Canada · 8 Days · 65 Moments · August 2017

Colleen's tour through northern New Brunswick

16 August 2017

Miramachi Bridge
Good bye Val Comeau

15 August 2017

Wild and stormy night! The campground is partying for Acadian Day, fireworks going off all over, and I fell asleep on the beach at 10pm escaping the noise. Woke up at 2 am to pouring rain and ran back to the tent.
Phished another bird out of the bushes at the campsite!!!
Tons of houses were decorated and people were saying "Bon Fete" all day.
Had fish and chips at Acadia's answer to Lic a Chick! Chain of five in the area I think!
Went to the Marine Center and Aquarium instead!
Leaving the Islands. Gulf of St. Laurence on one side and Bay of Chaleur on the other.
So disappointed the bird sanctuary was closed because of the Acadian Fete:(
Phished a warbler!!!!!
Peat moss protected area with bogs and marshlands.
Several bird observation areas with info panels. Best viewing is during fall migration.
Lighthouse toyr. You can see Gaspe in the distance over the Bay of Chaleur.
Miscou Island tourist info with a book exchange:) Traded 3 in!

14 August 2017

The sound of waves on the beach on a dark warm summer night:)
Campfire and site
Stroll around the camp grounds this eve
Tent site and view of the Ocean 20 steps away
OMG a scallop burger! Haven't had one since Universite Sainte Anne!!
Eek River on the Acadian Coastal Drive looking at the Bay of Chaleur
The smell of my hiking boots drying in the back of the car is really bad after being closed and sitting in the sun for 30 mins...
On the way back to Campbellton on the way to the Acadian Isles. Stopped at McDonald's for wifi

13 August 2017

Me and my shadow checking out the campground and river.
Fantastic little room with a wooden shower, free DVDs (cause there's no cable), and a fabulously private and clean TOILET!!!!!
The weather is battling! Front, back then side views.
Goodbye Mt. Carlson. Solar powered!!!
There's Mount Carleton and the others! Drying up fast and the sun is out. Crazy mountain weather:)
At the top of the highest mountain in Eastern Canada! It's foggy and getting ready for a 2 hour downpour with thunder moving in, over and away. The trail down turned into a stream and I squeezed water from my socks at the bottom....Glad I had my poncho:)
The hike up to Mount Carleton...I took the steep way up. Rock climbing literally in places lol

12 August 2017

Just stopped the park guys and asked when generator shut down is....,11:00pm!! It's 8 at National parks. I have a headache. Decided to join em and am listening to a Gladwell podcast out loud on my phone...interesting look at racial bias and nobody heard a thing lol
Grilled baby potatoes and marinated peppers this eve. It was super good or I was starving lol
Skies are clearing (I hope) but no cell service here so no hubs chat tonight. And BTF I could go on and on about dogs, generators and loud country music lol
Hike to Williams Falls Trail
Views from around the park. It is huge with several connecting lakes in a valley surrounded by mountains!
My. Sagamok
Campsite ftn. Okay. The people across from me have a camper with an outdoor generator. An a barking dog...and two squeaky kids....All I can hear is the drone of the generator and them loud talking because of it for crying out loud. Chalet room tomorrow:) *Grandparents, two women, one man and two children across the way...Never tent camping near campers again.
Lots of trees and maybe a clearing sky heading into Kedgewick
Sugarloaf covered with fog on the way out of Campbellton

11 August 2017

Dinner at T-Bar restaurant
Sugarloaf Mountain!
Sitting back at the site and a Park attendant I've waved at a couple of times stopped and gave me a pin "just for me". He then came back 5 mins later with a window sticker, flags and some tattoos! 😀
Hiked the number 5 trail this afternoon and a bit of 6 !
Hiked this beautiful stream and waterfall trail in Gaspesie today:) Birds and a babbling brook the whole way. Loved!
Stopped at an info center run locally by volunteers because the government won't pay for the official site to operate! Got some great info on Gaspesie!!
Visited The Battle of Restigouche National Historic Site and unlocked the camera feature for my National Parks app! One feature is unlocked for every site visited.
In Quebec!!! I need a golf cart lol
Stopped for a view of the river on the way to Quebec!
Views in downtown Campbellton. The city is much larger than Sydney! Always thought these northern towns were small for some reason? There downtown has two bustling streets!

10 August 2017

Campsite night views.
Hiked the White Pine Trail this evening after a couple of glasses of wine...not sure if wine and hiking mix lol
I was initially disappointed in the site but the washrooms/comfort station is awesome!!
On the way into Sugarloaf via Campbellton.
Checked on Kouchibouguac National Park on the way to Sugarloaf...beautiful but full. Maybe next year..
Got new shades in Shediac:) as well as coffee...lost mine in the shuffle but found them later...

9 August 2017

Sunset from my campsite:)
My bag broke:( Gonna hit some Guy's Frenchies tomorrow on the way to Sugarloaf tomorrow. :)
Port Elgin.... liquor store, no wontons, no coolers or wine, warm egg salad sandwiches with no salad...folks were nice but didn't know about zippo or any type of fire starter lol
Got my tent set up on the beach on Provincial Campground. Wind was blowing like crazy and my tent was blowing everywhere! It flipped once and I had to load my stuff in there. Got four fly bites during set up :(
Hello New Brunswick!!
A Cows Ice Cream cone on the way to the Island!
Hoping to get on the one o'clock PEI ferry😬
Last vehicle to get on the ferry!!! Yeah!!!
Len really wants to come with us:(