North America, Australia and Oceania · 51 Days · 54 Moments · September 2017

Colin's voyage in United States of America

13 November 2017

Day 51/52 - Fling Home These final days were spent in a plane flying through the sky to get home. It was a long flight that I questioned if it would ever end but it did. Once Home I finally realized why I had no money after seeing what I brought. :-)

12 November 2017

Day 50 - Los Angeles to Home Today was it, it was the last day of this massive journey. And it all finished were it started in West Hollywood/ Beverly Hills. Spent the day hanging out with Jackie before finally taking off to make my way home.
Day 49 - Orlando to Los Angela’s Today would have to be the worst today in travel history. 1. Got dragged into the customs questioning room and questioned for an hour about my travels and why I was alone. 2. Got taken into holding when the alarms at the airport went off due to a battery explosion. 5 hours later the airport reopened. 3. Flight was delayed 6 hours and I didn’t get to LA till 135am. 4. They went through my bags and broke my bag and its locks. 5. My travel card has decided to stop working. :-( I think it’s time to come home. :-)

10 November 2017

Day 48 - Coco Cay Today was another beautiful today in the Bahamas. The water was crystal clear and the heat was on. Today I took a self guide walk around the private island and then went up Sky High to check out the surroundings from up above. It was stunning. Today was my last night on the ship, and a stunning night it was.

8 November 2017

Day 47 - Nassau Today was our first stop on the ship on a island in The Bahamas. It was a beautiful location. I spent most of my time at Atlantis, before doing some shopping and then heading back onto the ship. Once again a towel animal had been left for my enjoyment by the cleaner. :-)

7 November 2017

Day 46 - Majesty’s Cruise Today I was in the middle of the sea, with no where to go and nothing really to do. So I just chilled by the pool and worked on my tan. At night the ship had two shows which were very average. Once I got back to my room the cleaner had made me a cute towel dog.

6 November 2017

Day 45 - Majesty’s of the seas - CRUISE TIME Today I boarded a boat and headed across the sea toward The Bahamas, Jamaica. It’s my first time on a cruise and is a very weird feeling and adventure to be on alone. But I’m sure I will find my groove at some point.

5 November 2017

Day 44 - Orlando Disneyworld Double park day. Epcot and Hollywood Studios. Today was an early start to get both parks done. Both were not as good as the days before as a lot of the attractions and rides where closed due to maintenance or replacement. I did however make 2 new friends, and had a ball hang with them. So all in all it was a fun last day in the world of Disney.

4 November 2017

Day 43 - Orlando Disneyworld Today I went off and explored Animal Kingdom. It was a beautiful place with stunning islands/zone that really captivated the cultures and the animals. There was so much to do here and the Pandora Avatar World was stunning at night too. Today was a lovely day!

3 November 2017

Day 42 - Orlando Disneyworld Today was Magic Kingdom day. Another day full of smiles and happiness in the magic that is Disney. It was another amazing day, riding rides, see parades, dancing in the streets and to top it all off the ‘Dream upon a Star’ fireworks display. The best part of the day was having lunch in the Beast Castle. With the be our guest dining service.
Day 41 - Chicago to Orlando (Disneyworld) Today was another long travel day, only long made by my delays and shit airport control. Once I had arrived safely I headed to Southern Nights to dance my night away with Paul. But while I was there I run into Nathan, a friend from back in Melbourne. :-)

1 November 2017

Day 40 - Chicago Today was another cold and wet day in Chicago with a temperature of 3 degrees. I started with a walk around the street checking out the street art in town. Then the rain came, so I raced back to the hotel to change before heading back out to see Hamilton! Which I must say was one of the greatest pieces of theatre that I have ever seen and watched. It was totally amazing!!!
Day 39 - Halloween Night Today I got to experience first hand what Halloween in America is all about. I witnessed the true art of trick or treating and topped it off with the number 1 parade in Chicago. Boy do the celebrate it well and the effort the go to with costuming, it was crazy!!!

31 October 2017

Day 39 - Chicago Today the temperature was a freezing 2degrees! So as you can imagine my first task was to get to the shops and buy some more layers. Once I had some more coverings I went off on my second Segway tour for my trip. It was a great way to see the land marks of Chicago. After the ride I then ventured through Millennium Park and climbed up the Skydeck, checking out the stunning views of Chicago.

30 October 2017

Day 38 - New York to Chicago Today was a very long travel day, only because the flight was delayed for 4 hours due to weather and technical difficulties. Once I arrived in Chicago I start to experience a new temperature! Which was freezing!!! But there was a stunning view from my apartment window. But before I could go to my room I had to vote for the pumpkin decorating competition.

