United States of America · 5 Days · 15 Moments · October 2017

Colin, Chris, and Kevin Crush Bryce and Zion

16 October 2017

"The right to Roam"
"It's beautiful. You can't even see it all in one eye stare" - Kevin Hennigan

15 October 2017

Arrived at Bryce "North" campground. Site #100. Set up the tent, and went to the general store for $3/8 minute shower. Chris took 3 showers in those 8 minute. Ate cured meat, cheese and carrots for dinner. Burned a ton of wood. Temps dropped to 14F overnight. I loved the Bryce campground. It's how national parks should be. Roll up. Grab a site. Grab a shower. Then freeze your balls off.
Trekked the 6 miles / ~1000' out in 2:15. Arrived back at the car where we enjoyed a corona, cheese, sausage, and snacks for lunch out the back of the car. Set out for Bryce but got hung up on Cedar Creek while getting gas. Alcohol store was closed on Sunday, so settle for 3.2 beer. Almost all of the pizza joints were also closed, so we settle for some C- pizza from the only place that was open.

14 October 2017

Spent the night at Site 9. Two rounds of tuna mac for dinner. Went for a night hike to summit the ridge out the back of our site. Gave up about 40% of the way there and took in the stars. Met a slimy bee-like bug who provided us with hours of entertainment. Used tree closets for dressing and organization of personal effects.
Rolled up to the Kolob Canyons visitor center. We peacocked our gear as we packed in the parking lot. Walked 6 miles off the Lee Pass trailhead to site 9. Had lunch on a sunny rock by the creek. Saw a tarantula swimming (dying) in the creek. Made camp then set out on a short hike to Kolob Arch and found a icy pool in the stream for a dip. Whiskey was consumed.

13 October 2017

Post west rim hike low battery life restricted photo documentation. Hopped on the shuttle back to the visitor center, sitting never felt so good. Once reunited with the Outback we drove back to Hi Road campground. Chris wanted to listen to Nickleback but was out voted for London Calling. "Nickleback is the most under rated band" - Shrimpton Back at the Hi Road site we set up the fire, showered up, cracked some beers, and prepared the brats. Three dogs ended up in the dirt. Fortunately we split wised the dirty dogs and Kevin pointed out if you just rinse them they are back to how they were straight out of the packaging. With full stomachs the crew decided to hit the hay early before our day in the back country.
Took a bus to west rim trail head. On the way, there was a guided tour, but all the sights were out the left window. Hiked ~2 miles to Angels landing - a narrow strip jutting out into the Zion canyon. The trail we super narrow - requiring one to hold onto a chain. This made for queues in the narrow parts. Got stuck behind Jordan "The Train" Butler (nickname given to him by Big Booty Judy). Hiked another 3 miles to the top of the ridge for PB and J on tortilla. We almost gave up, but an enthusiastic hiker pumped us up and we kept on going. Kevin somehow slipped in two more convos on blockchain. The descent was tiring on the legs but this was made easier by harnessing a hyper-efficient method for taking switchbacks in which the hiker pivots on the inside leg, and opens their body to the turn. Found a lost sole, also.
5:15 wake up call to drive to the visitor center to get a backpacking permit. Arrived at 6:10. We were second in line. Third in line showed up at 7:45. Made coffee to pass the time. Met Blake (drove from Vegas from an Analyst conference) and Esther (solo road trip). They def banged later. Our Park ranger Suri could not be charmed. Nor was she very helpful. Breakfast (sausage and eggs) at the AMAZING visitor center picnic table. Swarmed by bees. Packed up and grabbed a shuttle.

12 October 2017

"What part of the cow *does* pork come from?" - Colin
Arrived in Zion. South entrance was a cess pool. Moment of panic when all the campground we called were booked. Found a lovely spot at the Hi Road Campground near the east entrance. Selecting a spot was a bit of a debate (picnic tables, sand, water, children - all infinitely better than one another). Finally got spot C in the primitive section. Cooked chicken and steak kebabs over the fire. Got blasted.
"Nickleback is an under-rated band" - Christopher Shrimpton
Car ride from Denver to Zion. Pit stop in Moab. Coffee at Wake and Bake, drafts at Moab Brewery. Great conversation (lot of block chain, *not* ancient aliens) Kevin took a bus for 2 hours, flew across the country, drove 12 hours and was still in the USA.

11 October 2017

Kevin lands in Denver! Colin and Chris go pick him up. We all crush a 12 of corona while Kevin does hear show + tell. Early to bed for 5:30 departure.