North America · 6 Days · 19 Moments · July 2018

Corn Palace Road Trip 2018

7 July 2018

Little late on the day 2 of Yellowstone update but it's been busy and tiring! We started off the day going to the Grand Canyon of the Yellowstone. We walked down to the top of the waterfall. The walk back up was very hard, but we powered through and didn't take any breaks. We hit up artist point after and got some very nice photos of the waterfall from the other side. Thia point is called artists peak. We got to see a couple herds of buffalo as well and just sat by the side of the road taking photos and enjoying the view. Later that day we hung out on a rock beach on the shore of Yellowstone lake. It was a beautiful view with the snow capped mountains. That evening we hit up the rodeo! Bucking horse is officially my favourite sport ever. It was so amazing watching the cowboys roping cows and trying to stay on the horses! One cowboy unfortunately popes his shoulder out. All and all it was a great day!

6 July 2018

Here are the cute animal pics as promised!! This chipmunk stole my heart today ❤️
Journeyed through the west end of Yellowstone today! It was an exciting start seeing Old Faithful erupt first thing this morning then taking a short but extremely steep hike up to the out look point! Here we met a little chipmunk friend (pictures coming soon), he walked right up to us and put his little paw in our hands! He was so cute! We saw a few other of the big sight seeing attractions on the west side of the park through out the day! Over all the day was fantastic and we got to see some amazing things such as buffalo and elk (pictures coming soon!). But there were a few annoyances as well. We were stuck in traffic on the small highway due to human idiocy. When you see a bear on the side of the road you do not get out of your car! You would think this would be common sense? But no... people were stopping there cars in the middle of the road and getting out to try to take pictures of bears that could kill them... After adding an extra hr and a half to our drive, we got to the bnb
Woke up to a beautiful sunrise over the mountains this morning! It's starting to feel normal to wake up at 6am now, best way to take advantage of the day! We have a two hour drive to Yellowstone, then we are going to explore the beautiful national park!

5 July 2018

Visited the Grand Teton Mountains yesterday afternoon. They were just beautiful, I honestly could not take my eyes off of them! It was an externally beautiful national park, we drove all around and we even saw some buffalo!
Our last leg of our journey today took us to Laramie Wyoming. To get a few hours ahead on our drive tomorrow we decided to take a little drive after the game. I gotta tell you though, do not ever stay in Laramie Wyoming! The hotel that we booked (that is suppose to be open 24/7) was closed. There was a sign on the door saying they were closed at 11 and would be open again at 7. And that if you needed a place to stay try the Ramana. The even weirder part was that the doors were open but the lobby was closed and the lights were all turned off! It was ridiculous! We tried the Ramana but there was another sign on this door saying they had no vacancy! Finally we got to another motel that did have a spot for us. Though when we finally got our room the door wouldn't open!! Talk about a series of unfortunate events! Finally we got a room with a working door and are now getting ready for bed! It was quite the day for sure! Moral of the story: DO NOT VISIT LARAMIE, WYOMING!

4 July 2018

Unfortunately I did not win the 50/50 at today's baseball game, which was the Colorado Rockies vs. The San Francisco Giants. It was extremely warm before the game since we were sitting in the sun but luckily for us there was a little bit of rain as the game started. It cooled us off nicely and the cloud cover kept the sun off of us. Though near the end of the the game the heavens opened up to a beautiful sky you can see pictured below! I gotta say Denver is a really weird town. There was some gorgeous houses and parks by the botanical gardens but as we got closer to the stadium there were a very large number of homeless people on the streets. Many crowded the sidewalks near a soup kitchen that we saw as we were leaving the city. Also majority of the streets are one ways, this was confusing and it made it kinda difficult to get around the city efficiently. Favourite part was the botanical gardens for sure!
The Denver Botanical Gardens were very beautiful. We checked out the rainforest exhibit, it was very humid in there but super cool. We saw some very interesting carnivorous plants (my personal favourite type of plant) and then we stepped out to the gardens. They were just gorgeous!! I could not get enough of the giant daliahs. I was spurting noting facts the whole time and Jonesy was kind enough to let me ramble on while we strolled along.
First stop this morning was Mount Rushmore! We got there around 7:30, just before the rush. It was beautiful but a lot smaller then I thought it was going to be. We turned around the bend and Jonesy pointed it out and it was a "oh, that's it?" moment. Though at first I wasn't that impressed with the size of the monument, getting closer and really seeing it I saw that it was beautiful. Though unfinished. I learned today that they had to stop construction on the monument because they ran out of money! Originally the monument plan was to include Washington's complete upper body and Lincoln's upper chest. But now that time has passed and well they probably do have the money, they are most likely not going to change the monument because this is how people know it. Plus they would have to close it for a long time during construction.

