Germany · 3 Days · 5 Moments · April 2017

Colton's tour through Germany

15 April 2017

The drive to Berlin was about 4 hours from Lubeck. We saw lots of country side with lots of Wind Turbines which account to 10% of energy in Germany.
From here we got on the bus the next morning and we're on our way to Berlin. In Berlin we got to walk around the city centre seeing all sorts of things. The TV Tower, lots of old churches, cathedrals, the Honstadt University which we saw the sight of the book burnings during the reign of Hitler. One of our churches we went in was built in the 1200's. It was so nice inside and very authentic. One of my highlights. At night we went to see the Mercedes-Benz Arena, home of the Berlin Polar Bears of the DEL.
We arrived in Lubeck and from here went and checked in. After this we started walking around the town and went to see the "Concordia Domi Foris Pax." Bikers in Germany are very pushy and believed they own the roads. We then went to the town square to shop, eat and just walk around. Very medieval feeling. For supper, we ate at the "Rahtskeller (not spelled right)" where we were introduced to Currywurst. This is a hot dog really smothered in a Curry Ketchup and was very good.
Night 1 in Lubeck, Stayed at the Park Inn, such a nice hotel. Breakfast was that of a 5 star restaurant, very comfortable beds and nice location.

12 April 2017

Paxton not knowing how to take a photo through the app