29 October 2017

Day 37 - NEW YORK (final day :-() Today was a miserable day. It was super cold and flooding rains which meant that I spend most of the day in bed, because you just couldn’t get anywhere. Even the subway entrance was flooded. Mind you this didn’t stop me from seeing my final show on Broadway ‘Charlie and the Chocolate Factory’. This was a very high energy great show, and I got to see Christian Boyd on stage (I’m in love). Also got to watch the show from the sound desk, oh the people you meet in NYC!

28 October 2017

Day 36 - Brooklyn/New York Today was another lovely sunny but cold day. I used the beauty of the morning to take the chance to go to Brooklyn and walk across the Brooklyn bridge. After a pit stop at Carols Bakery (the same shops and business that is from the TV show Cake boss) I continue my track back into Times Square to see Prince Of Broadway, which was like a review show with some amazingly talent stars in it. It was a clever piece of theatre. After the show I walked over to the Empire State Building, where I climbed up 25 flights of stairs, because I didn't want to wait in line to see he spectacular night views of New York and it's surrounding areas.

27 October 2017

Day 35 - New York exploring What a magical morning wake up I had this morning, with the sun rising beautifully over the buildings. It was a lovely way to wake up, before heading to the overly crowd Subway. It was then time for our Gossip Girl tour, which took us to some of the sites from the TV show. After the tour (which we left early from) we went to Central Park for a walk through the beautiful park. It was such a lovely day. We visit the pond, carousel, the mall, Bethesda Terrance and fountain, Alice in Wonderful and the strawberry fields. That night I continued the magic by seeing Anastasia the Musical. Which was an excellent piece of theatre, that I throughly enjoyed.

26 October 2017

Day 34 - New York exploring Today the weather was freezing but thankfully there was no rain. It was also the day where I finally had success on the subway. Managing to get myself all the way to visit the 9/11 memorial, which was beautiful and touching. After that I adventured to the TOP OF THE ROCK to check out the view of the Rockafella building. I stopped off at Union Square and Lincoln Centre. Tonight's musical was 'A Bronx Tale' which was another marvelous piece of theatre, with an amazing male cast.

25 October 2017

Day 33 - Exploring New York Today was another exploring day, but today there was no rain, just a little on the chilly side. It was an early start today, as I was meeting up was some on the Contiki crew to go on a tour of the Liberty Statue, Grand Central Station, Rockafella and a grove lunch at Ellen's Stardust diner. A restaurant where people sing and dance while you eat, what more could anyone want.

24 October 2017

Day 32 - Exploring New York Today was my first full day in New York, and I got a true taste of the weather (rain, rain, rain). It poured nearly all day and night but that didn't stop me. I started off with a Sex and The City tour seeing all the sites of the tv show and movies. That night I met up with some of the Contiki crowd for dinner before heading to the Brooks Atkinson Theatre to see WAITRESS, it was an amazing musical which had me crying through Act two.

23 October 2017

Day 31 - Washington to Philly to New York (Day 14 Contiki - last day) Today was the DREAM COMES TRUE DAY! I finally reached New York, something I have waited on for a very long time. And I already love it. But before I got here, I stopped off in Philly and ran the steps like rocky and ate a famous cheesesteak sandwich (nothing to get exited about). Once we got into New York I said farewell to my Contiki family as my adventure now started on it own. I started with a bang! Taking myself to see my first broadway show SCHOOL OF ROCK.

22 October 2017

Day 30 - Washington Exploring (Day 13 Contiki) Today was a slightly later start as I gave myself a sleep in. But once I was up it was all a go. I started off visiting the White House, which really is just a big fancy White House. Then headed to the Newseum before going on a Segway tour around Washington Mall.

21 October 2017

Day 29 - Exploring Washington (Day 12 Contiki) Today was a massive day as I had organized myself a massive to see list. I started off at the museums visiting the National, American, Hirshhorn and Zoo. My favourite was the Hirshhorn, which was a modern arm and sculpture museum. That night I took myself to a hockey game at the Capital One Arena at the conclusion of the game I headed to "Shenanigans" to party with my Contiki family.

20 October 2017

Day 28 - Raleigh to Washington (Day 11 Contiki) Today was another travel day as we heading to Washington DC, the capital of America. On arrival to Washington we headed into the Arlington National Cemetery. Once at the hotel we had a Pizza buffet for dinner and then headed off on a night tour of the city itself. Afterwards we headed out to "Mad Hatters" nightclub.

19 October 2017

Day 27 - Savannah to Charleston to Raleigh (Day 10 Contiki) Today was a massive travel day. With a big pit stop in South Carolina town, Charleston. It was a lovely and beautiful day to get off and spend some time walking around looking at the building and town monuments. We then continued to drive to Raleigh for a group buffet dinner and then a night at the games centre, playing arcade games, mini golf and go karting.

