United States of America · 24 Days · 61 Moments · July 2017

Connie's tour through Greece

26 July 2017

And as we all know every good story must come to an end...... What a beautiful, spectacular, amazing, unforgettable, memorable adventure this has been! Feel so blessed and fortunate this vacation came to fruition! Truly a GREAT time! Zito I Ellas!!!!!!

25 July 2017

Our last evening in this beautiful country was enjoyed with a spectacular , majestic drive with Effie to Sounio to view the magnificent sunset! And what an unforgettable sight! Truly breathtaking! What a great way to wrap up this fabulous, memorable vacation!
Enjoying a walk through Athens on our last day today. We enjoyed a delicious lunch with pretty views of the city at " The old tavern of Psaras"

24 July 2017

Visited with Theia Georgia, Vaggelitsa, Mairi, their husbands and children. Great families!! So nice to be with all of them!
Enjoyed some time in Athens, and met up with cousins Niko and Gianni and their families. It was so nice to see them and meet their children. All were so pleasant and happy we were able to spend some time together.

23 July 2017

Sunset in Loutraki, spectacular!!!!
Heading back to Athens we stopped in Korinth visited Theio Christo ( who by the way made it on the boys' savage list) Theia Sofia and little Christo, so cute! Enjoyed a delicious dinner with them in Loutraki!
Departing from Zakinthos today what a blast it's been! K. Spiro and K, Voula were sad yo see us go, fun times!

22 July 2017

Enjoyed gournipoula, kotosouvli, at a local taverna. Couldn't get enough😳it was delicious!
The color of the water was amazing! Beautiful turquoise color snd so refreshing! Everyone showed off their diving / swimming talents while jumping off the boat at a couple stopping points! Quite entertaining!
Had an awesome time on a boat excursion to the blue caves and Navagio shipwreck.

21 July 2017

Another beautiful day enjoyed by all Kalamaki beach. Spectacular, calm, crystal clear waters ..... DD otherwise known as " Skevi" caught a starfish....

20 July 2017

Enjoyed a GREAT dinner at Stavrodromi restaurant. K.Spiro ( Andys new best friend) the owner of the apartments we are staying in is a wonderful resource for us! Ate kotosouvli, brizoles, one of the BEST dinners we have enjoyed! Big John flew in and joined us. Fun evening!
Enjoying a beautiful day at one of the best beaches here in an area called Vasilikos" the beach otherwise "Banana Beach" great music, kids enjoyed water sport rides, hot sand, and of course delicious food!

19 July 2017

Enjoying the beautiful island of Zakinthos. View from apartment, so calm and pretty!
Drove to Kilini met the Prokos and onto Zakinthos on a beautiful boat with everyone!
Left the horio this morning so sad, we all had so much fun. Saw Theio Asimski on the way out, Theia Eirine, giannakai, Koromilai.... so much fun kids just loved it!

18 July 2017

Enjoyed a magnificent view of Vlahokerasia last night from Agious Apostolous.
Enjoying a beautiful, scenic route from Leonidio to Vlahokerasia. Stopped at Astros, some suntanned while the rest of the bunch feasted on the fifth meal of the day 😳

17 July 2017

Enjoyed a delicious dinner with Andys cousins at the Smyros resort. It was a fun, lovely dinner!
Enjoyed a couple hours at the beach unfortunately it rained for the majority of the day. Headed to the gym for a much needed workout and basketball!

16 July 2017

Made it to Leonidio, bumpy but beautiful ride in the mountains!
Left this morning for Spilaia tou Dirou" . Incredible!

15 July 2017

Enjoyed a ride to " Stoupa" cute little town minutes from Kardamili.
After swimming, we visited"Palia Kardamili" lots of history involving Kolokotroni. Very cool!
Enjoyed a beautiful day on the beach! Delicious lunch at " Elies". Pebble beach had fun trying to search for sphere shaped pebbles!

14 July 2017

In Kardamili, we thought Methoni was beautiful this cute little town is even more charming! So picturesque! Met Uncle George, strolled through the town and enjoyed a delicious dinner with Greek music snd lots of cats!! (Perry is adjusting well :)
In Methoni yesterday such a beautiful, clean little town. Walked around with Giagia Vassi she showed us her school, and the house she grew up in that is a bank now. Went in a fun boat ride across from Methoni it was so clear, and beautiful!

