Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan · 6 Days · 31 Moments · July 2016

Next stop on the Silk Road voyage:Kyrgyzstan

13 July 2016

Day 8: Saying goodbye to the stunningly beautiful Kyrgyzstan and on to Dushanbe, Tajikistan! PS: Tajik Air have the BEST inflight blankets ever.
Day 8: I presume this means: "Caution: pedestrians wearing sunglasses." Of course.

12 July 2016

Day 8: Highlights of Bishkek.
Day 8: The Burana Tower.
Day 8: The sights of Tokmok! Apparently famous for its air base, hence the jet.
Day 8: Ashu, our quaint little guesthouse in the Chong Kemin.

11 July 2016

Day 7: Evening drinks and relaxation on the terrace.
Day 7: A gorgeous walk in the mountains of Chong Kemin with an awesome picnic (I took loads of photos on my camera but only 1 on my phone, sorry!)
Day 7: Stunning scenery enroute from Kochkor to Chong Kemin.
Day 7: The sights of Kochkor. Lots of vintage cars and an awesome sweet shop.
Day 7: Mountains on the way down from Lake Song Kul.

10 July 2016

Day 6: Random Kyrgyz lobster sweets testing stages.
Day 6: The stunning Song Kul lake.
Day 6: Horse riding in Kyrgyzstan!! Best experience ever 🐎☺️🐴

9 July 2016

Day 5: Hannah got 'carrot cake'... which turned out to be lots of carrot sweets!
Day 5: Tom and Andrew's birthday with cake and candles, Kyrgyz style!
Day 5: Dinner time, yurt-style, with Kyrgyz vodka.
Day 5: Yaks, aka fluffy cows!!!
Day 5: Enroute to Lake Song Kul.
Day 5: Kochkol by day.
Day 5: The day's itinerary and an emergency sunglasses repair...

8 July 2016

Day 4: Dinner at our homestay house in Kochkor ☺️
Day 4: A brief pre-dinner mooch round Kochkor to catch the fabulous scenery in the evening light.
Day 4: Stunning scenery between Issyk Kol lake and Kochkor.
Day 4: We saw wild camels!!!!!!!
Day 4: Yurt-making fun in Kyzyl Tuu.
Day 4: Traditional lunch at a family home in Kyzyl Tuu near Issyk Kul lake.
Day 4: Issyk Kul Lake
Day 4: Enroute to Issyk Kul lake. Over those mountains is China, the Tacla Ban desert and Kashgar. Cannabis also grows at the side of the road here and no one bats an eyelid.
Day 4: Started off our day in Karakol at the Prezhevalski Garden and museum, dedicated to Nikolai Prezhevalski, a Russian explorer, anthropologist and linguist who created the first Russian-Kyrgyz dictionary and travelled many routes across Central Asia, China and Tibet. This was followed by a visit to the wooden Holy Trinity Cathedral in Karakol.

7 July 2016

Day 3: Entering Kyrgyzstan on the land border from Kazakhstan at Karkara.