. They were stoked. We came back and went back to the pool until it closed at 7pm. Lucas is making more and more friends, it’s really cool to see. We got takeaway pizzas to take home but had a drink while we watched the kids on the playground - such big days for them! Lucas convinced us to get him a waffle but he didn’t like it ha!

3 June 2018

Today the weather was awesome so we hit the pool up straight on opening! It was a lot quieter now it’s not the weekend which is good. Lucas is loving the water and spends so much time under water! We had lunch at our usual and then came back to the room. The kids played with a water play I set them up for ages, about 2 hours! Indi fell asleep super late which was a HUGE fail! When she woke we went to join the boys down at the playground. There was a bouncy castle set up so they had a play on that - so expensive though, €2.50 each for one turn - twice the price of our drinks haha!

2 June 2018

Today the weather was pretty average so we didn’t rush out of the house! Storms were forecasted and it didn’t take long for it to hit! Luckily there’s a “mini club” so we took the kids there - although hectic, it’s heaps of fun for the kids, and I barely saw Lucas as he ripped around all there is to do - including an oversized 4 in a row game (his fave game). The ball pit etc is awesome and like lollipops back home. Lukie joined in on the games outside which was cool to watch - although no English! For lunch we went to the restaurant while it poured down - thunder and lightning too. It finally cleared for a bit in the late arvo so we went to check out the other pool which blew our mind, it’s amazing!!! This place rocks! Dinner was back at the restaurant haha! The storm was huge during the night and it rained like I’ve never seen/heard before. The thunder and lightning was intense too - the kids didn’t wake up!

1 June 2018

We have no idea why but the pools don’t open until 1030am. So we had a cruisy morning and then took the kids to the playground before the pool opened. It isn’t busy yet, apparently it gets really hectic on the weekends so not looking forward to that! Lucas is like a little dolphin and spends more time under water than on top! Indi cruises around in her ring but we were told she’s not allowed to use it on the weekend as they’re “forbidden” - we think that’s wrong. The kids tired much quicker than expected. We grabbed some lunch and then went back to our room for a while. Indi said she wanted a sleep but never actually did in the end! For dinner we went to the same restaurant... the kids played on the playground again!

31 May 2018

Today we drove to Crevillent - to Marjal Costa Blanca! Wow - we were stunned at the incredibly beautiful drive here. It was about 560kms but we saw soo much! The landscape changed completely and there were incredible national parks and cliffs, villages that were built into the clay hills and so much more. What a treat to see. We even drove up to over 1500ft! When we arrived at the camp we were quite simply blown away - it’s HUGE and the pools are incredible. And it was 29 degrees at 6pm! Our cabin is super cute although the beds super uncomfortable!! We went straight to the pool so Lukie could get his “bucket” fix. We all went for a paddle then played in the awesome playground and then grabbed a bite to eat at the restaurant which is sooo cheap! €1.50 rose and £2 corona! And food is cheap too. A great start to our relaxing few days!