7 Days · 20 Moments · April 2018

Couples that road trip together...

11 April 2018

And that my friends is a wrap! Couples that road trip together....well...πŸ˜‰
Take off was an hour late. Some of the worst turbulence I have experienced in a long time. Landed safely and Mr Malcolm Snr at the airport to collect us. Mrs Malcolm had a goodie bag ready for us to pick up and go. Home after a two week adventure of great fun and memories! Feels like we have been away for months. So much fun has been had. Going back to work is going to be a tough one.
Final day! MNG has now been away from home for two weeks. Hard to believe. We have done and seen so much and it has been wonderful. Travel musings to follow. Up and packed before breakfast at Jacksons with Nella. Nella and Tanith entertained us with their JHB food ways and we all had a lovely breakfast together with some good laughs. Home to load the bags and head to the airport. Drop off and sort out Glenda who has been amazing on our road trip. We will miss our little gold mobile. Check in and through with ease. A delay in boarding as we wait for the plane to arrive so entertained ourselves with web searches for red hockey socks and gift vouchers.

10 April 2018

Started the day with a swift visit to Dr Lambson after waking up and feeling no better. Despite it being a trip to the doctor, it was quite nice to see Dr Lambson again. She hasn't changed a bit. Am on the mend now...just a bad cold. Lunch in Parkhurst on 4th Avenue which is almost completely unrecognisable but a few places still the same. Nella made us laugh when she got out of the car and forgot to turn the ignition off! Got a pic of the Greenpark school gate which no longer displays my fingernail marks but does still warn of expert gate opening bunnies! Lunch at Espresso, coffee at Tasha's and home before the traffic. Shayne cancelled dinner plans after a crisis in the IT world so takeaways and TV was the new plan. Cuddles with Lola the Ridgeback who is pretty sure the couch is hers and not for the humans!

9 April 2018

Going to sleep with the sound of rain on the roof! Bliss! 😊
"A day at the zoo with Stan the cockatoo!" Coffee and breakfast at The Daily Coffee before taking in the sights at the zoo. Drove past Killarney Mall to get there and arrived to find a three storey car park in place of the animal brick car park I remember. Zoo was pleasantly surprising with most displays having been updated and animals moved around. Plenty of memories of zoo adventures. Malcolm ensured we got our money's worth by walking every single path and taking me to parts of the zoo I didn't even know existed! Some wonderful moments with the animals, including a baboon using a stick to scratch himself and proof that Mac is a REAL wild cat. A good three hours of fun! Home for tea and braai prep. Found an innovative taxi rank en route home.

8 April 2018

We had a slow start before attempting to go to the Fourways Farmers Market. We did a circuit of what I think was the carpark before cutting our losses and heading to Montecasino. There was also an entrance fee for the market πŸ€”. Cam had never been to Montecasino so it was fun showing him around. We had lunch "by the river" before seeking out Milky Lane for waffles. The place was busy with lots of sugared up teenagers! I then took Cam in a drive to see some of the sights. Lots is different and lots is still the same. Very interesting! Home for tea and Commonwealth Games. A fun day!
New day! New adventures! JHB here we come! All is well after some sleep. Sorry to any followers who were alarmed by yesterdays post. Sorry! Everything is ok and our holiday still has plenty adventure left! 😁

7 April 2018

Apart from Disney sing a long, not the best day so will keep it short and sweet. I was reminded in numerous ways, why I never want to live in JHb again! Wow! Going to try and make the most of the time here and end the holiday on a good note.
Cam just blew the lid off this road trip! Disney classics for me to sing a long!
Early start. Breakfast and pack. Cam to drive today because I had a bad nights sleep. Stopped to paddle in the Thukela river and find rocks. Exited park and head for Harrismith via Oliviershoek pass. Good road and very pretty with so much cosmos. Washing day in the villages we pass. Amazed to see a full dam and try to take pictures from a moving car. Find our way to Bergview one stop for petrol, coffee and stretch. Quite the stop now with numerous chain restaurants staking their claim. We got a free sample of dog food as we left which was given to us by a friendly gentleman dressed as a bunny. Who knows?! Back on N3 and played lots of games to keep Cam on track. Villiers one stop for food and to witness a full wedding party make their way through the sun tanned children searching for one last holiday sugar fix and grumpy parents counting down the seconds until school holidays are over! Clearly, the venue is the best option in town. Back on the road for last stretch.

