Germany, Austria · 2 Days · 3 Moments · June 2017

Lucy's roadtrip to Croatia

12 June 2017

2nd stop: Ossiacher Lake We made it to Austria! 🇦🇹 After a 5 hour drive through the longest tunnels ever, we arrived at this beautiful lake near Villach, Carinthia. Picked our camping spot and went straight for a swim. I have to say, this camping place is one of the cleanest ever. The orderliness of the guests is amazing. After a very refreshing morning swim, we packed up and are now just about to head further south to Lake Bled in Slovenia. Until then, enjoy these visuals. Oh, btw, Lucy is such a rebel. Look at her sticking out among all the white campers ;)

11 June 2017

We made it to Bayern! Or Bavaria. The land of happy cows and 1l beer mugs :) Lucy was very good on the road and gave us a good night sleep at the camping place after our beers at the beer garden near the Isar River in Munich. We woke up to a beautiful blue sky and perfect temperature and off we were on to the A8 towards Salzburg. We got Lucy her Vignette or toll sticker at the gas station and then decided to venture into a random town looking for an atm. Miesbach, which was unsurprisingly beautiful since every town here is perfect, gave us the cash we needed and some some bread to make some sandwiches on a perfect pit stop place :) Just look at all the green!

10 June 2017

And we're ready to go! Perhaps before we venture into the world, a little background and worthy introduction. Lucy, the star of this trip. Our campervan. She is brand new and belongs to the nicest and coolest family in Mainz :) Adina, Dominik and Max decided to let other people enjoy wonderful Lucy through an awesome website called and so we found her and decided to invite her on a road trip to Croatia with us. We promised we would document our adventures with her so that they can also share them later on their blog So here we are. The planned route includes Munich for a night, through Austria, then off to Slovenia to Bled Lake and the rest is still to be determined. Our goal in Croatia is the island Krk, which should await us with crystal clear waters and lots of sun. We just picked up our camera to ensure we have the best pictures and video, and off we go! Next stop: Munich!