13 July 2017

Sorry messed up pictures on previous post. The heat has gotten to my head😊

12 July 2017

Enjoying refreshing water from the " vrisi"
Enjoying lunch in Tripoli at " epi dio" (x2)
Enjoying a visit with Theia Irene
The house is beautiful! The horio brought back such great childhood memories! Visited Panagia, Theia Irene came by yesterday morning she looks great! Theia Eleni came by with Nikki's children. We spent some time at the " cafeteria" with Bobby, Theio Christo and a few locals. Visited Theia Irene the house is so pretty.
Arrived to Vlahokerasia!!!! We're greeted by Theio Christo and Sofia Koromilas, Theio Dimitri & Theia Athena.

11 July 2017

The drive to the horio was truly breathtaking. The tunnel system was impressive. This country is so beautiful! Stopped at a fruit stand on the roadside purchased fruit, mom went to town with bountiful amounts of garlic and plenty of Lima beans! ( pictures on camera). Stopped at a bakery so many sweets, tiropites, and miustokouloura for me!
Left Kerkira on ferry on Tuesday morning. Our stay here was amazing! I believe the beauty of this island is truly underrated. Heading to Igoumenitsa and then off th the horio!!!!

9 July 2017

Spend the day at Prasoudi beach on the west side of the island. Pretty drive, beautiful scenery!

8 July 2017

The place we're staying in Kerkira has spectacular views the beach crystal clear enjoyed a day at the beach and Saturday night ventured to the Kentro, " the old city of Kerkira" had a Venetian beautiful ambiance truly spectacular, so quaint so beautiful. Enjoyed a " true" Greek meal. Simply an AMAZING day! So grateful the kids are experiencing all this beauty!

7 July 2017

On our way to Kerkira on the ferry so much fun the view amazing!

6 July 2017

Meteora, amazing, spectacular, truly unbelievable!!!!Visited two monasteries megalo Meteoro ( Metamorphisis) and Varlaam. Caught a bite and headed into Kalabaka for coffee, baklava snd koulourakia!
Greeted my neighborhood buddies, picked up the gals and off to Meteora!! Spectacular!
Hit the streets for a late night stroll to the new convention center, late night bite and some gelato alongside ek Mek to celebrate our birthday girl as the clock struck 12 :)

5 July 2017

AMAZING, SPECTACULAR, PHENOMENAL day at the Acropolis!!!! Truly leaves you in awe! So much history....
Off to the Acropolis!!! Passed by the neighborhood Laiki!!!! Flowers were stunning!!!!
reunion in Athens! Enjoyed dinner at Monastirski and enjoyed the views from Liksvito!!! Breathtaking!!!

4 July 2017

Passed through Monastiraki, and ended up at "Thsnassis" tavern for a bite! Great excursion!
The Changing of the Guard, so glad our timing worked out for all of us to witness. Pretty cool!
Day 2 in Athens! Beautiful warm day with a breeze so we took advantage and headed for a walk to Sinragma! First pic is of the neighborhood around Bessie's place. En route passed st. Constantine take note of detail it was truly beautiful.
First day in Athens what a hot, beautiful day! Great flight, rented van and headed to Kolonos " home sweet home" for Andy! Saw Bessie and took a walk around the neighborhood with our tour guide Andreas who reminisced of his childhood memories. Shared with us where he played soccer with his friends, his " hideaway" place when he ran from his dad when he was in trouble.... Headed to the bakery "fourno" for bread and onto the taverna to try out the infamous " tilihta"!!! On our walk back we heard " karpouzua""" over the megaphone, I hadn't heard an announcement like that for a long time! Brought a smile to my face:)

3 July 2017

Effie and Maria cane to visit us what a great time! It's been 15 years snd they both look beautiful and energetic!!!! The evening was topped with a visit from Bessie's neighbor Rita and her family!!! Such sweet kids!!! Rita just adored Chris!!!
Effie and Maria cane to visit us what a great time! It's been 15 years snd they both look beautiful and energetic!!!! The evening was topped with a visit from Bessie's neighbor Rita and her family!!! Such sweet kids!!! Rita just adored Chris!!!
Great first day!
Forgot how beautiful the mountains are! No sights of any stray dogs yet! Yikes!
Ready to cruise into Athens!
Arrived!!! First view of mountains!!!!!

2 July 2017

At Ohare ready to board for Philadelphia! It has finally hit me what I've been awaiting for so long!!!!
Off to a FUN start!
Boys can't contain their excitement!