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Colorado Awaits

11 May 2018

And that's a wrap! Excited to see where my next step in life is and where it will take me. I've learned instead of saying "I wish I could do/go ....." say "I'm going to ...." and make it happen. Enjoy every day and never stop exploring because there is so much out there and so much beauty in it all. Pictures dont do justice so enjoy every minute and take it all in! Jess and I figured out if we did traveling OT we can live in every state and it would only take about 7-10 years 😉😉
Graduation day!! 2 years of hard work paid off for an awesome profession that I get to join and continue to advocate for and share with others the importance of Occuaptional Therapy. Of course my day couldn't have been complete without the bestie suprising me and showing up with some of my favorite flowers!

10 May 2018

We had class on Thursday to wrap everything up and got to visit with all of my classmates again after 4 months of being away from each other! It was so awesome getting to hear everybody's stories and experiences they had on fieldwork! We went out and went downtown with the teachers and their significant others and shared many laughs with our whole class besides 3 of them!

6 May 2018

Finally got to meet baby Levi and give cuddles to my Willow baby!

5 May 2018

Jessica and I parted ways after we left Mount Rushmore, I still had 7 hours to drive and it was already 330. As I was leaving and was seeing all the signs for "walldrug" I knew I had to do one more fun thing before I headed back to the east side of the state. So last minute I decided to detour through the badlands which were absolutely beautiful but it also put me another 2 hours behind schedule opps haha! I ended up going to Sioux falls and then got home almost at 1am.
My two favorite states (CA, CO) were right next to each other. Jess and I had to reminisce alittle about our experiences and how much we have grown as individuals and in our future profession, "we just really want to help people" 😂 It was so nice having a friend out there with me that loved to hike and do outdoorsy things with me!
Left the house by 9am and said my goodbyes. I went and met Jess in Fort Collins so we could follow each other to Rapid City! I was kinda sad when I saw the South Dakota border sign but at least I drove into some more mountains as me and jess decided to take a couple hours resting at Mount Rushmore.

4 May 2018

Last day of fieldwork called for homemade lasagna and spaghetti with meatballs and dessert was some yummy cookies!! I couldn't thank for supervisor enough for all she did for me from finding resources to help me grow in my profession to being a great a friend to talk and give me good ideas for what to see and experience. Jessica and I both got off early on our last day so we had to do 1 last hike before we had to leave the beautiful Colorado state. We went up to Horsetooth Mountain and it was alot harder hike then we thought it was going too be!! Neither of us were our hiking boots so horsetooth=1, hanna=0 I slipped on our way down a cut my finger open and of course the one time Jess doesnt have her first aid kit with one of us gets hurt 😂 I got everything packed up in my car ready to go by 10pm so when I woke up in the morning I was ready to go and didnt have to stress about it!

2 May 2018

What a great way to end my last week in Colorado!! My school districts were putting on Special Olympics but of course the rain called for a change of plans and we did an indoor Special Olympics instead! I have never seen a school community with such great support and how they all came together, going above and beyond so these kiddos would have a special day dedicated to them.

29 April 2018

I spent the morning packing up and organizing all my clothes, trying to get it to all fit! Jessica picked me up around noon and we went and hiked 2 miles at Devils Backbone and visited the keyhole that looks out Loveland! We went and got Basket Robbins ice cream and just relaxed in our hammocks by the beach the rest of the day!

28 April 2018

We drove through the mountains and went through this cool casino mt. town called Black Hawk. We ended our day adventure by going to the Red Rock Amp Theater because I told Jessica that she couldn't leave CO without visiting it!
We got a well deserved lunch a yummy pizza place in Boulder and explored downtown alittle bit before we headed up into Nederland to explore some mountain towns!
It was also very hot on this hike resulting in red shoulders and necks! It was such an amazing view of Boulder+ towns and a relief once we made it to the top!
We got to Boulder around 930 and stopped at this cute little coffee shop before we started our hike at Flat Iron in Boulder. We climbed an elevation of 1500 feet and hiked 2.5 miles. About half way before you get to the top of the Flat Iron rocks it turned to basically all rock that you had to climb and hike on! Me and Jess both had fun because it was our highest elevation hike and we got to test our rock climbing skills!
Jessica and I started our day with visiting Lyons and driving through the tiny house cabin rentals, WeeCasa!! One day I will own and live in one of these adorable houses!

27 April 2018

Jessica and myself both got off work early on Friday so we got some smoothies at Loveland Coffee and then went over to Loveland Lake and hammocked for a few hours enjoying the 75 degree weather! We ran up to Fort Collins to Horsetooth trail and then stargazed in my backyard to end our night!

20 April 2018

I rode with Jessica down to the Denver Airport to pick up her friend for the weekend and we drove into Denver afterwards and drove around down town. We needed up at Voo Doo Doughnuts and spoiled ourselves with some of the greatest tasting doughnuts ever. Technically we all got 4, but we split everyone so we got to taste them all!

