Indonesia · 12 Days · 13 Moments · December 2015

Court & Matt's voyage in Indonesia

3 January 2016

Made the 3+ hour trek by boat to Nusa Lembongan and checked into our indo bungalow at Poh Manis at the top of the hill. Quite a trek ! The boat ride proved to be a bit warm as we sat up top and read our books... Sunscreen didn't quite do the trick and burnt my Legs to a crisp... Matt doesn't think he's burnt... Please see pic to prove oither wise! We rented a scooter from our place and trekked down the sketchiest "road" to the main strip ... Matt driving me hanging on for dear life behind. Next time we both get our own scooter Matt says. Lol. Now at Shipwrecks for some bintang, pizza, sunset and live music. These guys playing all the hits from the 60's and 70's. They are great !!
Gili Air - spent NYE here.. First had dinner at a highly recommended place "the Waterfront"... Was probably the worst meal we have had in Indo. Didn't even finish either dish. Went to Scallywags and had some wine and apps at our table on the beach. Delish! Came here again the next night for their fresh seafood BBQ. Got our dive certification Manta Dive, our dive master Jessie was from Switzerland and had lived almost everywhere teaching diving. She was great and we had a blast diving. Last day "test day" waters were quite murky with no visibility. It was a challenge but saw tons of turtles and nemos ! We stayed at Susan's Bungalow on the northern tip of the island. Great for sunsets but far from the main strip. Luckily we rented some bikes which made the trip easier. Loved Gili Air !! On our way to Lembongan now.

30 December 2015

Did some island hopping today and landed in Gili Air. We are staying here for NYE. Staying at the "Susan bungalows" on the northern tip of the island... We got a bit turned around looking for it this morning after getting off the boat... Walking around with all of our bags in the HOT heat was a test of willpower but we made it! I was not feeling well at all today so I slept most of the afternoon and now we just had some Nasi Goreng (vegetable fried rice) and some fresh juice at place along the beach.

29 December 2015

Sunsets in Gili T. At the Casa Vintage resto.
Rented some bikes on Gili T. Here we are stopping to fuel up at CasaBonita at the north tip of the island. Needless to say it's quite picturesque here !
Took the Wahana Gili Boat across from Padang Bay, after a very dodgy 120 km/hr drive in the middle of the road not slowing down for curves shuttle. The boat ride was good not choppy at all. We sat on the top of the boat and shared a bintang or two. Wondered around Gili T looking for a place to stay and found one with a pool and a little bungalow. Settled in the last room there since it was so hot and we didn't feel like walking. After a second look the place is quite dumpy and dirty. So we tougher it out last night and have since moved to a cleaner place today, the Nirwana Cottages. Just getting settled and going to find a dive company to see the fishes !

24 December 2015

Well we made it to Ubud thanks to our driver, Dewa. He was referred to us by our friends Matt and Rachel. He is a big fan of Calgary and randomly Knew some other friends of ours, the owner of caffe Beano in Calgary and is a fan of the Flames. The contrast between Kuta and Ubud is like Matt after a night of partying and Matt after a solid 12 hours of sleep. On is short-tempered, unapproachable, in your face... While the other is calm, relaxed, easy going. Kuta was hectic to say the least... Always felt we had to have a guard up while Ubud is much more relaxed... Has a hippy, yogi vibe with fresh organic food shops. Ubud means medicine in Indonesian. So we fit right in. :) the place we had rented is called Joglo Taman Sari and it's 5 minute walk from central Ubud at the edge of a rice field. We have our own little "Joglo" which is basically a little hut with a little private balcony and a pool. It's really neat and we're happy to set up camp here for 3 nights.
Here is the view from our Joglo #12... And our entrance and balcony. We are currently sitting in a little resto called "LOL" having an afternoon cocktail and snack after a 45 minute walk in the wrong direction thanks to navigator Matt. He now owes me 50000 rupiah. Happy Christmas Eve !!!
Typical Indonesian breakfast provided by our villa owner, Nengah , a cute pregnant Indonesian women and her family, at Tenang House. Fresh watermelon, papaya, and banana with Matt's favourite banana sandwich. We walked to Bene Lane cafe right around the corner for some soy lattes and capp's. Our last breakfast in Kuta before heading to Ubud today at noon for Christmas.

23 December 2015

Matt, our surf instructor Popo and I after our first lesson. A little battered and bruised from the board and I don't think there is much water left in the ocean after the amount I drank. Popo is a native Indonesian and a really good friend of ten years with our friends Brent, Sam and Derek. A great guy and we sat down with him after the lesson for some bintangs and he told us about Bali life, and starting his own business. He just bought a piece of land near Kuta and is so proud and excited about it. A great teacher as he got both of us to ride a few waves. Matt picked it up pretty quick and was showing off in no time. We're hoping to see him again before our trip comes to an end... And he's promised to take us to a mother beach with good waves and a good sunset point. Exhausted no and relaxing before we grab a bite and see what Kuta's nightlife is all about.
11am bintangs and curries at Koko restaurant. Fueling up before Popo Tomato takes us surfing. So hot. So humid.
The view from our first morning at Tenang House. Room 3 at 6am. SO Hot and humid. Going to get a coffee and walk to the beach at Legian.