Panama · 11 Days · 18 Moments · December 2014

Cody and Bethany's trip to Panama

21 December 2014

(Part I) Sunday we decided to make our way to the beach! People told us it was a 45-minute walk to the beach, no big. We hiked up into the jungle and found a lovely place to eat called Coco Hill with THE COOLEST Aussie lady ever. Delicious vegan organic food, most of which she grows herself! Then we continued into the jungle...and Clay found another adorable puppy. Oh yeah, and I'm slightly allergic to mosquitoes...eventually those bites formed a solid raised triangle on my leg, couldn't even tell they were separate bites! Sorry mom!

20 December 2014

Saturday was another traveling day, Volcán to Davíd then Davíd to Almirante by bus for 7 hours (very twisty turny, Bethany almost threw up twice) and then Almirante to Colón Island by boat (fast and choppy) then finally Colón Island to Bastimentos Island by boat. The boat pulled right up to Tío Toms, our B&B...minus the last B. Really rustic and different, the whole house was on stilts over the lagoon, you could see the the blue-green water right through the floorboards. Had to be careful not to drop anything! After lazing around on the dock hammocks we made our way out to a Caribbean place called Roots (also on stilts over the water) for some food. Then we fell asleep to the sound of lapping waves.
Today we traveled to Bocas del Toro. An island just off the North West coast of Panama. Gorgeous scenery but very rustic. Bethy & I got sick on the bus ride here so this afternoon was nice just to chill & sit in a hammock for awhile.

19 December 2014

On Friday we put on our best duck faces and hit the town. Basically we went to a cafe and then to Internet, and the grocery store. But come night time we karaokied our lungs out with our new friend Bill, who breaks your heart with every song.

18 December 2014

On Thursday we went to Cerro Punta (AKA The Most Gorgeousest Place on Earth) to visit with some Deafies that we used to know. A Deaf sis named Adelín was our guide and service partner cause we didn't remember how to get to them :) We took the 1/2 hour bus ride there and then walked to all the contacts. We were pretty pooped afterward :) then after we got back to the house and had a nice siesta, the boys went on a study (who wasn't home :( ) and the girls went to Restaurant Ely (the best ever) and then Clay and Rae cooked Chinese Eggplant Chow Mein. :)

17 December 2014

On Wednesday Rae and Beth studied with Natalie, who agreed to come to meeting! Cody and Clay did Deaf contacts and had some really good conversations! Then when we were making mac and cheese with pork and beans for dinner, Natalie showed up at our door and said "I was bored at home alone so I decided to come hang out with you guys." :) she ate with us and Rae got her some answers for meeting, and Cody showed her pictures from the trip we took to Bethel in May. Then we all went to meeting. There are a lot in the sign language group in Volcán, more than in the actual Spanish congregation that hosts them. The picture is just a few from the sign language group. There are 5 Deaf in the pic but there are quite a few more who regularly attend meetings. Several are baptized, several more publishers. We got to see one 70-year-old Deaf sister give a talk on the school. She became a publisher during our last visit :) it was good to see the progress being made here in Volcán :)

16 December 2014

Another day of service! People are so responsive here it's wonderfully crazy :) and there are many adorable animals to pet and puppies to fall asleep on your shoe whilst you are showing children the Caleb videos :)

15 December 2014

Here's Clay and Rae in front of their new house! Monday was our first day of service! We got to see a Deaf family that Rae and I knew from last time! Mom, dad, and the three girls are all Deaf and wicked smart. We will study with Natalie, the middle girl, tomorrow :) Then we came back to the house to hang out, and Cody and Clay started writing a musical masterpiece using the iPad and Codys phone.

14 December 2014

Sunday was meeting! And hanging out with old friends :) and we met an enormous wasp, see sunglasses for scale :) I think this is the kind that lays their eggs in tarantulas and then the babies use the spider as a host and eat their way out in a few weeks. Ah, the wonders of creation :)

13 December 2014

Travel selfies xP on Saturday we made the trip from Panama City to Santiago (where we stopped over for some pretty great Chinese food--the orange chicken had maple in it!), to David, and finally to Volcán. The whole trip was somewhere around 12 hours of lose count after 8 hours ;)
Bye Panamacity! (Yes, say it like Megamind would) We will get to internet in Volcán as soon as we can!

12 December 2014

Sushiiiiiiiii!!! And exploration of Panamanian ruin-type things! It's so hot and great and fun! And humid! We are so happy to be reunited with these guys x) gonna go swim in the pool! Bethy got a crazy roll that had MELTED. GOUDA. on it. Yeah.
Wow..we a long way from home
View from our Casa

11 December 2014

We ah alive!!!
At the airport!

10 December 2014

Aaaaand the monotony of driving sets in.
Leaving to Denver to leave to Panama! We are so stoked!