6 April 2018

Us trying to take selfies but avoiding the fire hydrant in the background!
Decided on attempting one more walk before the day was over. May have had a small argument about maps, routes and which way to go. #CouplesThatTravelTogether. Did a few backwards and forwards routes. Walked for about an hour and then home to watch sunset. Chick and Nick at the gate waiting for their flight back to UK. Had a call from mum for a catch up. I built an epic fire just to play and Cam played with the settings of his camera while taking random pics of me.
Tea and rusks at 6am to watch the sunrise on the Amphitheatre. Decided to attempt the Cascades walk from Mahai camp. Very pretty and so many beautiful spots to sit and enjoy. Did the required paddle in the river. That water sure is fresh! Ended at the Cascades which was full of fearless children jumping off boulders into deep pools. Ambled back to the car and forgot to fill in hike register so made a deal with the guard at the gate and problem solved! Seriously warm and sunburn heat so home for cold drinks and lunch. Afternoon nap was life changing and Cam woke me to see the baboons doing their thing. Tea and biscuits after a nap is one of the best things a girl can ask for on her holiday! Cam made tea after I asked him too. Watched the mountains and changing light with some clouds building.

5 April 2018

Tea and rusks while watching the most magnificent spectacle of The Amphitheatre. Every time you look at it, there is something new and different. Imagine the events, the adventures, the moments of this landscape! The resident troop of baboons ambled past the chalet for a quiet groom in the fading sun. Spent a good half hour watching the careful grooming and playful babies testing the limits of their mothers. Cam started a braai and we watched the sun fade on the top of the mountains. Read about the many crazy adventures one can do in this part of the world and decided that we would leave those adventures to others!
Road tripping is not that bad with views like this!
View from cabin number 2....not too shabby
The "dove's tail" worked beautifully as Cam and I hitched a ride to the airport with dad in the people mover so that dad could hitch a ride home with us in our Toyota Etios. We named her Glenda the Good! Farewells to family are always hard and the car was a little quiet as we made our way out of Durban. Road very busy but Glenda held her own and kept us safe. Etagged ourselves through tolls and marked off landmarks through the Mooi River. Baked goods and coffee at Windmills stop before last stretch of N3.
To use the clichΓ©, Cape Vidal is a slice of heaven and it was made even more special by the fact that we were there with six of us - parentals, Chick and Nick, Cam and I. A full house holiday. Vidal will always be the part of the east coast which holds a very special place in my heart. Cabins secretly tucked away in the whispering Casuarina trees. Shards of sunlight reflect off the crystal ocean and break through the quiet shadows, while the never ending sound of the waves, beckons you to swim. Memories of Greener family holidays rushed back and a quiet calm seemed to take over. Many magical and laugh out loud moments. Some which will stick with me - Cam experiencing the warm Indian ocean and not even getting out at the threat of sunburn! Early morning swims. Late morning paddles in shallow rock pools. My mum and dad swimming at the same time! Watching the moon rise over the ocean. Coffee and rusks and early morning chats. Vidal! A slice of heaven!
It's been a busy holiday so far! Arrived in KZN on 28th. Said goodbye to Deebles on 29th. Chased Noah and Thea around on 30th. Chick & Nick arrived on 30th. Nate van Reenan 3rd birthday party 31st. Cam arrived 31st. Easter lunch with 11 people on 1st. Cape Vidal from 2nd to 4th. Thendele 5th. Didn't Journi Vidal but dad did. Vidal is food for the soul! Separate notes to follow.