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2 Fast, 2 Furious, 2 Garvins

4 June 2016

That last update was from K, and this update will be the last update for this trip! It was a blast, and it will be fun to look back on these memories. For now though, stay tuned to my Journi account. I'm going to be working on a project these next several weeks, and may use Journi to log it. We'll see! -rg

3 June 2016

all journeys must come to an end, including this one. we are back in Georgia and almost home. THANKS FOR FOLLOWING BYEEEEEE
Just hit 85-N!!!! Almost there!
And we're in Alabama!!!! Awwww yeah almost home!
Wow! Mississippi has flown by! We're listening to Jim Dale's "Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire," and it's actually helping to keep us awake! We're also in this area of Mississippi that reminds me of my time in Savannah. Almost there!
made it to Mississippi! only 6.5 hours left!
while robert was at the space center yesterday, I traveled about an hour north to see my best friend Zach. I got to spend the afternoon with him and some other friends. yesterday was SO nice because 1. I got a full night's rest! and 2. I got to see some of my favorite people. now, we're about 2/3 of the way home (!!!). we are gonna try to go the whole 12 hours today. thankfully, we have Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire on CD to get us home. —Kathryn
See ya later Texas! Other than Georgia and Tennessee, I think Texas is the only other state I could readily live in! After a day off, we're gonna try to do a super stretch today and make it home!

2 June 2016

At Space Center Houston! it's SO amazing! If you ever get the chance to go, talk to Linda! She got me all set for my visit! -rg
I'm going to the Space Center. I am SO PUMPED. - Robert.

1 June 2016

Just passed Dallas/Fort Worth!
Still driving. If anyone discovers a teleport device, let us know.
"People don't realize how big America really is." And while that map is only slightly accurate (😜), America is really big y'all! I think that we are spending just as long today driving down Texas as we spent yesterday driving across half of Arizona, all of New Mexico, and some of Texas. Gotta just keep on truckin'.

31 May 2016

What a LONG day. Crossed two time zones, had three time changes (New Mexico doesn't care about Daylight savings), and drove through a big rain storm! Ready for some Tex Mex and a good nights rest.
we are still in New Mexico. it's still just desert.
gonna go visit some aliens. 👽
At a rest stop in Arizona. Lots of red rocks! I love the contrast between the reddish orange and blue skies.

30 May 2016

About to go see the Grand Canyon. Right after this pizza! - at "We cook Pizza and Pasta Grand Canyon" -rg
We've been on Route 66 for most of today. I've been shooting a timelapse of our whole drive, so there's loads more photos of it to come. Here's a few we took while stopped. It was so fun to drive through these hills!
Route 66 in Arizona.
we made it to Arizona! we are in the middle of the desert where it's HOT and I just woke up from a nap, hence my lack of enthusiasm. we're winding along Route 66 towards the Grand Canyon. —Kathryn
last night we stayed at the historic Route 66 motel in Barstow, Ca. the owners told us it's been there since the 1880s.

29 May 2016

well it only took 10 hours for me to hate the open road. hopefully a good night's sleep and Route 66 can make things a little better. —Kathryn
I'm bored, so sorry for the plethora of updates. There are currently two stars out right now. I found that exciting to think about
Sunset on the road. - rg
These hills make me feel like I'm in a full scale model train set!
Passing through Garvin California, but every sign seems to have the G missing.
Stopping in Bakersfield for dinner. And we are at the end of the valley. We're basically surrounded by mountains and it's beautiful. The pictures don't do it justice. -rg
Passed the Halos factory!!! Big GIANT box of the little things! - rg
Passed the Kraft food factory! yum! - Robert
Someone send help. Kathryn put in Taylor Swift. - rg
Just passed a farm that's a grower for Sun Maid Raisins!
"And we're off! Like a herd of turtles!" - Michael Scott We left Redding after one last service at Bethel. While I'm excited to be going home, I'm also sad to be leaving the place I've called home for the last two years. We're only 20 miles in, so we don't hate each other (yet), and the road has not become our mortal enemy. (But give it time.) We're headed to a small town outside of LA, somewhere near the start of Route 66. I'm excited to see the country (and some friends) before arriving at our final destination, and after two months of waiting, FINALLY meeting my nephew!!! (Sorry everyone. He's my favorite now.) - Kathryn (dictated, edited by Robert) *listening to Adele - Hello

28 May 2016

I was packing the car just now, and it felt a lot like my phone: "Your storage is almost full. To see what's taking up space, please go to Settings > General > Storage to manage your storage." Turned out, it was hangers. Removed them and put some of the clothes in other places and boom. We can see out the back window! Ready to hit the road tomorrow. Looks like we have an 8-9 hour drive, so I'm gonna hit the sack! more updates tomorrow! -Brobot
Well KGarv is now updating! Journi doesn't have support for multiple editors, so I hope to let you guys know who is posting! -Brobot
wassup y'all it's me. where have I been this whole time? I'll tell you. I've been working. I finished up my last day of work about an hour ago, and now we're about to pack up. robert has done a great job getting us ready to hit the road. he's done ALL the planning (other than me deciding the general route) including hotels, routes, a third thing. he has also done a LOT of packing. he turned my disaster of a room into a place where you can see the floor. big shoutout to my bro, because otherwise, this trip wouldn't be happening and it for SURE wouldn't be organized. —Kathryn
And last but not least, my walk/run down! Saw some small orange flowers, and got another look at the bridge! also, "You are Beautifu!" And, they really ought to straighten out the point of that bridge!
Pictures of the hike up to Hilltop Road. It was steep, but it felt good to get out after a day or two of packing and sitting. One more post!
Post one of two or so. Checked out the Sundial Bridge! Designed by Santiago Calatrava, the bridge was built to allow people to explore the area around Turtle Bay. Very neat! On the summer solstice, the sundial is accurate.
About to head over to the Sundial Bridge for dinner! Then hike up to Hilltop Drive during golden hour to try and get some good pics! Stay tuned!

27 May 2016

Just a few more things to pack, and a few more things to pick up from the store, and we're on the road!
Checking items off the to-do list: get car washed, vacuumed, wheels aligned. Next are groceries and "things you can't carry on a plane".

26 May 2016

Enjoyed my first In-N-Out burger today! It was pretty good! I might have another before I leave the state.

25 May 2016

Finally going to sleep after many hours of traveling and meeting kgarv's friends. I'm gonna sleep like a rock! -Brobot
I can see Mount Shasta and I want to climb it.
Just entered the great state of Jefferson, the 51st state! (Look it up. It's a real thing that's not real).
Driving up to Redding on "The 5." It's so flat and straight, I feel like I'm in Florida! Except there's mountains that have no trees.
Made it to Sacramento!!! Eating lunch with the KGarv
My view on the plane to Sacramento! Gonna try a timelapse. If it works, I'll post it somewhere and link
LAX is blowing my mind, but I found breakfast so I think everything will be okay. Also, I saw the Hollywood sign from very far away... While in the plane.
Almost missed my flight to ! And by almost, I mean I had to skip breakfast. Good thing I've got a few granola bars. Here's a picture I snapped while speeding down the moving sidewalk. #rollingshutter (or something)
About to hop on the (first) plane!

24 May 2016

Well! Made it to my gate with plenty of time to spare. Time to find a way to get a few winks in before the boarding. Which will be hard. Because the armrests don't raise up. I'll have to get... creative. Edit: I did happen to find some comfy chairs in the food court. But only grabbed an hour of sleep.
A el aeropuerto!!!! I don't even know if that's right but I'm exited!
All packed and ready to go.