United Kingdom · 8 Days · 6 Moments · August 2016

Gail and Kevin at Coedllys country house

17 August 2016

Day 4: practical hands on training making beds and cleaning bathrooms. Val said the shower door we did was the worst she had ever seen! Booooo and Kevin throws Gail under bus! Then we went to feed the sheep and Jason the alpaca then we walked the woodland circuit and got bit by midges. Finally we took Val to dinner in Laugharne. Keith had you work unfortunately.
Day 3: woke up early and watched Val cooking a fry up. Lots of tips learned! Made good friend with max the donkey and Emma alfie and Calvin. Poor Val's hornet stings are achy and itchy and her meds make her groggy, but she still teaching us so well! There are Germans arriving tomorrow so I can go down and watch Val make scrambled eggs. Keith made a delicious salmon Wellington today, with cheese sauce and cauliflower in white sauce and some kind of veg mash. Val has been giving us two chocolate bars with our toasties at lunch since yesterday!

12 August 2016

Day 5: emotional goodbyes and tenby. Val told us we had become forever friends and Keith said though he never says this to anyone, he is going to miss us. 😢 we miss coedllys too. So it was on to tenby. GPS lousy so had to rely on road signs and Kevin's memory. Who know that combination actually works! Walked round and round tenby from about 10 to 6. Weather was really nice if windy. Came back and crashed.

10 August 2016

Day 2: learning all about nasty customers and the importance of being vigilant and hearing lots of case studies! Important lessons learnt: always give customers a little wine in a glass to taste, before putting the full glass. AND smiling is illegal, can bill em for getting rid of the smell and also kick em out. Keith made a delicious lamb shank today and Gail made friends with more donkeys and ponies. There was lots of reading and studying tonight!

9 August 2016

Day 1: We left Cardiff at 1345. It was a fairly uneventful drive until we got to the last fork in the road and Kevin drove past it, insisting it was a field not a road lol! Here we are now! In heaven! We had coffee and Welsh cakes with Val, then went walkabout for a bit before a great dinner of meatball ragout and pasta seasoned with scintillating conversation with Keith and Val finished off with profiteroles. They used to both be police officers, assigned to the protection of the royal family. And they are wonderfully charming hosts! Then off to our gorgeous room to bed!
Day 2: I woke up to the song of the waking countryside. What a delight! Then we had a delicious breakfast. Truly the loveliest poached eggs ever!