France, Italy, Greece · 161 Days · 63 Moments · April 2017

corrine's journi to France

26 September 2017

last night in France

25 September 2017

picturesque mount blanc region
Beaunne and Auxere

24 September 2017

lake garda
last days in Greece

16 September 2017

the gorge walk which became an assault course!! rock climbing, rope ladders and walking creaky gangplanks

15 September 2017

8 September 2017

friendly duck, he had just noises in my bag
kounas lake, we hadn't n been there for years was lovely unfortunately had a smear on my camera lens
agrypoulis springs

2 September 2017

enjoying our last few weeks

1 September 2017

beautiful boatrip along Georgopolia coast

16 August 2017

walk through the windy gorge , which was very very windy, hence the wild hair

15 August 2017

went to Heraklion for a walk around the Firtress

14 August 2017

lovely walk along the coast of Panormo

11 August 2017

10 August 2017

pool fun

9 August 2017

8 August 2017

24 July 2017

the butterfly is a swallowtail -found it referenced in our crete book

18 July 2017

more pictures if Fodele ( ribs) and my hair cut!! the sun has made me very blonde!

17 July 2017

we went to Arkdia, famous monastery

15 July 2017

butterfly in our garden

14 July 2017

We went to Fodele village, apparently Al Greco was born there, about 30 minutes from our home small museum of his works there, lots of old greek women crocheting bags for sale outside their homes

4 July 2017

3 July 2017

boat from lerepetra to chrissi island
we took a few days away oldest olive tree, over 3,000 years old east coast

2 July 2017

our british lad won the cliff diving

25 June 2017

proof of vegs sorry few pictures , not gone far this week with ear problem hopefully be out and about next week

17 June 2017

our friends daughter was in a dance show in the amphitheater in the fortress in rethymon, took us back to when our daughters were in dance shows some photos of the beach judicial festival we went to at the bottom of the island at Matala -not quite Glastonbury!,,

10 June 2017

the first two photos are the views i have from my kitchen windows when cooking -not bad !!!

7 June 2017

a lovely day at Elounda
these photos make me laugh! this was me having a paddle

4 June 2017

more of Gill and Owens visit - gill hopefully you can save from this if not will sort try and send again xxx
Robs cucumber and tomato plants are growing went paddle boarding today, our xmas present from leanne didn't get on too bad, we could stand up after a couple of dips!! rob said he couldn't believe he was balancing on an ironing board in the middle of the sea!!

1 June 2017

our front garden looking lovely robs lettuces growing will hopefully have some good shots on monday as we're off on our paddle boarding experience which the girls bought us for xmas

23 May 2017

Gill and Owens visit

22 May 2017

drove down the bottom of the island to show gill and owen stopped at Spiles, linen village then plakias on the libyan sea

14 May 2017

Margaritas villa famous for pots!

12 May 2017

our neighbours ( baa) have gone, the farmer speaks poor english so when he says mountains we're not sure if he meant mountain or heaven ?? nobody to give my good waste to now knobs look great !! Rob had them on on the first day here

9 May 2017

7 May 2017

been on a couple of walks this week -Mili gorge - old venetian mills was lovely our second walk was at georgopolias which wasn't so well signposted, 1 hour up a mountain through gorse and over stones nut fabulous views at the top of the white mountains

6 May 2017

this is the next village to us-panormo we went for a long walk all along the coast for 4 miles was lovely weather beautiful in the day and the evening tonight is warmer , we have needed a cardigan other nights

1 May 2017

Bali !

30 April 2017

Weather been lovely, but a little cloudy this morning over the hills the village is all busy getting no ready for the season the view from the harbour to the hills is where our villa is

29 April 2017

the plants are from our kitchen window, you might just spot our neighbours -baa!

26 April 2017

Arrived in crete early thursday morning weather beautiful, have swam in the sea today -was a cold but i braved it some of our plants and trees are in full bloom will send some more photos later xx

23 April 2017

long first ferry trip from Ancona, Italy to Patras Greece -26 hours! some lovely coastal views now at Piraeus, Greece waiting for the overnight ferry to Heraklion this time tomorrow we will be at our home ! looking forward to unpacking and settling in weather has been lovely, been so lucky

22 April 2017

drove from Martigues to La spezia in italy stopped off at Cannes, to see the place mum and dad stayed at 45 years ago, which had special memories for them both xx now in Italy!

21 April 2017

Long drive down to Martigues, through huge expansive fields of vines! weather remains lovely -clear blue sky's but cool wind Martigues larger than we expected but lots of Venetian type houses and waterways

20 April 2017

Arrived at Amboise, situated on the Loire valley, we walked to the town and visited the spectacular Chateau, where Leonardo de Vinci lived and was buried lovely gardens
Cahors in the Dordogne region went on a lovely boat trip along the river weather lovely

18 April 2017

First day in France, arrived on the ferry from Poole to Cherbourg then travelled down to Fougeres, a lovely medieval town weather lovely and sunny