North America, Europe · 20 Days · 20 Moments · June 2017

Connor's adventure in Europe

6 July 2017

Time to go hooooome

4 July 2017

We arrived in Germany today! It's super pretty so far, i can't wait to see more!
Today we went to Venice. It was so fun and amazing. We got to sing in St. Marks Basilica. I want to go back to Venice already!

2 July 2017

We went to tiny Liechtenstein on the way to Austria!

30 June 2017

Went to Zermatt today and had a fantastic time!

28 June 2017

Most beautiful place ever

26 June 2017

Paaaaaaris I love you. We saw so many things today. I saw the Mona Lisa! And the boys tried to pick up girls at the Louvre.... We didn't get our hands strung and I ate a crepe

25 June 2017

Hello France!

24 June 2017

Walking a TON today all over London. We saw so many things! Tomorrow we go to Paris!
We had our concerts today! They were at Windsor Castle and Cassiobury Park!! We also had our theatre night. I saw Lion King! It was amazing. I had a really fun day in the first official day in London.

22 June 2017

Our first day in London! We went to Windsor Castle and walked around Kensington Gardens

21 June 2017

Adventures in Minneapolis! Bryan, Caitlin, Jack, and I walked the whole entire terminal (probably twice), concluding to 6 miles in total. We spent most of our time on the moving walkways. We also met a friend, Gilmore. We aren't really sure what he was there to do. And also, they had a resteraunt and sitting areas that had ipads and credit card swipes for zero human interaction. It was awful. The layover went by really fast, and now to London!!
On our way to Minneapolis for 8 hours, and then to London!!

19 June 2017

Tonight was our Bon Voyage concert! It was so much fun. During one song, An Irish Party on a Third Class, my fellow first clarinets and I stood up in front and played a soli. And then a choir student stood and danced an Irish dance along with the music! Also, four percussionists did a little skit during our song, Danse Bohemien. It was very entertaining. Only one more day until we leave!!!! (This app won't let me upload the videos 😣)

18 June 2017

Our music books! The treble clef looks like a cactus. And i get my own stand!! Already so done with rehearsal 😴
Our jackets for the trip!
First day of rehearsal!

17 June 2017

Off to Phoenix for 3 days of rehearsing before leaving to Europe! The next three days are going to be non-stop music. I'm so very excited!
Gotta have Starbucks for the road!