15 April 2018

We then climbed up 224 steps to get to our actual hike! It was definitely worth it, we basically followed the waterfalls all the way to where they started at. When we came back and had to go down the stairs I timed ourselves and it took 2 minutes and 14 seconds to get all the way down to the bottom! We finished up at sevens falls around 11 and finally rewarded ourselves with some delicious pizza from Fargos pizza and then were headed back to Loveland by 1230!
We made it to Seven Falls by 9 am and had to be bused into this park (again we were the first ones in since we arrived right when it opened so it was just a few people making it that much more enjoyable) we rode an elevator up 300feet that was made in the middle of a rock!
By the time we got back to our car it was around 8am and the trail was just starting to get busy! Perks of starting early you beat the crowded trail times and get the whole thing to yourself!
We started walking up even higher just when the sun was coming up and found the perfect spot getting to watch the sunrise. It was honestly so worth it and rewarding.
Jess had the crazy idea of a sunrise hike so we woke up at 430 and got ready and found our first resting spot at 6am on a random big rock we climbed and just watched the sun start to come up and make the sky light (we clearly were still waking up).

14 April 2018

Practicing some more fun yoga poses and working on our balance but also just finally hanging out and taking a break from our busy day.
If you look close at the 2nd and 3rd photo, it is two camels kissing! Of course when we decide to leave and head to get some food we pull over and find more fun places to explore and to take pictures at. We took some time practice our yoga positions because we finally had found a spot that wasn't windy.
Garden of the Gods was the next stop! They are definitely something to see, how beautiful and big these rocks are!
Jessica and I planned a spontaneous weekend trip down to Colorado Springs. We rented an Airbnb house for 1 night while we spent our time exploring! We started our day with Yoga at 8 and then Starbucks at 10 and made it to Colorado springs by 12. Our first stop to drive all the way up Pikes Peak with an elevation of 14,000ft! It was cold, WINDY, and snowy but we did it!!

12 April 2018

I found out Colorada has Acia bowls and when I was on my way to get one this this puppy was just smiling away and was so happy! It was a great day!

10 April 2018

I became an Auntie finally around 9 this morning to a lil cutie named Levi David! I have to deal with pictures and videos until I finally get to meet him in May in 3 weeks!

8 April 2018

I started a 2 week unlimited yoga class at this amazing yoga studio called Om House so I did an 8 am class this morning and then went and walked at the Benson Sculpture Garden in Loveland.

5 April 2018

I went with my Supervisor OT Beth out to Colorado Theraputic Riding Center and introduced me to another way that occupational therapy can serve the population and how to use my skills within that occupation. It was awesome getting to meet all the horses at this place and I even got to observe a class.

4 April 2018

I can't believe its already mid-term for my 2nd fieldwork! Kory flew up to Denver on Wednesday and met Jessica and myself at Macaroni Grill in Fort Collins and had supper from 530 to 830pm. It was so good to see her and share our stories. Kory meet with me and my two supervisors Cary and Beth on Thursday to talk about my progress.

3 April 2018

1 April 2018

Got everything packed back up and my room semi back togethet for when I come back home in May. Mom took me to airport at 1pm in Watertown to catch my flight back to Denver at 240pm. I had to throw away my brand new bottle of hair spray that cost 20$ while going through the security (I should have known but I can blame "blonde hair" on that one) Our flight was 40 minutes late leaving so when Jessica and I made it back to Denver we gave this girl (from Sioux falls and going to college in Fort Collins) a ride up to Fort Collins. She was super sweet and so nice, her name was Josie Johnson.

31 March 2018

Willow baby was so happy I was home and i know whatever future job decision I make, she has to come with. 4 months is too long to be away from her!
Easter consisted of Aunt Lisa and Grandma coming up to our home and spent the afternoon all together. I promised Brenna that we would take some maternity pictures while I was home, so of course we wait til last minute and didn't do any pre-planning for it! They turned out pretty good for just some quick snapshots!

24 March 2018

Of course I come back to South Dakota and work for "real money" but I mainly did it so I could see my bar mom and catch up with all my customers at the Tip Top. It was Karaoke night so I stayed until close with Gail and didn't get home til 330 am! Last time I was up that late was before I left in December haha, let's just say I slept til noon the next morning!

23 March 2018

Super last minute planning but Jessica and I both flew home for over a week and will be heading back to Colorado on Easter day. We got done with work early on Friday and ran to get some Sonic before catching our flight out of Denver. It was my first time flying "by myself" (I mean I had Jess but still) it was as a little scary because I knew back home was going to be getting some nasty weather when we flew in but we were alittle ahead schedule and right when we landed is when the weather started getting bad!! My mom surprised me with Willow waiting in the car for me and I dont think I've been more excited to see my baby! 3 months was way to long to go without her!

