Spain · 15 Days · 25 Moments · August 2016

Craig Riley

The Riley's adventure in Ibiza, Spain

15 August 2016

Last views of Ibiza town by night.
On board flying back to East Midlands.
The holiday is over! Just waiting in the hotel reception for our bus to the airport.

13 August 2016

Went snorkeling at cala longa, it had beautiful clear water and a lovely beach. The boys loved it.

10 August 2016

It's raining, it's pouring, the old man is snoring! Started raining as we left the Hippy market, jumped in a taxi, the taxi driver's ex-boyfriend was from England! A little town called Sandiacre!! She knew the Red Lion at Sandiacre traffic lights and also Long Eaton. It's a small world!!
A trip to Es Cana this morning for a visit to the famous Hippy market. Very popular, very busy.

8 August 2016

Walked up to the old church / fort through the old part of ibiza town. Great views from the top. Katrina found it slippery with her flip-flops on the granite paths and had to hold on to me very tightly.
Had a lovely lunch in ibiza town and saw some impressive yachts.
Caught the water taxi to ibiza town today.

7 August 2016

Out for a wander after dinner in Santa Eulalia.
Hit the beach today, me and the boys ventured on the banana! Quite fast, we fell off twice! Great fun!!

6 August 2016

Very good live entertainment tonight! And no need for chiminea's to keep you warm.

4 August 2016

Blue skies and palm trees! This is better than working!

3 August 2016

Off to the restaurant for a Mexican evening. The chilli con carne was delicious!

2 August 2016

Had a walk around the local area in the baking sun, then back to the pool to cool off.
Our accommodation! Glad to have the air conditioning, it's very hot!
The view from our balcony this morning!

1 August 2016

Relaxing with our first drinks.
Arrived at our lovely hotel, seems really nice, we've got a buffet at 10:30pm local time
Flying above the clouds, Alex and Charlie just finished their in flight meals.
Nearly time for take off.
A well earned cuppa after going through airport security. Boarding in 20 mins
The Riley's en-route, and the arrival at the airport, the boys are getting excited about their first flight.
Good ol' grandad offered to run us up to the airport.
Just having a bite to eat before we set off for the airport