Australia · 5 Days · 6 Moments · January 2018

A home away from home

18 January 2018

Today was the last day at Inverloch, we had a morning swim, played with bubbles, had a bakery lunch and then it was time to head home. It was a great few days, loved spending time back in inverloch but even more so with my two besties and there amazing families.

17 January 2018

Today was the last full day in Inverloch. We started the morning with a walk down to the surf beach before heading bank home to wash our newly collected shells. That after we headed down to Eagles Nest. That night we had a baked potato feast, a night walk and played Balderdash.

16 January 2018

We finally had some beautiful weather today so we were able to adventure out a little bit more. We started with a morning play at home, before heading on a trip down to the park. After a quick play we went for an ice cream, before heading to the beach. That night I took the girls for a walk before us adults play ‘Entertainment Trivia’.

15 January 2018

Today started with a morning walk before the rain came. Before a quick shop in Wonthaggi. This afternoon we went for a play down at the beach, where the girls tried there new kites. That night us adults played Articulate and drunk a few beverages.

14 January 2018

Today was a beautiful day, started off a little cold and then warmed up. I took a morning walk along the beach before everyone arrived then it was party time. The girls had a ball playing with each other in the backyard, we cool a Mexican feast and then walked Lola to sleep, I look a little drunk in the group pic.

13 January 2018

Today I travelled down to the old family holiday destination “INVERLOCH”. So much as changed since I was last here. I walked down to the beach and into town before having a pub meal. I also visited the Jetty and the old beach house, which looks just like old times.