18 October 2017

Day 26 - St Augustine to Savannah (Day 9 Contiki) After a short bus ride we ended up in another new town 'Savannah'. It was a beautiful, peaceful, clean town that had a nice vibe. I visited Forsyth Park, Monterey Square, Madison Square, Chippewa Square (Forest Gum set - Life is like a box of chocolates), Riverfront Plaza and so much more.

17 October 2017

Day 25 - Daytona to St Augustine (Day 8 Contiki) Today was a sad weather day, with massive winds and rain. Our early more parasailing was cancelled so we just headed straight to St Augustine, which is infact the oldest town in America. The town itself was very old fashion and mainly all about pirates as it was discovered by them. As this was only a 5 hours tour day I raced around town trying to get as much done as possible seeing the forte, Ripleys Believe it or Not, Pirate and treasure Museum, Flagler College and Pumpkin Church. Once all my sight seeing was finished I meet the group for dinner at A1A.

16 October 2017

Day 24 - Miami to Daytona Beach (Day 7 Contiki) Today was another long driving day, but today we had an awesome stop off at the Kennedy Space Center. It was an awesome experience visiting the centre and exploring more about what I know about space travel and space. Tonight was another group dinner at Sloppy Joe's.

15 October 2017

Day 23 - Miami Beach (Day 6 Contiki) Today was a self explore day. I started of with a group of Contiki people doing a bike tour around Miami Beach. The coolest stop point was 'The Holocaust Memorial'. That afternoon I went off to the DragBrunch event, explored the craze behind Miami Beach, once I had showered off the sand it was time for our Contiki Party Cruise. It was a fun event in the Contiki schedule and was another great night of dancing.

14 October 2017

Day 22 - Orlando to Miami (Day 5 Contiki) Today was another long travel day as we left Orlando and made our way to Miami. Once arriving in Miami we started of with a Thriller Speedboat Adventure, cruising the waters and exploring the port of Miami, mansions of the rich and the famous Miami Beach. That night we had a group dinner at Moreno's Cuba and went dancing at Mangos. It was so much fun dancing with the locals and the Contiki family.

13 October 2017

Day 21 - Orlando (Day 4 Contiki) Today was a chill day in Orlando. I started off the morning exploring Universal Strip and a bit of shopping, before heading back to the hotel for some pool time. Before heading out to dinner and a trip on the Coco Cola Orlando Eye!

12 October 2017

Day 20 - Panama City Beach to Orlando (Contiki Day 3) Today was a massive travel day. We heading the 6.5hr trip all the way to Orlando. Highlight of my day was my massive cookie (classified here as a small). Once we arrived at our hotel I had a quick sit by the pool, before heading to Southern Nights a local drag club, were I met 'Roxy Andrews' from Ru Paul's Drag race.

11 October 2017

Day 19 - New Orleans/Mobile Alabama/Panama City Beach (Contiki Day 2) Today was a massive travel day. Stopping off in Alabama, best part was the accents they have, could listen to them all day. We arrived in Panama City Beach in the late afternoon and headed down to the beach for a swim before dinner. Headed to Hofbrau Bier Garden for dinner, I got entered into an America trivia quiz, where I only knew the answers to questions related to baseball (random) and music. That night we just heading back and had drinks on the beach.

10 October 2017

Day 18 - New Orleans (Contiki Day 1) Today was the first day of Contiki, I met the new crew and my room mate Alister. In the morning I headed off with a few of the new crew to check out the 'Garden District'. Afterwards we joined on with everyone to explore the SWAMP land on Airboat adventure tours. That night we also did a Ghost Tour around the French District. Before heading out for a bit of a dance on Bourbon Street.

9 October 2017

Day 17 - Exploring New Orleans Today I played a real tourist and got my map and walked 17km. It's a pretty awesome place, very artsy and colorful in places. While on my self guided walk tour I visited Jackson Square, St Louis Cathedral, Conga Park, The French Quarter and so much more. Also saw two random parades that just strolled down the street throwing beads at you.

8 October 2017

Day 16 - Las Vegas to New Orleans Today was a travel day. Twi flights, one to Houston and then onto New Orleans. First flight was horrible, lost my seat, no room for my carry on and everyone was hung over or still drunk. Second flight was so quick I don't even know what happened, apart from the fact that I nearly missed it.

7 October 2017

Day 15 - Exploring the strip Today was a quite day, as we headed down the strip to the Marvel Comic interactive museum. Then that night we headed to The Mirage to watch LOVE the Beatles Curque du Soleil show. Which was fabulous.

6 October 2017

Day 14 - Grand Canyon and Celine Dion Today could go down as one of the best days in this trip to date. First off we started with a Helicopter tour of the Grand Canyon, flying over the Hover Dam, Boulder, Eldorado Canyon and South Rim. Then landing in Grand Canyon West for a picnic lunch. That night I scored myself a ticket to watch Celine Dion in her 1060th show at the 'The Colosseum, Caesars Place'. She was amazing, I laughed, cried (a lot) and was very entertained. It was an AMAZING day!