11 March 2018

Mallory's plane didn't leave until 5:30 and you betcha we just layed in bed all day until it was time to leave to head to the airport ;) we were both so exhausted after all the driving and adventuring that it felt so good just to do nothing! I dont know what I would have done if I had to make that drive by myself so I thank for times a thousand for flying 2000 miles for me and then driving over 2000 miles with me!

10 March 2018

Jessica spent the night with me and Mallory at my place and we got up early and headed over to Estes Park and drove through the Rocky Mountain National Park. We planned to do some hiking but we actually went on a snowy day and we were not prepared for the weather (no winter coats, no mittens, and no hats) so we just stayed in the car and drove through.

9 March 2018

We only had 5 hours to drive until we reached Loveland, Co and it has never felt so good to be "home". We got everything hauled in and unpacked and then just relaxed for a few hours before we went and did some grocery shopping. We met up with my other classmate, Jessica, who is in Colorado as well for her 2nd fieldwork working is schools with pediatrics.

8 March 2018

This was the longest day of driving over 10 hours (Mallory did it all!!!)! We drove through Salt Lake City and ended our night in Rock Springs, Wyoming. We hadn't stopped for food or anything besides gas station snacks so we treated ourselves to Domino's Delivery that night at our hotel and I dont think pizza has ever tasted so good before!

7 March 2018

We stopped in Sacramento to visit my moms best friend Mary for a late supper. Mary was so sweet she order almost everything off of the Chinese take out menu haha ;) we stayed for about an hour and a half and then got back on the road to drive to Reno for the night. This had to be worst hotel we stayed at! We tried 3 different keys to get into our room and it still didn't work so the hotel worker finally got us a new room and everything seemed to be fine until.. we tried to turn the TV on and that didn't work and then we tried to flush the toilet and that overflowed everywhere, not to mention that we only had 3 towels too. We didn't get to bed that night until after 1am after all of the difficulties we ran into!
We finally got to see the San Francisco Golden Gate Bridge!! It's like all the pictures you see but definitely worth seeing in person! It was as little windy but we still made it work to take some good pictures. There are so many good look out spots too, you could spend a whole day just driving to the different photo ops of the bridge and a get a different view at each one!
From Modesto, we finally were own our way to the big city of San Francisco. The drive to San Fran was beautiful, there were huge hills that just glowed of bright green grass the entire way. Our first stop was the Painted Ladies houses which is featured in the intro of Full House where the family is sitting at the park having a picnic. We then drove down Lombard Street which is a elevation grade of 27 (at Yosemite and Sequoia there was warning signs for grades of 5 and 6!!! Major difference) I dont think I went faster then 3mph down the hill because of traffic and because of how steep it was!

6 March 2018

From Oakhurst, we drove to Yosemite National Park and the views were so beautiful! My GPS took us on all the crazy mountain side roads so we got to experience our first 1 lane road around a mountain where we had to wait about 15 minutes to be able to go through. We did some fun hiking that led us to some beautiful waterfalls. I was as little surprised that they weren't frozen over or anything with all the snow they had as well.

5 March 2018

From Sequoia National Park we drove to Oakhurst to spend the night. Trying to find our little hotel "Queens Inn by the River" for the night was a little adventure because it wasn't marked the best off the road! It was a cute, quite little Inn that has it's own winery and live music during the summer. Once we got settled in for the night we ran over to Denny's for some breakfast food and milkshakes to end the night!
We had to pull over coming up and going down the beautiful mountains to take a few pictures. The view was just breath taking like nothing I had seen before! The chain shop was just a random little building on the side of the road but was really cute to check out (chain store, small convenient store, small bar, and of course random junk all in one place).
Everything was melting at the top of Sequoia which was around 6000 feet for elevation (our ears hurt from all the elevation change). There was steam coming off the trees, making for great photo opportunities. I would love to go back some time during the summer and explore without the snow and go even further up! Honestly such a beautiful park! The trees that have black splits through them were caused by fire. When we exited sequoia, we got to witness first hand what real forest damage looked like from fire. It really changed both of our views on how precious our earth is and how we need to do our best to take care of it.
We started the day by driving to Sequoia National Park and literally saw some of the biggest most beautiful trees ever. We ended up going on a beautiful day but we still weren't allowed to enter the park without having chains in our vehicle. We had to rent snow chains from a little side shop that was selling them and then 6 miles into the park we had to pull over and were required to put them on. Definitely a learning experience for both of us!

4 March 2018

And we are off! I picked Mallory up from the San Diego Airport Saturday night at 730 and then I was able to show her around Carlsbad and the beautiful sunny California :) Lets just say our day started out pretty interesting, there was strawberries and liquid all over my car while we were driving to the mall 😂😂😂 Sunday night I said bye to Scott and Sara and Mallory and I drove to Bakersfield, CA to spend the night. We drove through LA and got to see some beautiful lights the whole way (literally packed traffic the entire time) Haha!