Canada · 3 Days · 18 Moments · August 2017

Colleen and Murd in Battery Park, St. Peters

4 August 2017

Dad got here!!! Not so sure about the fire making ability here haha
A couple of tired boys at the end of the day
Super happy to go back to Point Michaud Beach!!
Pretty happy to get a seat away from all those loud kids !!
Lennox Passage lighthouse on Isle Madame
Len losing it as a squirrel teases him lol

3 August 2017

Fire Queen!!
Hike around a couple of trails near the ocean with my boys.❤️️
Went back to the site for a BBQ lunch! Len was happy!
Two more tall ships in the canal when we got back. Hoped to see one arrive full sail but no such luck!
Best day at Point Michauld beach says Murd!!!
Canal walk and saw first tall ship docking.
Nicholas Deny museum and hiking trail

2 August 2017

Campfire last night before the neighbours got crazy!
Dinner at Chubby's. Long wait but good food, including deep fried pickles and....deep fried cheesecake for dessert!!
I sent Lil M to buy two bags of firewood and told him to carry one bag back at a time. He came back to the site and said I need the car because he can't carry them back. No wonder...neither could I!!! $5.00 a bundle and cut on site!! We'll be having a great fire tonight. 😂
There is a Flicker nest in the broken off tree and a baby (or a few taking turns possibly!?) keeps popping his head out and cheeping! Easiest to see in third shot. My hubs will get a great pic on Friday:)
Our campsite for the next three nights listening to the Atlantic Ocean's waves near St. Peter's Canal! 😊❤️️