Costa Rica · 5 Days · 9 Moments · June 2016

Costa Rica

17 June 2016

We ate crickets! Yesterday was a busy day. Zip lining, salsa dancing, cricket eating and a tour of an organic pineapple plantation. Today is white water rafting!

15 June 2016

Nature hike after lunch. More monkeys - right above us! A group of chicos from Tortuguerro village came out to play an intense game of volleyball - cabeza a cabeza - head to head - I told the Ticos they could only use their heads because they get to practice all year. I was joking but they were all for it!
Wow! Busy morning already! Boat tour through Rio de Suerte, and it was a lucky day indeed! Saw several different kinds of birds, a Cayman, an otter having his breakfasr, sloths and howler mokeys! And we haven't even had lunch yet!

14 June 2016

Arrived in Tortuguerra by boat. A 45 minute ride up a canal in the rain☔. We didn't let the weather dampen our spirits and before we reached ilan ilan hotel the sun was already back out. A delicious lunch was followed by a trip (by boat) into Tortuguerro Village for the obligatory touristing and walk on the black sand beaches of the Atlantic. This village is very Afro- Caribbean yet they speak Spanish. Amazing history here! Green Turtles and Leatherbacks return here to lay their eggs but unfortunately it's not turtle season right now. We've already spotted a couple of Toucans, Green Macaws, several crabs, the usual overwhelming number of stray dogs, an army of ants carrying their dinner back home and a tiny baby gekko. Tomorrow we take a 2 hour guided boat tour of the river to see what other wildlife we can see. Sloths seem to be all the rage with the kids so maybe we'll see one of he doesn't run away!

13 June 2016

Departing Newark... Getting closer!
We can see the trump plane from our gate. 24k gold plated seatbelts and cup holders. 'Merica!
Reece's first flight!
Hurry up and wait! All through the gate and entertaining ourselves. Loooong day ahead of us before the real fun begins.

12 June 2016

What a strange journey it has been getting us this far but we are tucked in at our hotel near the airport waiting to hurry up and wait tomorrow for our flight and SEVEN HOUR LAYOVER in Newark. Said goodbye to the US in style at McDonald's. 'Merica!