3 July 2018

Last stop today was at the Firehouse Brewery, which I was unable to get any beer since I am not yet of age in the states :( boo! But we did get artichoke dip which was very tasty. After we settled into our hotel we watched some fireworks in the distance. There is also currently a thunder and lightning storm as well! It was really cool to see the lightning light up the sky as the fireworks were going off! The power did briefly go off back in our room but it's back on! We head out early tomorrow to see the Mount Rushmore! Waffles are first on the list though.
Wall Drugs was the next stop on the journey and I swear it had the most built up! We started seeing billboards for this attraction even while we were in Iowa so for over 350 miles we were seeing these signs advertising Wall Drugs! After we left the Corn Palace we started counting how many "Wall Drug" signs we saw before we got there. We saw over 80 billboards for this attraction within the 3 hours it took to drive there. Which I drove over 2 of those hours ☺️ So Jonesy had a feeling that it wouldn't be as great as it seemed to be built up to be, but I really hoped it would be great! Unfortunately it was not exactly as I thought. It was a big kind of department store thing full of souvenirs. So I bought a mug and we went on our way. Final thoughts: they really don't need that many signs...
Next stop was the Giant Prairie Dog! We even got to feed the little fat prairie dogs peanuts! It was so cute to see them run around and play with each other. Every so often they would push up onto their back legs and bark!
Stopped off at a look off for me to take the wheel for a little while to have the #1 driver take a quick nap. We stopped looking over the Missouri River!
Had the great pleasure of visiting the highlight of the road trip. The Corn Palace was a great success! I really really wanted to buy all of the things but realizing that I am going to be spending more money at Mount Rushmore tomorrow on yet another shirt. I was very happy with the shirt I did get. If you can't read it, it says "Got Shucked at The Corn Palace" with a picture of a corn cob on it. 🌽 "I was quite content and happy about my visit to the corn palace" - Jonesy I also got a corn mug, this trip just keeps getting better!!
Stoped for lunch at the Rowdy Hog Smokin' BBQ in South Dakota! This is state number 42 for Jonesy and state number 17 for me... I think. I had the BBQ pulled pork combo and Jonesy tried the BBQ buffet! The food was amazing and I would definitely recommend it if you're ever in Sioux Falls, South Dakota!
Took a quick little detour into Nebraska for gas. Jonesy has officially been to 41 states as of now!

2 July 2018

All settled into the hotel after a very long day of driving! I'm very thankful for Jonesy and his love for highway driving, since after just 2 hours of me driving I was already tired. We saw some interesting things today in Des Moines including a very cute barista at DSM brew coffee co. and very "unique" hairdo on the cotton candy guy at the Iowa Cubs minor league ball game (pic #6). I did buy a 50/50 ticket so I am currently checking the cubs website to see if I've won! Wish me luck! :) Tomorrow we set off to Rapid City, South Dakota. Jonesy is hoping for waffles at the continental breakfast and I'm hoping for lots of coffee!
Made it across the border! Currently driving through Michigan. Apparently in the states they use concrete for all the major highways, you learn new things every day. I also learned that you are not suppose to bring beer over the American - Canadian border. Hm...

1 July 2018

All packed up and ready for an early morning! Heading out around 5am tomorrow! I'm excited for the road trip ahead and I know Jonesy shares my excitement! Yellowstone here we come!