Federated States of Micronesia · 7 Days · 7 Moments · August 2015

Guam & Kosrae August 2015

28 August 2015

Last day in Kosrae! In between exit meetings, I had to take pictures of a couple of local delicacies this morning...ice srihmet, banana, lime juice. And we got to see the Green Banana Paper Factory!

26 August 2015

We finally made it to Kosrae! The Sleeping Lady welcomed us back 😊. Got to meet up with the group, then see our school gardens. Then...mangrove crab!

25 August 2015

Good morning Guam! Not that I haven't enjoyed my stay, but hopefully this is our last morning together for a while. Meanwhile, don't mind if I clear out the hotel freebies 😉

24 August 2015

Almost on our way to Kosrae. Another mechanical issue is sending us back to Guam 😣. But (!) I'm back in Business and got another warm breakfast.

22 August 2015

1.5 day pit stop in Guam, thanks to plane mechanical failure. But it turned into a great adventure -- met an uncle at Talofofo lookout, learned to weave a rice container at the Chamorro village Sunday street market, swam at the Inarajan tidal pools, saw a water buffalo at Fort Nuestra de la Soledad, and stopped by Ypao beach. Too bad I forgot to use this thing! The map would look way cooler if I remembered to post pictures at each place 😝
Island Hopper Stop #1: Majuro. Raining and I've got my nice seat, so I'm staying inside 😏
Free upgrade! Thanks United, for the big chair and fancy breakfast 😁