5 October 2017

Day 13 - Exploring Las Vegas Today was an unplanned day. We figured out the bus system of Vegas. Went to the local DFO, explored the strip, went on the High Roller Big Wheel and watched the Mirage Volcano eruption.

4 October 2017

Day 12 - San Francisco to Las Vegas Today was an early morning start as I drove for the last time in America. We then flew to Vegas. I spent the afternoon getting lost in my hotel (it's so big and confusing) and exploring the strip before heading to our first show, MJ live. Vegas is certainly going to be an interesting place to explore tomorrow.

3 October 2017

Day 11 - Exploring San Francisco Day 2 Today we did more walking (up and down, up and down) and took a ride on an old school cable car (pretty much the same as a tram). We visited Alcatraz, which was awesome, the audio tour was very interesting and great to follow. I finished my day with another long walk to a lookout. But let's just say I'm over the hill walking. San Fran was a pretty place, but other than that it has not been one of my favourites.

2 October 2017

Day 10 - Explore San Francisco Today we did a sightseeing Hop On and Off tour around San Fran. Seeing all of its beautiful sights while also doing an incredible amount of walking (so many hills). The main areas of the visit were Golden Gate Bridge, Alamo Square (where they film Full House), Pier walk and Lombard Street.

1 October 2017

Day 9 - Anaheim to San Francisco Today was a travel day a very long travel day. I drove 416miles (670km) all the way to our hotel in San Fran. The roads were rocky, long and the scenery didn't change one bit, was so glad to get off the road I was exhausted!!!

30 September 2017

Day 8 - Theme park wrap up. Today was our last day at Disneyland. So we just did a bit of everything and finished what we hadn't done. It was super crowded today which made for a very long day. We also waited for 2 hours for the fireworks, which were then cancelled (so annoying) due to wind.

29 September 2017

Day 7 - California Adventure Land Today was another massive theme park exploring day. Completing the whole Adventure Park in one massive 14hr day. The highlights of the day were The Screamer and Guardian’s ride the amazing theatrical musical FROZEN and the Colour my World light show. Yet again Disney you couldn't wipe the smile off my face, but boy my feet are sore.

28 September 2017

Day 6 - Disneyland Park Today I was like a kid in a candy shop! Everything DISNEY! One life dream finally came true. We explored the Main Street, downtown Disney, Tomorrowland, Fantasyland and Mickey's Toontown. Riding on rides like Finding Nemo, Buzz Light Year, Star Wars, Guardians of the the Galaxy, Tea Party, Matterhorn Bobsleds and much more. Also met the famous Mickey Mouse! It's was just one of those great days in life! Nothing but happiness! Especially when the parade started, I was in heaven!!!

27 September 2017

Day 5 - LA to Anaheim (Disneyland) Today was mainly a traveling day trying to figure out the stupid freeway system that America have. It's very stressful and confusing! Before leaving we did manage to make a stop off at Warner Bros Studio where we took a studio tour, had a photo on the Friends set, the stairs of Full House and the stairs that Joey fell down. It was great to get behind the scenes and see how it all unfolds.

26 September 2017

Day 4 - Griffith Observatory and Santa Monica Pier For our final full day in Hollywood we finished it off with some local site seeing, some highway driving (a lot of getting lost) and some extra guests tagging along, Margaret and Barry! Was a lovely catch up day with some beautiful views.

25 September 2017

Day 3 - Universal Studios Hollywood LA Today was a massive action packed day at Universal Studios. We visited and rode on The Transformers, The Mummy (which we got stuck on and had to get the emergency crew to get us off), Jurassic Park, Despicable Me Minion Mayhem, The Simpson Ride, Live Studio tour, Harry's Journey and Flight of the Hippogriff. We also watched the live shows; Animal Actors and Water World, while running into some great characters along the way.

24 September 2017

Day 2 - Exploring LA Today we visited the gardens on Beverly Hills and Hollywood Boulevard. Touring the famous Dolby Theatre (home of the Oscars), visiting Madame Tussaud's and lunch at The Hollywood Hard Rock Cafe.
Day 2 - Madame Tussaud's Hollywood When you can't see the stars for real you go for the next best thing. To add to the adventure we also watched a 4D action movie to top it all off.

23 September 2017

Day 1 - Melbourne to LA (West Hollywood) Today was a massive day, with a huge 14.5hr flight, learning how to drive on the other side of the road and trying to navigate around without a map or working phone. We also did some walking around exploring Beverly Hills and the local Westfield. Now we are currently relaxing in the hotel. I think an early night is needed to catch up on some much needed sleep.